I haven’t seen such "clever" soy sauce makers for a long time. Zuo Tangtang found a good place to climb to the tree and sat lazily looking at all kinds of busy figures.

Soy sauce makers rarely do anything so patiently. Generally, they rush around and make a mess for nine days to clean up. Sometimes it’s not so rough. That’s when they are chatting with ordinary people.
I just wanted to be patient with soy sauce, and she was covered with black lines in a second.
-"ah! How can you cut down my tree! "
-"peat! Who said it was you? Did you write a name? Did you write it! "
-"I just cut this tree!"
-"Don’t be ridiculous! Trees can be cut down again after being cut down! It can be said that you just cut down a tree in this position! Now the tree is refreshed again! This is not your tree anymore! "
Ouch? This ya will be reasonable?
It is strange for Zuo Tangtang to watch, but the imaginary "theoretical world" did not appear in this group of single-celled creatures who never thought through their brains. Soon, the two quarreled more fiercely.
-"I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care!"
-"I’ve been chopping at these three trees! All three positions should be me! Give me back my tree! "
Zuo Tangtang …
It turns out that the word "I don’t care" not only appears in lovers’ quarrels, but also is the end of all kinds of effective communication.
Zuo Tangtang dangled his legs and looked at the tree. He was thinking about other soy sauce with relish. When he estimated to gather together, the old creditor came to inspect the situation for nine days.
Recently, I have been short of a large amount of silver for nine days, and I am very impatient with these pit goods.
"Cutting down trees is all about paying you to entangle you and me there!"
That’s a good point. they’re right …
The soy sauce makers looked at each other and seemed to understand this fact.
"Hum", the old creditor with high cold for nine days was very disdainful. In front of him, this group of mortals rode their own good horses and the Jedi left.
One second
Looking at it, there is no figure. After nine days, two soy sauces have come to blows with each other.
Alas, it’s really like them to linger for five hours. It is estimated that the final amount of materials collected will definitely make them continue for another five hours in nine days
I still carry the universal tool of table tennis introduction with me in my parcel, so I might as well cut down trees, or wait for this group of pit goods to fight in a water supervisor for five hours. It is estimated that this soy sauce gang will usher in a war again.
It’s still noisy over there. Zuo Tangtang just climbed the tree carefully and saw fudge beside him.
"Hoof hooves! You just saw our family helping pigs, right? "
"ah? I saw it. "Zuo Tangtang is a little uncomfortable." What’s wrong? "
"Envy?" Fudge carefully leaned in and asked if it was Zuo Tangtang, but I felt that I looked at my fellow and wished I nodded quickly.
"envy what?"
"alas!" It seems that I didn’t play fudge as I imagined, so I sighed sadly and continued to inspire Zuo Tangtang. "That’s the horse!" Help the pig ride that horse! "
"… don’t envy"
"Oh, forget it." Fudge blew something similar to a horse whistle. "Come on, I bought a new mount. Brother Fudge will show you around ~"
Summoned up impressively is a little donkey.
Zuo Tangtang had just taken her to the grocery store, but the little green horse didn’t expect it to be so naive. The little donkey also looked at Zuo Tangtang with his head tilted from time to time.
I was moved almost instantly.
But there is still some reason for her to ask, "What about cutting down trees?"
"nothing ~" fudge waved his hand and said, "there are them!"
Waiting for fudge with Zuo Tangtang to visit the whole Yanjing in almost one breath, only to find that it is already a sigh when I come back slowly.
"No physical strength, no physical strength."
Soy sauce makers are dying or lying or sitting on the ground shouting in the tree.
"Cough cough" and one side just reported the information to the creditor’s adult. After getting the reply, the deputy Wang was very responsible for clearing the throat. "If you have no physical strength, eat steamed bread to make up!"
"… where there are steamed buns?" The soy sauce makers changed another topic and then lamented.
Seeing Zuo Tangtang appear for a moment, everyone looked at Zuo Tangtang with a twinkle in their eyes except for a pair of fudge protests.
I don’t know where their mind is. Zuo Tangtang is very resistant to the stall. "I gave away all the steamed buns I made some time ago."
….. Give it away? !
The soy sauce makers burst into tears. They don’t know who their sister gave it to. It’s just that they smashed the black wind village!
When I thought that my sister had just been wandering around for a while, this group of people kidnapped their first sister! And now they’re taking the steamed bread that belonged to them! It’s really unforgivable!
We must definitely find a chance to smash the scene again!
After forgetting to go back to the field to play soy sauce, the people swore bitterly to be continued.
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[472 Chapter four hundred and seventy-three The mood is not bad]
If my sister used to be the first sister in their hearts to help the poor, then anyone who carries steamed bread in this situation is definitely a kind-hearted person in their hearts.
It is a coincidence that in such a sad place, the brigade of cutting down trees with soy sauce occupies the forest where others are hiding far away, and there is actually a man with a package of steamed bread coming.
[Nearby] Seven Crows Steamed Bread/Steamed Bread/Steamed Bread/Steamed Bread/Steamed Bread/…
At first, everyone was stunned by the "steamed bread" that almost occupied the whole nearby chat channel, especially when the mouse was placed on the side and found that the "steamed bread" was actually a group.