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Chen Kai is particularly ugly face "do you want to default? ! If you don’t do as I ask, I will die-"

At the same time, the wind urged the snow hand to press on Chen Kai’s shoulder, and there was no trace of panic. "Hush, your sister Shen has come, even if it is self-destructive repair or leaving the Tianyan Sect, you have to wait for it to come out of the secret realm. Otherwise, I will rashly self-destruct Shen Yubo now, and I will suspect that you have done something bad from it?"
Chen Kai was so worried that he kept a close eye on the wind and urged the snow. He never thought that the situation would turn over so quickly and become a threat to himself … He was the one holding the evidence.
"Don’t push me into a hurry. I’m angry, but no one can recognize me." The wind urged the snow to press on Chen Kai’s shoulder with one hand and expect something. Shen Yu’s spirit is coming towards the two men.
Chen Kai’s face turned blue and black.
At the same time, Shen Yupo walked up to the two men. "What are you two whispering about?"
The wind urged the snow to put it on Chen Kai’s shoulder and smiled and said, "I’m asking Brother Chen a question."
Shen Yupo’s expression was more confused, but he didn’t ask any more questions. He took Chen Kai’s hand and turned away unnaturally. "Everyone is waiting for you two. Go, go, go."
They set off soon and marched all the way to Langya’s secret land, and it didn’t take long for the wind to push the snow to behave normally. However, Chen Kai has been absent-minded and Shen Yu’s spirit is quite worried
There was an accident when entering Langya’s secret land. The cold wind roared at the entrance of the secret land and there was a magic array blessing. After entering the secret land, everyone was soon separated.
Fortunately, the brothers who entered the secret realm have some experience this time, and they soon got together again, but Chen Kai couldn’t find it.
Shen Yu’s spirit is rushing around, but this secret place is like a maze, and the path is constantly changing. From time to time, there are all kinds of animals and hidden dangers. It is difficult to find a person.
You shouldn’t look for someone when there is a lot of waves in Langya’s Secret Land. However, Shen Yupo doesn’t trust Chen Kai’s safety and insists on searching for everyone. If you can’t stop it, you can stay with him who waits. Finally, Shen Yupo found the trace of Chen Kai.
At this time, Chen Kai was tied with rattan and hidden in a hidden cave, relying on water dripping from rocks outside the cave to maintain his life. Chen Kai collapsed like a dying dog, his eyes were blinded by something, and the remaining two horrible blood holes were cut off, and his five fingers were broken … The most important thing is that his whole body was broken, and the sea was destroyed and repaired.
No survival, no death, no
Chapter 133 Chapter 133
Once the Langya Mystery is opened, the door will be closed until three months later. Chen Kai was so badly injured that even if everyone decided to return, they could wait until the door was opened again because of the ban.
The Mysterious Land is full of crises. With a cripple who is even difficult to walk, the road is naturally more dangerous. They touched the most difficult demon in the Mysterious Land-it is a monster made up of thousands of monks or demons who died here, and it is designed to eat people’s brains.
When they were fighting, they stepped into the monster swamp one after another and inhaled a lot of poisonous fog. When Chen Kai was caught in the claws by the monster.
Shen Yu’s eyes are cracked, plus toxic hair, can’t help but spray one mouthful blood "Chen Kai! !”
Chen Kai was terrified and shouted’ Ah’ and’ Ah’. He was held aloft in the middle by the monster. He was blind and didn’t know what happened, but he didn’t know that the pointed beak of the monster was hanging over his head.
Because of the poisonous fog, everyone is a little slow, and only the wind urges the snow to act as usual, holding the snow sword and fighting the monster.
"Teacher younger brother! Help him quickly! " Shen Yu’ o hurriedly way
The wind urges the snow to hold the sword against the monster’s beak, and the other palm pinches the method and definitely bombards the monster. Grasp Chen Kai’s claws! He naturally wants Chen Kai to live more than others. Once Chen Kai dies, his secret will be brought back to Tianyan School by Chen Kai’s last consciousness and made public.
It is …
After a few moves, the monster swept around, and the poisonous fog became more and more thick. The poisonous fog swamp around here was the incarnation of this monster, and they were surrounded by this monster. Every move of this monster was strictly guarded against sticking to it without revealing a flaw. Chen Kai would not be able to grab it for a while. Not only that, but everyone was also firmly trapped here. If you don’t go out … I’m afraid these people will die in this poisonous fog.
Shen Yu’s eyes burst into tears and prayed to him for something, but it was too noisy and the wind urged Xuegen not to hear what the other party was saying, but he didn’t want to hear it either.
The wind urged the snow to cast a deep glance and was firmly grasped by the monster. Chen Kai, the deaf and blind man, seemed to realize something. He raised his head and opened his mouth to him with a desperate roar.
At the same time, the wind and snow suddenly stepped back and let go of the sword against the monster’s pointed beak
For a moment, the monster’s long beak deeply pierced the bone of Chen Kai’s top of the skull, followed by a "snow" sound.
The flaw was exposed in an instant, and the sword in the hand of urging snow mercilessly pierced the monster’s low neck.
The wind urged the snow to hug and scream, and Shen Yupo ran outside the poisonous fog. At the same time, the sword swept away and the surrounding poisonous fog was swept away with a wave of his hand!
Even when evacuated, a few brothers were folded in because of the strong poisonous fog.
Survived, but everyone was dead silent.
Everyone knows that the wind and snow saved them, but … the opportunity to save them was Chen Kai’s death.
Even if they all know that even without today’s monster, Chen Kai is absolutely unable to get out of Langya.
No one wants to be this wicked man, no matter how hard the road is, no one wants to give up Chen Kai, not to mention whether the other person is Chen Jiadi of Zhongzhou with royal blood or the future husband of Ye Hong’s elder brother.
Now that the wind and the snow have taken the lead in giving up Chen Kai, he has made this wicked man in his early days.
The words of thanks came to their lips and they thought of Chen Kai’s death, so they shut up again.
Shen Yu’s spirit has collapsed and can’t stop beating the wind to push the snow. "Why don’t you save him! You can save! "
For a moment, it was suddenly pushed away from my arms by the wind and snow
"You can walk back and die with him," the wind urged the snow coldly.
Shen Yu’ o has never seen each other so indifferent and dazed.
At this time, someone finally spoke. "Senior Master Shen Cui had to save us …"
"You shut up!" Shen Yu’s spirit looked at the wind and urged the snow with tears. "You can save him, right … Those poisonous fogs are useless to you. You can save him …"
The wind urged the snow to take a deep breath in the pneumothorax, and there was never any irritation. He forcibly suppressed this mania to calm down and explained to Shen Yubo, "I can’t save him, and you will be poisoned by poison gas."
However, at the moment, the wind and the snow in my heart actually don’t want to say a word. I want to leave this place and stay away from these noisy people. He is a little puzzled that a person will become so arrogant after his heart belongs to him.
"You can save … you can save …" Shen Yupo looked at him with tearful eyes. "You don’t want to save … you always hate Chen Kai."