Today, the protagonist of the first game, the predecessor of GG Team JOKE Team, made a video in LSPL, and he naturally did his homework early!

However, from all the games in the past season, he didn’t think GG team could beat GI, an old and powerful team.
However, it is true that GG won an overwhelming victory in the first game.
"GG team has replaced two players, GODEYES and ZEMI! In this game, both of them played perfectly, and ZEMI’s development was very good.
GODEYES, it seems that I don’t expect enough from you. LPL will have a dark horse again this year! "Reggie glanced at Noel’s nearly perfect data again, and I couldn’t help thinking that there were dark horses in LPL every season in the previous two seasons, and I was also looking forward to it.
With a huge crystal popping sound, I remember that GG team won the first game. To be continued …
Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven GODEYES Sword Ji
With the sound of a majestic crystal blasting, two large Chinese characters pop up on the big screen of Fengyun Stadium.
At the same time, it also indicates that this GG team will take
“NICE! Nice work! "
"We won, although it was the first game."
When the coach of GG team was present, everyone could not help cheering when they saw the end of the game.
GI, in the face of this world-class team, their new team, which has just run in, has finally won in a repressive situation!
Xu Mengxi and Han Xiaoyi embraced and cheered. The audience supported the GG team and the fans shouted the name of the GG team.
4 dormitory
"The beautiful second child played well." Lin Yanheng looked at the game carefully and stared at the screen with a serious face. "It’s a pity that if the second child can kill twenty people in the first game, it should be the first show."
Wang Jiahui and Liu Haoze took one look at the language and didn’t say much. They took a palm and night maple was happy.
The girl bit her scallion fingers and looked at the front of her brain. The night maple figure flashed by.
"Well, let’s congratulate the GG team for taking a break from the first game and then bring the second wonderful game." GAGA said something and knew that the brain screen had received the advertisement.
"Alas, Reggie, this GG team is a bit interesting. He played very well in the first game."
"It is true that they have changed two positions, but their strength has improved a lot. I have seen them play before, and they are far from so good. It is very difficult to advance to LPL." Reggie and GAGA walked together on the commentary platform, and they also chatted casually.
"Hey, just talking about our big black horse, I met the boys. Well done, I can actually knock GI down in the first game."
They deliberately passed by the GG team’s post-war discussion forum and immediately saw a group of people, including coaches, talking and laughing together.
Say hello to each other and GAGA and Reggie go to wash their hands.
"First of all, this game can beat GI, and everyone played very well." Dong Rui pressed his hands to signal everyone not to talk in a hurry and then said, "But the mistake is still strong. You should be able to think that the czar might start work on you. What’s wrong with the eye being removed later? If you are killed by ROKI, you must pay attention to what you want to do. Your own life is the most important thing. And that time, when you were caught doing vision in the opposite auxiliary wild area, it should be a killer. You let him run away … "
After ten minutes in the competition hall, the spectators returned to their seats one after another, and the players of both sides also prepared after a short rest and discussion.
"Well, audience friends, welcome back. Then after the first fierce game, the second game will come. First, let’s see who our first MVP was awarded to." GAGA also quickly said with the camera switching.
Big screen night maple photos quickly played out.
"In the end, GODEYES was given to me, and it was also produced after GAGA and I carefully selected it. In fact, it was also very good to play alone, but Nock should have done more in this game just now. It can be said that GODEYES has done everything he can, and the MVP of this game was finally given to GODEYES," Reggie said.
"English God, English God, English God!"
The audience cheered after seeing the MVP.
After another casual chat, the second game was officially started.
"We will continue to work hard in this game. If we can win the first game, it will definitely be a good start." Dong Rui cheered everyone up before the game began.
Actually, although they won the game just now, it seems that they are fighting each other.
However, Dong Rui, a senior coach, naturally knows that it is not because their team strength can suppress others, and getting the advantage in the early stage of the game is the key to winning.
Whether the game can get an advantage in the early stage is anyone’s guess, and it is hard to say in the second game.
As the workers signaled, the second game officially kicked off.
Pull the election to start!
"The first GG team pulled off the strong wild spider, so it seems that they are still not going to release the KAKO spider."
"No hand GI team’s first player seems to have expressed enough recognition for GODEYES. Indeed, no hand played perfectly in a game." Reggie was not surprised to see GG team’s first player spider, but he was a little surprised by GI team’s first player.
It’s a little routine to pull people from both sides.
The two positions of GG team were given to Ike and Captain respectively.