"One hundred and forty-seven thousand"

The blue flame meteorite caused a sensation among the monks present as soon as it came out. The bidding was even more intense than that of raising Shenmu, and most monks participated in it. After all, this top-level refining material is more practical than raising Shenmu, and it is necessary to refine magic weapons except for some auxiliary classes.
Yang Xiu saw that this blue-flame meteorite was the size of fists, and its surface was as uneven as rust, but it was ugly.
Although I am also excited in my heart, I am not in a hurry to know that it is still the tentative stage for all. Let’s get rid of some hesitant monks and see who will sincerely buy them.
However, in a moment, Biyan meteorite was driven up to the price of 170,000 by a burly man. Now there are fewer bidders and there are not many monks who are still watching like Yang Xiu.
"175 million" shouted a black man.
"Hundreds" burly man saw the horse and shouted.
The price of "102 thousand" has obviously reached the bottom line of the black-robed old man, and the increase is no longer big
The "105,000" burly man obviously shouted out a high price for this truth.
Seeing this, the old man in black shook his head, feeling sorry and depressed. Obviously, he no longer bids.
The burly man can’t help but wait for the rickety old man to pronounce sentence when he sees this.
"There will be no LingShi in one hundred and five thousand? If it weren’t for this blue flame meteorite, it would be owned by this Taoist friend. "The rickety old man looked at all the people present and shouted.
"190,000" didn’t think that as soon as the rickety old man finished, a monk shouted, clearly a female monk.
Yang Xiu also followed the crowd’s line of sight. Now the female monk is wearing a big robe and a hat. It’s not that she can’t see that the hat is a female monk after she finishes speaking.
The burly Han didn’t expect anyone to argue with him and couldn’t help frowning slightly. He directly shouted "200,000" to test the determination of a female monk.
"210,000" did not hesitate to repair or follow the path.
At this moment, Yang Xiu didn’t frown, but this blue-flame meteorite was unconsciously carried to such a high level, but it was somewhat uneconomical.
"215,000" burly Chinese girl couldn’t budge, but she couldn’t help shouting higher. When you look at it, you will know that his bottom line is coming.
The female voice of "220,000" is still a calm one. The Buddha shouted out not a lingshi but a stone.
Yang Xiu saw that they would raise the price higher and higher, and he couldn’t help but sit still. He wanted to shout a high price for two or one of them to retreat.
But want to haven’t waited for him to shout export someone beat him to shout out "two hundred and fifty thousand" obviously this person is also like Yang Xiu thought.
See things twists and turns and fight an accident, although they didn’t bid, but the enthusiasm in their hearts was ignited and there was a feeling of blood.
Suddenly, the price is a skinny old man in a patched long gown with a lock of beard. His face looks like it hasn’t been washed for a long time, and he can’t see the color. A pair of small eyes are flashing with strange colors, but they are smiling at any time, which gives people an obscene feeling, and he doesn’t even wear a mask.
Yang Xiu also faintly heard someone exclaim, "It was him who stole the magic beggar?"? !”
The old man obviously heard it, and he couldn’t help smiling at the monk who came out of the sound, scaring the other side to turn his head to one side as if he were hiding from athel loren.
Seeing the sudden price, Yang Xiu can’t help but feel a tight heart. Although the old man is sloppy, he has a late stage of knot Dan, and it is obviously necessary to directly pay such a high price.
It seems that it is more difficult than expected to successfully get blue-flame meteorite today, and it is necessary to bleed out.
The female xiu and the burly Han saw that there was another malicious person. As soon as they raised the price to such a high level, they couldn’t help showing their anger, but when they saw the bearer, they suddenly became angry and hesitated.
The original price is going to the bottom line, burly man, but it is directly from the closing of the new chair, but it is no longer quoted.
The female monk hesitated for a moment, but she didn’t just bid "260 thousand"
"Two hundred and seventy thousand" the magic beggar stole God or shouted with a smile.
When Yang Xiu saw this, he knew that he couldn’t wait any longer, otherwise the two men would have a new round of tug-of-war, and the price would go up, so he immediately said decisively, "300 thousand."
The monks saw that there were still people bidding, and each one was more enjoyable than the other. At that time, everyone’s eyes turned to Yang Xiu and they felt that Yang Xiu had a knot in Dan’s early days, and then he was interested.
However, Yang Xiu remained in the same mood and didn’t show the slightest difference
The beggar thief and the female monk also looked at this side, laughing and disappearing, showing a malicious look.
Seeing Yang Xiu in this way by a knot Dan in the later period can’t help but flush a little bitterness in my heart. I don’t know how long it will take to meet him again if I’m not afraid of missing this opportunity. I really don’t want to snatch food from the jaws of death.
However, since we have done it, we can’t turn a blind eye to the magic beggar’s stealing eyes, otherwise people will see that guilt will definitely lead to many sequelae.
Besides, he now has the magic weapon of the avatar, the ghost king and Bai Zhi. Unless he meets the monk of Yuanying period, the monk of Jiedan period wants to hit on him. He is confident that he can cope with it, so he is not really afraid.
The magic beggar stole God’s sight of Yang Xiu, but his eyes were full of surprise. He couldn’t help but see each other’s depth, but he didn’t give up thinking for a moment. Obviously, "three hundred and ten thousand" has reached his bottom line.
And that female monk has long since given up the auction by sitting back again, looking at the magic beggar stealing the gods and Yang Xiu watching the play.
Seeing each other’s momentum is weak, Yang Xiu’s spirit shocked and struck again, suddenly shouting out his bottom line "350 thousand"
He has made up his mind that if the other party still dares to bargain, he won’t bid again. This price is nearly twice higher than the original price. If he doesn’t want to rush to refine the magic weapon of life, it will not cost 300 thousand.
This everyone was shocked by Yang Xiu’s courage. Just now, everyone added the price from one hundred and thirty thousand bit by bit, but it was a bit nerve-racking to carry so much.