The image data went to the brain of the military base, and Lin directly took a look at it.

Lin looked at the image data taken back from Bayrou Virus Research Institute and was silent for a long time, and soon made a decision.
"It seems that I really went there in person … well … I can’t come back when I calculate it. It’s a departure, but my body is almost exercised!"
After making a decision, Lin informed Long Zhi to let Long Zhi come and talk.
"I’m going to the Bayrou Virus Research Institute. There are some things in it that other players can’t move. I can try to move it!" Lin said very directly to Long Zhi, "It is also estimated that I will never return to this military base. If something important happens, please inform me again and don’t contact me if it’s okay."
Long Zhi is a little strange. "Don’t come back … what?"
"Because there are ten players in the daily military base who are supposed to kill ten zombies every day, it’s hard for me to see anything. After all, they didn’t calculate how many zombies they caught and spend their research," Lin said. "After that, it’s different. The number of zombies killed every day will definitely increase, and players who join the military base will definitely catch more and more zombies. It’s not necessarily enough for everyone to finish how many zombies they caught at that time every day. How many zombies they will consume every day must be clearly noted … I don’t want to expose them.
Long Zhi nodded. The problem that zombies die more every day has not been discovered yet. It is because those who catch zombie roots will not count, and when the number of zombies is small to a certain extent, Long Zhi will let people catch a little more and keep zombies many.
This ensures that Lin kills zombies every day and is not found by other players.
If you kill two zombies every day, nine players will join the base this year, and there will be a few at the annual meeting. Anyway, it will definitely be more than this year. Will it be less than this year? When the time comes, the question of whether the zombies will be killed will be put on the table. It is very likely that people will be organized to catch zombies every day … Of course, at that time, it is not necessary to send players out in batches for a few days.
"But how do you get out?" Long Zhi asked, "Do you need any preparation?"
Longzhi is very clear about the current management of military bases. Fiona Fang Baili is in the monitoring of military bases. If there is a little trouble, military bases will receive information.
Lin smiled and said, "Have you forgotten that I’m a computer expert? The whole military base computer is under my control. It’s not a simple matter to fiddle with those monitors … I can handle things myself. Please help me prepare some food and water and some silver, and then prepare a batch of silver bombs and bombs."
At night!
Except for some people who were still sitting in front of the military base monitoring, everyone was asleep, and Lin took action, carrying hundreds of kilograms of materials and equipment and sneaking out of the military base along the route he designed in his memory. It took five hours to March out of the monitoring range of the military base.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Goodbye supercomputer!
Lin entered a small town away from the military base. The zombies in this town were almost cleaned up, leaving a corpse worm, such as a zombie mosquito fly.
The worm turned into a zombie. Besides having a stronger attack, it became more disgusting, and there was no other advantage. So it penetrated people’s clothes. It was so stupid that I didn’t even know how to hide.
With a mask and eyes, the forest belt will completely see the zombie flying insect attack.
Zombie reptiles can be crushed into slag with one foot … These small zombie roots are not dead bodies and will not form virus nuclei.
I found a small hotel in the town and stayed in a clean room for one night.
Late, after all, it’s more dangerous to be near the base, towns, villages and cities, in which the zombie base has been swept away, but the wild zombie dogs, zombie birds, zombie snakes, etc. are out of the concept of "insects", and there are still many zombie beasts who don’t want to be surrounded by these things that can be easily solved in the evening.
The next day, Lin was very clear about all the action plans of the military base, and he didn’t leave until the people who went out to work today flew from the beginning.
Lin is not so stupid. This town is parked on the street. Cars and zombies will not deal with them. Only fighting will do damage to them. At first, the fighting here was not very fierce, and a large number of cars were completely protected.
I just found a … lock. It’s very simple for Lin to steal the car easily, and then I got on the car. It didn’t damage the whole highway.
On the day when the virus broke out, many people were driving along the road, but in this era, the car safety is very good. It is not the 21st century car. Compared with cars that stop on the side of the road automatically after losing control … Then zombies don’t usually climb out of the car with their heads or bodies hitting the windshield directly.
