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Liu Changyuan squinted, but it was not true except for a vague shadow.

"Master, let Bai Er help you."
Say "Liu Yuan Bai" slowly approached Routi and stroked his chest all the way.
It’s getting hotter and hotter, and it’s going to burn his hands
"Well … let go, junior!"
"Master, I’m Bai Er. Open your eyes and have a good look."
Bai Er?
Lu Changyuan was panting like a cow, and he was soaked in sweat all over, but it didn’t smell bad
The poison of love captured his body and mind, and made him rise and fall in the sea of desire. Every inch of his skin was screaming and eager to touch, and his breath was extremely manic.
Liu Changyuan slightly opened his misty eyes, and a beautiful face was close at hand.
One moment it’s white; Then it turns into Xiao Jing.
It seems that a person has two faces that are blurred, and he can’t see clearly gradually.
The moment heavy virtual shadow into a Zhang Yanli handsome face.
"younger brother"
The person in front of me is Xiao Jing.
Liu Changyuan corners of the mouth slightly raises his thin belt in his hand.
When reason is on the line, the demon climbs back to confuse "take him and you will get him forever"
Take him! Get him! Be sure to get him!
Lu Changyuan gritted his teeth and said, "Shut up!"
He must kill this damn demon with a sword.
"What are you afraid of? Even if there is no one else here, who knows?"
"Xiao Jingxiu is not low-looking and beautiful. If you cross the river, you will miss it!"
"Think about Song Tingfeng, the pseudo-gentleman. He gave Xiao Jing a hand. You will regret it if you linger."
"Go ahead, tear up his clothes, run through him, possess him, and let him belong to you inside and outside."
Magic sound around the ear Liu Changyuan cover your ears suddenly let out a roar "shut up! You shut up! "
At the moment a foaming at the mouth magic gas suddenly broke out and Fiona Fang was involved in the fog.
Liu Changyuan got up and slowly walked out to reveal a frightening face.
His clothes are full of magic, his handsome face is surging, his eyes are red and his eyes are red, and a strange magic pattern is engraved on his brow.
Xiao Jing was frightened to disgrace and shouted, oh, no! The man is possessed!
The magic gas is too strong to drive him backwards.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ _8_ __
A man’s evil spirit smiles like an evil spirit crawling out of hell, and his voice is dumb. "Where do you want to go, junior?"
"Lu Changyuan, calm down!"
Calm down?
Oh, he put up with it and tried to swallow people to calm down?
Lu Changyuan has broken through Yuan Ying’s mid-term temperament, such as sharp smile and evil charm.
The wind swept Xiao Jing exclaiming that he was crushed by a man.
His eyes are red and his behavior is overbearing
Xiao Jing was so scared that he wanted to call for help and someone could save him. He was so anxious that he almost cried.
It hurts!
The bitten place is numb and painful, and it seems to tremble as if it were touching.
Xiao Jing lay on his back with tears in his eyes, and his cloak skirt was wide open, revealing a large piece of white skin shivering in fear, helping and pitiful.
Jing Jing severely hit his eyebrows.
In an instant, he fell into the sea of men’s knowledge.
Looking up, I can see that Wang Yang’s international blood sea is as evil as hades.
The wind raged in the sea of his knowledge.
Lu Changyuan slowly emerged from the sea of blood and was bathed in blood, as if he had climbed out of the sea of knives, mountains and fires, revealing a terrifying smile.
A flash of his figure made him hug Xiao Jing in his arms and puffed up. "You can’t escape, teacher younger brother."
Indeed, in the sea of Lu Changyuan’s knowledge, he can escape elsewhere.
Touching his fingertips gently with delicate skin, Liu Changyuan, like the emperor who ascended the throne, picked him up with a smile.