Oh, my god, this cold stranger is really … I don’t know how to shape this guy ~ I have to run again! Take back the Bronze Armored Panther and the Little One quickly and go back to the city and send them to the west gate of the ruins of Yanshi City? Md has no younger brother here! There are Serena Nantes in the south, Daru Chelsea in the east, Sog and Sandas in the north, and there are no people in the west.

Summon the little one quickly. It’s too lazy to ride to the outside of the city gate, and then summon the bronze armor leopard demon and directly order the little one and the bronze armor leopard demon to kill me south and north. This is faster.
The number of monsters here in Yan Lion City is also level 30. Although it is not as much as the first wave and the second wave, there are at least 500,000 to 600,000 monsters around the ruins. Around this wall, there are hundreds of thousands of monsters with level 3. It is not common that players can easily deal with them below level 30.
Look at the players in the city gate cave, they are all pitiful. I also kindly lost a ghost at the city gate. The hell is less than ten meters wide. The door of the city gate is directly blocked by the flame. When the monster is rushed, it will be burned to death. This finally makes the players inside breathe a sigh of relief.
One-inch and copper armor leopard demon keep moving towards the south. The places where the two ice guys pass have turned into ice hell, and my side hey hey orientation skills, I still like the continuous fire. The ground is full of fire. The gates of hell are on both sides, one south and one north, and the ice and fire are relatively constantly harvesting the monster’s life, saving a little experience and our merits.
A few minutes later, hundreds of meters outside the city wall, from the gate to the north until the corner of the city wall, most of the ground was baptized by our skills. The monster was still alive, and a group of younger brothers killed the monster. We directly gained more than 50 thousand merits, and the total merit value reached more than 630 thousand
At this time, the one-inch and the copper leopard demon have killed several times on the other side, but these two guys don’t have the skills now. Although there are many monsters, they are not enough. One third of the total number of monsters in that area is not as large as our skills.
"Brothers at the city gate don’t blame much outside now. Your team is full of professional combinations. You can directly come out and kill them so that the brothers who can’t attack behind can also attack them. But don’t come back when you pay attention. There are still these falling things outside. You choose your own people to come out and pack them up and distribute them to each team." Looking at the city gate, I want to look around the players. I shouted
Players at the city gate screamed and rushed out after I called some people to look at each other. I also thought that these guys rushed out to grab equipment. But this time, I was wrong. After these guys rushed out all the way, they all screamed and went to that place. At least hundreds of people rushed out to kill monsters, but no one picked up equipment. It seems that they are all crazy!
That’s interesting. Usually, if the same team doesn’t get together to kill the strange things that fall out, they will often get their heads broken. There are a lot of equipment and money lying on the ground, and no one has picked them up yet ~
Chapter 267 The last wave is coming.
If you don’t clean up now, you won’t be able to clean up when the wave monsters come ~ alas, these guys are really waves!
"The wall team will arrange some people to pick up things, such as a wave of strange to can’t pick up! There’s not much strange here, so don’t be idle and brush up this wave before going to other walls to help. Everyone can rest and replenish one. "
After shouting at the city wall players, I don’t care whether they will pack up or not, or whether they will help in other places. Go in the direction of Tiny and Bronze Armor Panther, and get this done quickly. We need to change the direction.
Catch the little one and ride directly to its neck, and continue to kill most of the monsters outside this wall. It’s been more than ten minutes, and there are still ten minutes before Yibo comes again. Ya is really in a hurry ~ It took me a few minutes to come to the south wall and bomb the places where the monsters piled up the most. After that, I won’t stay here, so I’ll brush them off and continue until the waves are over. Let’s change places while there are still ten minutes.
It is not optimistic to rush to Tianma City, but it is obviously better than Yan Lion City. It seems that the appeal of female players in Ling Zhou Women’s League is still much stronger. Plus, there is light rain. They are also here in a lot of’ Goddess’. It is strange that there are no cattle here.
Although the situation is slightly better than that in Yanshi City, the gates are also extremely dangerous ~ Players and monsters are pounding back and forth in the gate hole, which is simply a meat grinder wall, and several players have been attacked by remote monsters and suffered heavy casualties.
I dare not delay, and I will summon the Tiny One and the Bronze Leopard Magic to let the two pets act alone. There are many places for the wise man to blame me, and I will clear myself in the other direction. After turning the whole Tianma City around for a circle, the whole monster outside Tianma City is estimated to be less than 20,000, and the player’s attack on the light wall can be killed almost before a wave of monsters arrives. This is also finished.