Zombies usually stay in a fixed range to patrol without attacking the target … All the zombies are still wandering on the road like ghosts.
Lin watched the navigation rush towards the nearest city.
I flew all the way straight, I don’t know how many interceptions were made on the highway, and I don’t know how many zombie cats and dogs were crushed by zombies … Today, I finished it every day.
Into the city!
This city is also very close to the military base. There are fewer zombies in this city than in the wild. Of course, this is also the case in several cities near the base. For more than a year, the base has not reached too far. After all, the nearby cities are small cities.
When I got to the city, I went to the floating car shop.
Floating cars are also a combat resource, and they have been put in a lot since the base came, and they are all good goods stores. The floating cars in this city have not been moved to the base
And the base’s investigation of this city is also very detailed, where there is food, where there is energy and where weapons can be found, all of which are recorded to prevent the base’s materials from being replenished after consumption.
And these materials just facilitate Lin’s ability to never forget. After Lin finishes, it is not necessary to record these information on paper.
After finding the floating car and charging it with energy, we set off directly for the Bayrou virus research institute.
Very smooth!
I don’t know how many zombie birds I killed driving a floating car all the way.
The speed of the floating car is not slower than that of the 21 ST century plane, but it can be lower. On the night of the flight, Lin arrived near the Bayrou virus research institute
Looking at the bottom in Zhonglin, just in front of the gate of Bayrou Virus Research Institute, not far away, Lin found some floating cars parked there.
"Someone else to …"
Lin leng expressed his understanding of this situation. After all, the importance of Bayrou Virus Research Institute is very clear. I found a far place to park my car and then stayed in the car to do it.
In the middle of the night, those who entered the Bayrou virus research institute came out of the Bayrou virus research institute and left the car.
Yes, just as Lin was going to go there, someone came again.
But this time, there was a floating car, and there were fewer people, at most, four.
"Why do you choose this paragraph to come over … why didn’t any of them come over before?"
"Or is this paragraph special?"
Lin is a little puzzled about this problem. He didn’t know Lu Yaxing’s story in advance, and only knew Lu Yaxing’s story … Only those players who have played many games adapted from Lu Yaxing’s disaster like staying out at night can really know everything about Lu Yaxing, Bayrou, Bayrou virus and Bayrou virus research.
Lin wants to enter the Bayrou virus research institute!
Stay inside by yourself to ensure that no other players are in the situation … then you will have to wait.
But the first-class forest waited for a month, and every day it went to a city in the desert nearest to here to do it every day and then came back to wait.
A month later, Lin waited for a few days, and no more players came.
"Finally it’s my turn! When Nima waited for me for a month! "
Lin slipped into the Bayrou virus research institute, and there was a complete architectural diagram of Bayrou virus research institute in his memory. He passed through the residential area, the research area and the experimental area, and finally came to the control room of Bayrou virus research institute.
Yeah, it’s the control room. Huge control room.
Walk in front of a brain that doesn’t look advanced at all … All the other brains around are passive and can be enlightened.
And this one in front of Lin doesn’t look advanced at all. The brain is really old and backward compared with the surrounding brain … but the backwardness is the age, not the technical level.
"I didn’t expect this to have a 21st century super brain …"
Yes, this old brain is a super brain. The 21st century super brain and the surrounding brain are close to the 3rd century brain … There is a difference of ten centuries, but compared with the ordinary brain in the 3rd century, the 21st century super brain is very clear about the difference.
Super brain is super brain, and it was only in the 5 th and 6 th centuries that the performance of ordinary brain could be compared with super brain
This 21st century super brain is huge and piled up in this room behind other brains … I’m afraid that people who really know supercomputers won’t know that this is a supercomputer console.
Lin looked at the memory and quickly found the location of this supercomputer. The location of the supercomputer was placed in a special place, but the ordinary brain was not placed on the chassis.
Find a location!
Tick tock!
"No response …"
Tick tock!