This time the dark rain didn’t get angry, but said, "I’ll try."

"Do I have confidence?" Chu Yun is excited again. Although God Xuan can’t compare with Saint Xuan, it’s better than Heaven Xuan.
"I told you to try. You’re bothering me." Dark rain roared, and the body gleamed strangely.
"All right," Chu Yun waited. "By the way, how long do you want?"
If the dark rain needs three or four days, don’t you wait for three or four days?
"Two hours at most."
Dark rain, but Chu Yun saw that if she said it again, she would be angry again.
Two hours can still afford to wait, and there are beautiful women to enjoy.
Chu Yun quietly looked at the dark rain. To tell the truth, this little girl is very beautiful. Her skin is white, her nose is turned up, her eyebrows are turned up, her mouth is long, her mouth is tooted, and her tip is dressed like a vibrant girl. However, her black stockings at this time are tempting, but why is it so strange to wear them on a girl who looks like she is sixteen or seventeen?
"Don’t look at my leg, okay?" Although the dark rain has been refining the dark elements in the stone, she still sees Chu Yun’s eyes staring at herself, which makes her feel embarrassed.
"ah!" Chu Yun reacted immediately and looked at her whole person instead of looking at her. Anyway, she is equally beautiful.
"Will you stop staring at me all the time?" It’s okay to stare at one point and two points, but it’s ten points and twenty points. The dark rain can’t stand it.
"Don’t look at what you want me to see?" Chu Yun said.
"Look at the toad" Dark Rain said directly without thinking.
Chapter 236 filming!
"You just went to see the toad. Your family went to see the toad." Of course, Chu Yun was afraid to say this because he was afraid that the little girl would run away.
Chu Yun just looked at the dark rain quietly. Which fool would choose to look at toad instead of beautiful girl?
Dark rain said a few times, but I didn’t care about him, but my face was red. Maybe this is the opposite sex’s embarrassment.
At this time, Chu Yun saw that NO FENG フウカ, the dark rain hair, was even weirder. Her body was black and brighter.
"Bite your pet’s dark rain orientation attribute increases"
"Huh?" Chu Yun curious dark rain panel a look in the eyes wide because the life value ratio is much higher than a full time.
The light of that rain fade as if it were coming to an end.
"It’s a little short of reaching the mysterious god." When the light disappears, the dark rain is very angry and clenches his fist.
"…" Chu Yun also feel a little pity.
"Is this stone gone?" Chu Yun asked, because it was once a black stone with black paint and now it has turned to ash.
"Who said no? If not, would I hold it?" Although the dark rain felt pity, there was nothing I could do.
"So what?" Chu Yun thought that since the stone turned gray, all the dark elements in it disappeared.
"As I said before, the Dark Deep Magic Stone is spiritual. It can continue to absorb dark elements if it is replaced with a dark element," said Dark Rain.
"So much" Chu Yun surprised.
"Bad is bad, but there is a disadvantage that the speed of absorbing dark elements is too slow. If you want to reach the previous level, it will take at least tens of thousands of years." Dark rain directly threw the stone to Chu Yun for tens of thousands of years, and she was too lazy to wait
"Tens of thousands of years that this thing is not" Chu Yun think dark rain white said.
I want to throw it away when I come to Chu Yun, but I think it’s a treasure after all, so it’s better to keep it.
Because of the fairy elder sister’s words, Chu Yun added the person of yat sen villa. It turns out that yat sen villa is the woman who invited herself!
Song Qing, she is in Chu Yun, Suzaku City. She said that he thinks this woman is very interesting, which is much more interesting than her miss, because she is a Uber.
Time flies like water for three months.
At this moment, everyone’s level is moving towards level 5. Once they reach level 5, they can make a second turn. After the second turn is completed, their strength will increase greatly.
In reality, life in Chu Yun is very quiet, and those two ugly monsters have never appeared again. Perhaps Sister Fairy woke up.
In the game, Chu Yun tried to practice the level, but it’s a pity that those mysterious beasts are not easy to meet, otherwise the upgrade speed would be much faster.
Realistic home
"What Lin Weiwei, you said you took a movie?" Chu Yun felt dizzy.
"Yes, what’s the problem? And I booked the leading actor." Lin Weiwei said with a smile.
"Who is it?" Chu Yun asked.
"Of course it’s you. As soon as they agreed," Lin Weiwei smiled brightly, but in Chu Yun’s eyes it was like a hungry wolf.
"How can you?" I can’t tell if I’m angry or not because Chu Yun hasn’t thought about filming yet.
"It’s just a movie and it won’t take long." Lin Weiwei laughed.
"Coco, I don’t want to be famous." Chu Yun is about to collapse. Once he becomes famous, it will be troublesome to go out.
"What’s the big deal like me?" Lin Weiwei said firmly. "Anyway, you must be my hero."
Chu Yun fell directly on the sofa. "What shadow?"
Chu Yun thinks that since Lin Weiwei is going to take over the play, it should be good.
"Cat Man", said Lin Weiwei.