In the mercenary group channel, I asked everyone about the situation and replied that it was okay, and they also made a lot of feats, but they didn’t have a 1/5 feat ~ I was relieved and depressed to get this reply. It’s a pity that this feat didn’t earn much ~ I specifically told a light rain, When Lin Hao and Xie Shuang wait for a wave, don’t stay in the crowd again. Directly point to the boss to attack the boss. Hanging up the mobs will be a little confusing, and the boss’s experience and merits are much higher. Give full play to the advantages. Xie Shuang can directly release the bloodthirsty bees, so that everyone can get a lot of experience and merits. Lin Hao is in the middle of the attack, and it is absolutely efficient.
When I told Lin Hao to immediately agree that this guy has a dragon mount, he has long wanted to go out and coquettish. It was the light rain that kept him around the cold front and others, and he didn’t dare to go out and pity the frost. It was like moving his bees. Hey, this girl is angry. That scene is even more shocking than our ultimate skill scene!
Explain to everyone that I am heading for Kerry City again. Just after I delivered it to Kerry City, the announcement rang. The 5th Wave horse is coming! I’m depressed in my heart. Can’t I have a rest? But there is no way to spell it! Fortunately, it has been the last hour since the siege, which means this wave is the last one!
Since it’s the last wave, we can change our strategy a little bit. Hey, hey, I’ll give it to our group. I can’t brush the monsters at a good speed. I’ll just move freely and point at the boss and kill the boss for me before dealing with the mobsters.
This is the last wave. We must paint as many places as possible. I ordered Salon, the necromancer, to release the undead scourge directly 200 meters outside the city wall after the monster rushed in! Kill as many as you can! After summoning the undead at most, we can let Xiaoyu and widow purify them slowly, which can also increase our experience and skill proficiency.
And myself ~ With this guy Salon, it seems that Kerry City doesn’t need my words too much. Even if the effect of the scourge is not too terrible, one wall monster should still be able to block the other three walls. With so many players here and no boss monster, it is still not a problem that we should continue to block the firefighters for a while.
A few minutes later, the monster finished knot and rushed to the ruins, riding a tiny one and stopped in the middle. I saw it at a glance. The monsters rushed over. There were flying monsters in my heart. There were a lot of flying monsters. This time it was overwhelming. The monsters were getting closer and closer. First of all, they were flying monsters. When these flying monsters approached, I almost couldn’t help cursing them. Damn, this M is a level 40 monster!
Most of them are less than level 30. Do players deal with level 4 monsters? Take a fancy to flying monsters. At least there are thousands on each side. Players can’t fly yet. Most of the skills are still in the basic skill stage. This is less than 20,000 flying monsters, which makes the whole ruined player army annihilated. This M series is really cruel! I just want players not to be able to guard the possibility of success!
Look at the city wall. At this time, I have seen the overwhelming flying monsters. The players have been sluggish. It is proved that these players have no resistance at all. After polishing, they have no gas to face the ground. There are still several monsters! Lying in the trough ~ you are ready! That depressed in my heart! One by one, just stay in wait for a while and stare at getting closer and closer. I don’t know how to prepare for attack and defense!
"Everybody cheer up this is the last wave of strange! The first four waves have survived the last one. Are you all ready to give up? Don’t you all look like Kai Fu? These blame them for their experience and equipment! There is nothing to be afraid of, but it will be terrible if you are too weak to resist! "
Stand at CUHK and ignore these players who have been scared silly. Take a pat on the neck. One-inch will meet the flying monster directly, and the huge dragon’s mouth will suddenly sound a long dragon’s song. The flying Warcraft in front will fall obliquely to the ground, and I will also quickly release the salamanders’ dance ~ As one-inch rushes in, I will keep my balance and keep falling. The flying monsters are constantly touching the same monster’s body. Suddenly, a’ firebird’ is struggling to accelerate and want to fall to the ground to meet them.
The monster is close to the wall, and a huge bone dragon and a ghost dragon in the distance also seem to be slowly approaching the ruins, and the little one is constantly shuttling back and forth in the falling flying Warcraft, spitting out pieces of skills, and all the monsters encountered are frozen into ice and smashed to the ground, and the salamanders attack with me until they are in two completely opposite States ~ ice and fire!
