Flower pike with a golden Youlong virtual shadow directly to the buildings dust chest.

"Pediatrics" buildings dust sneer at a said.
At the moment when the golden Youlong virtual shadow stabbed, the dusty body suddenly disappeared into the original place.
It was behind the flowers when the dusty figure appeared here.
"Ghost chop!"
The sword in the hand of the dust in the street was severely cut on the back of the flower.
A nearly 10,000 damage rises from the top of the flower head.
However, this injury is nothing for the dragon warrior Hua, because his blood volume is as high as 37 points.
"revenge of the dragon!"
Hua suddenly drank the pike in his hand after he was injured and stabbed at the dust in the buildings.
This pike actually turned a corner and stabbed himself. This dust was also unexpected and didn’t do anything to dodge.
The damage caused by this shot to the dust of the buildings is as high as more than 7 thousand points, which shows that the flower attack is also very good
"Ghost flashes!"
After being shot, Moqian Dust did not flinch, but continued to launch a combo skill on Hua.
The big sword in the hands of the dust quickly stabbed the flower body.
After four injuries in a row, Hua’s blood volume was directly mutilated, and the flower was about to die with a light blow. At this time, Hua suddenly drank heavily, and then his blood volume was instantly restored to full value
"Huoxue Longhuo!"
This skill is to instantly restore your blood volume to full value, which is so awesome that it is a relatively fate skill to have 3 minutes when the self-treatment skill cools down.
"I can rely on this!" Watching Ye Ye shouted.
"Who knows?" Aside wasteland flash chimed in
At this time, the dust did not give up, and he continued to release several skills to the flowers. However, this time, the flowers were more prepared than before, and several attacks by the dust were successfully dodged by him
"It seems that I need to get rid of you as soon as possible!" The sword in the hand of the dust in the street cuts the palm of the left hand and then quickly wipes his blood over the blade of the sword in his hand.
"Destroy the ghost!"
After wiping the blood with the big sword in the hands of the dust, the big sword was cut directly towards the flower to see that a strong firm but gentle wave was swallowed directly towards the flower.
"The dragon fights in the wild!"
At this time, Hua did not choose defense, but chose to bless himself with a state skill
After blessing in this state, the flower clothing instantly turns into a golden armor with a dragon head relief, and the pike in his hand also turns golden. The joint of the spear head and the spear rod is also a mouth-opening dragon head.
This is a big change. At this time, it takes both physical defense and magic defense+3% resistance+5 to restore health at 1 point per second. The most terrible thing is that this state lasts for half an hour, which is really against the sky.
Feather, dust, and dragons transform into different flowers. This transformation is more like the whole dragon being integrated into his equipment.
The ghost beheaded the world after the transformation, and the flower directly gave a harsh metal friction.
A more than 10,000-point injury reduced the blood consumption to half again.
But that person who attack next becomes a flower.
"Qinglong is out of the water!"
The pike in the flower’s hand is bent like a ribbon and stabbed at the dust of the buildings.