Coming to Tongtian Holy Island again, Xiao Lingyu’s feelings are completely different from last time.

Last time I was just …
Chapter 923 Holy Army big challenge
? Chapter 923 Shengjun big challenge
Fighting between the strong can tell the winner, but it is difficult to tell life and death.
Xiao Lingyu let the other side surround him, and his hands spread out, and two chaotic fire oranges emerged.
His fingers began to bounce, and two oranges quickly turned into ten, and then he knocked them out.
Ten oranges are like ten …
Chapter 924 Page
? Chapter 924 Page
Recently, news came from the holy mountain that the strong people with a record of winning 100 games in each Fang city should be brought together, so that these strong people can fight together and separate the strong from the strong.
This activity of the holy army is only aimed at the two realms of the holy spirit and the sky. If we can stand out in the big challenge of these two realms, we can not only …
Chapter 925 Jiang Shang 1
? Chapter 925 Jiang Shang 1
Speaking of which, Shen Gongbao seems to realize that the topic has deviated again. He coughed a little and added: "The list of gods will be helpful to Xiao Daoyou. As long as Xiao Daoyou can get the consent of my brother and pour some of his own spirit and blood into it, it will make Daoyou immediately stabilize the realm. If Daoyou has enough opportunities, you can even get it from …
Chapter 926 Jiang Shang 2
? – ”
Jiang Lanyue nodded and said, "Taigong takes care of us very much, but it makes us weather the storm less, and there is no danger. It’s just that Taigong often teaches us and wastes his old man’s time."
"We are the descendants of Taigong, and he doesn’t take care of who we take care of." Jiang Lanshang is a natural tunnel.
"Jiang Taigong is your ancestor?" Xiao Lingyu asked curiously.
"Sort of."
Jiang Lanyue nodded, and then said, "Taigong and our ancestor of the Jiang family in the narrow sense of God once had a period of sharing weal and woe. Plus, we are both surnamed Jiang, so Taigong and my ancestor of the Jiang family became brothers. Although my ancestor of the Jiang family later fell when it hit the land of Heaven, Taigong still regarded my descendants as descendants. At least we came to the island of Heaven to take refuge, and his old man was still very happy."
"Oh, I see." Xiao Lingyu took the cup and gently sucked it.
Tea smells good and moistens the throat.
"It’s a pity that Taigong will soon reach the realm of immortality and soar to the upper bound, so we two sisters will have no backing." Jiang Lanshang strange tone tunnel.
"Both of you are talented people, and you should be able to advance to the sky before Taigong rises." Xiao Lingyu relieved.
"Do you think everyone is like you?" Their Jiang Lanshang turned over, didn’t good the spirit tunnel.
Xiao Lingyu has long discovered a problem. This Jiang Lan petticoat seems to have a bad temper with him. Every time she talks to her, she will be run, as if she owes her countless tongtian Lingbao.
"Even in the tongtian, in this tongtian holy island, it can only be regarded as the middle stream at most. If you get into trouble with the top strong one day, it will inevitably be dangerous. The more qualified a female monk is, the more dangerous it is to be on this sacred island if she is helpless, so Taigong never lets us go out. " Jiang Lanyue worried tunnel.
"I really don’t know where the cultivation of some powerful people has gone, and they are so high-level, and they will even embarrass us women." Jiang Lan petticoats with somewhat uncomfortable and disdain tunnel.
"Tongtian realm of each layer of practice is extremely difficult, but also need countless years to accumulate, it is estimated that some Tongtian strong can’t wait, so we moved our brains. In particular, some monks who have been shackled in a realm for countless years are definitely more anxious, and it is inevitable that they will do whatever it takes to break through. " Xiao Lingyu explained indifferently, which he didn’t know before, but recently collected a lot of jade slips, including this introduction.