Just as my little one and I joined hands to wreak havoc in the flying world of Warcraft, the ground monsters also rushed to the city wall, and the city gate was in contact, that is, the player’s defense line was rushed into the city gate hole, and the monster forwards all rushed through the city gate hole ~ at that time, they cried and cried and cried.
Fortunately, there are too many players in the city, and the monsters rushed in front of them, and the players lost a lot of blood. Finally, several players died in the dead front line, and they were pushed back to the city gate hole a little bit ~ The other walls don’t want to be so lucky. Flying Warcraft is extremely fierce and rushed to the ruins to attack the city walls and the players in the city, but the wall players can’t form an effective blow to the monsters because of the level gap.
If someone can count the number of players killed in the ruins of Kerry City in a few tens of seconds, it is definitely a horrible number ~ there are really few who can resist the monster frenzy of level 40 ~ When several players are pessimistic for a minute, maybe the whole battlefield seems to suddenly blow a gust of evil wind ~ Salon has arrived! My heart is full of joy! If the scourge of the undead is released, it is estimated that there will be no real problem here!
It’s getting dark, and the sound of Salon’s hoarse cave permeates the whole battlefield. It seems that at this moment, players are scared by this horrible environment. Players have stopped attacking and defending monsters, and even the flying monsters seem to want to escape from the battlefield and generally recede into the distance ~ Don’t say that it’s dark this day, and the whole thing seems to turn gray. It’s really strange to match Salon’s crow’s voice ~ Our players don’t read any spells, but this ya np spell is forbidden. It’s really scary to read a spell. Even the little one seems to be a little manic at this time ~ I haven’t finished reading it in ten seconds ~ I haven’t finished reading it in fifteen seconds ~ How can I still read it in twenty seconds? You’re at level 75, and it takes so long to prepare for a spell? Shit, you won’t play this scourge like me. It takes six seconds to prepare, okay?
Well, fortunately, this guy’s preparation skills are loud enough, and the monsters are scared silly. There is no crazy impact, so that players can slow down the wall a little, and players can take the opportunity to put some skills quickly, and I happen to be killing this flying monster with the little one!
Chapter 26 Natural disasters
I had hoped that Salon could release his skills as soon as possible in 2008, but now it seems that it is easier for us to kill the flying chickens. At this time, I wish he would study more. It would be better if he could wait for these flying monsters to die directly ~ Of course, the former is merit and experience!
Little by little in the past, after I killed dozens of flying monsters with Tiny, the dark day finally became again, and the ugly chanting sound of Langsaloon finally stopped ~ At the same time, the ground shook and the monsters panicked everywhere, colliding with each other and biting everywhere!
Players in the ruins and the city wall also screamed. They didn’t even know that the skinny black guy riding a bone dragon was’ one of our own’ ~ Of course, it showed panic and fear when it caused a sensation for Salon!
With the shaking and roaring of the earth, a lot of monsters’ bodies have turned into skeletons and become stiff again. Looking around, it seems that there are many priceless walls outside not only this wall, but also the other two walls on both sides. I don’t know if there are any ~’ Kaka’ bones festival activities and monsters’ fear growl, plus the players exclaim that the skeletons collide and interweave together. After a few seconds, the whole place of vision has become a scene of hell ~ I am everywhere. I feel terrible when I look at it carefully. An undead scourge has made such a scene, and there are actually several huge skull monsters with a height of at least several meters. I don’t know what it is. There are also several huge bone racks and two skull dragons ~ After the skills are released, Salon seems to be very weak. I feel strong when I talk to me through my soul. "Master, I can command these undead to attack Warcraft for a while, but when Warcraft is killed, they will wander around and attack all non-undead creatures that appear in front of me. Maybe ~"
"It’s okay. Sharon doesn’t consider those now. Okay, you command these undead to attack the monster, the bone dragon and the flying bone frame to deal with those flying Warcraft."
"It’s the master!"
Several skeletons continue to drill out of the ground. Once these skeletons come out, they will blindly attack some flesh-and-blood creatures around them. At that time, the original rampancy is worse than that of Warcraft, and it is worse than that of fleeing in panic, but being grabbed by the skeleton claws and then being dismembered by the skeleton next to it.
After the initial fear, the general battlefield players in Xiuluo Field seem to realize that those skeletons outside the city are attacking monsters and even the city walls. After getting up, a few skeletons jumped directly from the city walls without attacking players around them.
This discovery makes the players crazy. It seems that they are in a desperate situation. One second may be their own time of death, but the situation has changed since these skeletons appeared!