Fighting is inevitable.

"Grass …"
The character attribute is severely reduced, and the battle will become very troublesome at this time. One careless person will die. Although Nie Shuang has a resurrected baby, even bss Freud has not seen it, so it is too unreasonable to be overwhelmed by a snowman.
"The queen calls!" Staff light flashing a Caroline is in front of Nie Shuang …
When the magic circle disappeared from Caroline’s feet, Caroline’s body was caught in the snow, and her knees were completely submerged in the snow.
"What about Caroline? Can you fight? " Nie Shuang asked
Caroline struggled, and her right leg stepped forward … It was obvious that her right leg had fallen into the snow again.
"It’s hard to fight here. Caroline’s fighting ability is limited and Caroline feels a little cold here." Caroline frowned.
Nie Shuangbai said that Caroline would feel cold, and the ice and snow would slow down her attack speed, so her body would be stiff when she was cold, and her attack speed would naturally drop.
After observing for a long time, two snowmen in the distance finally confirmed that Nie Shuang was the enemy. They raised their black eyes the size of snowball beans in their hands and took a careful look at them and then slammed them at Nie Shuang!
Nie Shuang’s body moved sideways and escaped easily.
Maybe others don’t know, but Nie Shuang knows that he won’t slow down and the speed will increase near the crystal freeze! What?
Walk through the snow!
The boot that once got cloth armor-walking through the snow!
There is an effect of walking in the snow. After being attacked by the ice attribute, the visual deceleration effect will be accelerated by 3%! It is such an effect that Nie Shuang is now in the vicinity of the Crystal Ice Cave, and this bad ice and snow weather is like a duck to water. Instead of slowing down, it is faster than usual
However, his other attributes have dropped.
Nie Shuang was very wise to keep this shoe before, but now it’s finally a big show!
Fast-paced, although he fell into the calf in the snow like Caroline, Nie Shuang kicked the snow away in two steps. The heavy snow didn’t affect his action!
"whew! Hey! "
Two snowballs fly over the snowman again. It’s not too easy for Nie Shuang to hide now. It seems that it is to take care of other players. When the snowman attacks, he will have a long aim, lock a direction, and then throw the snowball out. When the response is fast, the player can still hide. Nie Shuang also has shoes that are not affected by deceleration.
So in addition to killing the monster slowly, there is no danger to life …
Caroline was affected by the snow and ice, but the attack frequency decreased, but the attack power did not weaken. If she wanted to cut the snowman base, she would have to be disabled, and those stupid snowmen always threw their attacks at Nie Shuang first, but turned a blind eye to slowly approaching them.
Nie Shuang’s little fart attack is purely a short-term fire to attract snowman.
So the two of them are also very fast, and they are moving towards the Crystal Ice Cave. The ice field has become the only scenery all the way.
After a long hard journey in the snowfield, Nie Shuang was a little tired and looked up at the mountain peak with a slope of 30 degrees. There was a big hole with many snowmen and even some ice elves outside-
Crystal, the ice cave is here! to be continued
Chapter 89 Ice Elves
The so-called ice elves are some flat spherical ice cubes, and the edges of the flat bodies grow radially outward. There are no hands, legs and other joints, but the surface of the spherical ice cubes has tiny eyes that blink and blink. Their bodies are dark blue under the sunlight, and they are semi-transparent. Through it, you can see a small dark blue core.
This core is called ice crystal nucleus, which is an ice elf’s bond. Breaking it can make it die immediately.
Of course, the player still has to knock out the blood volume of the ice elves, and this ice crystal nucleus will automatically rupture, marking the death of the ice elves.
The value of ice crystal nucleus is not very high, but it is not low either. It can be used to synthesize some special props and make some resistance equipment with ice properties, and it takes tens of silver to buy it in the market.
What Nie Shuang wants is that the ice crystal nucleus in Frost Freud’s body is so advanced that even the name has been changed-
Frost heart
Crystal Ice Cave is right in front of you. Looking from a distance, the eyeliner crosses the door and the snowman and the ice elf can see that there is a long bottomless cave with a cold chill. The hole is light blue and the tunnel is dark blue.
This is the crystal ice cave, where many warriors died and the tunnel became a cave of ice and snow graves-
Mayor Roma said so.
Nie Shuang pulled out a bottle of exorcism tears and held it tightly in his left hand-just in case he had to be prepared, there were many enemies over there.