Come back to the dungeon and let a few people out and tell them that the mountain bandit leader and strategist have all killed the old man, Lu and others. Everyone can’t believe it. Fortunately, I took out the drawings to send the array. This ya didn’t believe that the completion of the unified display was also rewarded. It was the drawings and everyone had a lot of experience. Hope 2 gold coins and 5 gold coins.

The next step is to escort five guys to Gert City. Some guys don’t know whether they are hungry or injured. Anyway, they just walk slowly. Because there is no strange way around the outside of the cottage, they don’t worry that some guys are attacked by strange people and killed Lin Hao. I walked in the front to find out the way. I took Xiao Yu at the back and the cold front walked beside me for a while. It suddenly occurred to me that the cold front looked at Xiao Yu and quickly followed the cold front. "Are you in any trouble?" If you treat me as a friend, you can tell me. I think there may be nothing in the game that can make you difficult. Should it be in reality? "
After that, I quietly looked at Lengfeng and heard my words. His face once again showed a trace of worry. Lengfeng stopped and tilted his head and stared at me for a while and said, "Do you know who I am? I can see that you are an ordinary person. Maybe Haotian and Xiaoyu’s family will know a lot about people like me, but you definitely don’t. But it happened that you won’t make friends with me in the world, but you want to be friends with me in the game. Do you know that if I never dare to have friends like you in reality, because it means danger? I am a dark world person and a killer. What are the consequences of your contact with me for nothing? "
Listen to the cold front, I was stunned. I really don’t know anything about the killer, but then I was relieved. No wonder this guy looks cold and doesn’t seem to have any feelings, but the killer or the butcher is my friend.
Chapter 75 Completion
I smiled at Lengfeng and said, "I don’t know much about killers, but I know this should be a very dangerous profession, but it doesn’t affect me whether you are a friend in the game or in reality. If you have an organic conversation, I don’t mind having an amazing killer friend in reality. Tell me what trouble you have. Although I may not be able to help, tell me if I can’t help, it won’t have a worse impact."
The cold front looked at Xiao Yu and seemed to be considering whether to tell me or not, and seemed to be concerned about Xiao Yu.
I looked at Xiao Yu, a girl who obviously had a cold front, but didn’t mean to leave. Instead, I looked at the cold front firmly, "Brother Cold, you don’t care about my flying friends. My friends are my friends. I have never seen a cold front or a killer in front of flying outsiders, and I am a girl’s family. I never ask questions."
Lengfeng glanced at Xiaoyu and looked at me again and said slowly, "I did have some troubles. For some reasons, some of my partners were injured, but they couldn’t go to a big hospital for treatment, so they had to hide to prevent danger. Moreover, all my funds were temporarily frozen. If I can’t get enough money as soon as possible to get some drugs to cure their injuries and transfer them, maybe it won’t be long before they will be found out that they will all lose their lives. I have been trying to help some people do something in the game to exchange for gold coins, and then sell them for cash through some channels, including buying the store for others when you see it in Gotham
"How much do you need? Can it be cash? Although I am really an ordinary person with little money, but you have channels to exchange gold coins for money, then I have 170 thousand gold coins here. "
"I need an astronomical figure in the future, but I have gained so much today that I have solved most of it. I still need 20,000 gold coins to get rid of my more than 10,000 hands. It is more valuable to exchange gold coins. I can exchange one gold coin for 12rmb and then 20,000 gold coins, so a total of 100,000 gold coins can be exchanged for 1.2 million."
After the cold front finished speaking, it seemed like a sigh of relief, but I didn’t want to see that expression for the first time. It became a little more peaceful and less obvious.
I didn’t say anything. I directly applied for the transaction and put 20,000 gold coins in it. I looked at the cold front and said with a smile, "You asked for 20,000, and I took 20,000. Although there are still 150,000 gold coins, I don’t want to give more of these gold coins since you have enough, but if it is not enough, it is estimated that I can get even 200,000 in a few days."
"No need. There will be no problem if they get well," Leng Feng affirmed, and his words were full of confidence in them.
"Well, let’s hurry up and follow it. If Haotian takes these guys to the wolves and is killed, we estimate that there will be rewards and punishments."
Since the cold front himself said that there was no problem, I was not used to getting to the bottom of what he didn’t say, so I should take a look at the present and take the light rain quickly to the front team, and the cold front followed slowly.
It wasn’t long before the wolves appeared, but fortunately, those crazy wolves didn’t attack us this time, because some players have arrived here. Although the wolves are almost invincible to them at present, adventure and challenge are the nature of most players, and big challenges in the game often bring big returns.
It is very confusing for our party to have a few players on the periphery, especially when we see that there are several np’s among us, but these people are not stupid to come out from the depths, and they are certainly not easy to mess with and no one is meddling.
A line of people successfully passed through the wolf pack territory and continued to move forward to Gert City. After more than ten minutes, Gert City was just around the corner. Several people were excited, and the youngest guy was full of curiosity and surprise.
When I came to the city gate, Lu looked at the towering city wall and the tall city gate and muttered something. Several middle-aged people were also excited. Sometimes they looked forward to it, sometimes they missed it, sometimes they were painful and sometimes they lost. They just didn’t go there.
I can’t watch this slow journey, even if we don’t go to the place, consider our feelings. It’s past six o’clock. We didn’t have much early today. We had to wake up and say, "Mr. Lu, you have arrived in Gotham now. I can understand your excitement about returning to the empire, but I think you should go back to the imperial city as soon as possible. It was a big event last night, so you can look around slowly and remember the past."
"Oh, I’m sorry to respect the wise man. I’m so excited. You’re right. It’s important. Thank you for waking up. Let’s go now."
Lu didn’t get angry when I interrupted her thoughts. Instead, she politely called me a respected wise man ~ The old man was always calling me a young adventurer or directly calling me Gao unhappy anyway. Anyway, I want to finish it, as long as you are willing to leave.
"You’re welcome. Now this is the west gate of Gert City. Let’s go in and get to the delivery square soon. From there, we can send it directly to the imperial city. Mr. Lu, please."
Say that finish, I made a wink to heaven science to let him walk quickly in front, and then made a gesture to Lu. Lu nodded and looked at several middle-aged children around him to speed up the pace and followed Lin Hao.
Soon I came to the array, and several people in Lu had no money to send me. They scolded me and said, "I can’t give up here."
A line of people sent to the imperial city, I won’t give Lu and others any excitement. "Mr. Lu, now that we have arrived at the imperial city, where are you going?" If there is nothing else we need to do, then I think we should say goodbye. The city is very safe and we should not continue to escort. "
"Oh, respect the wise man, thank you for saving us. I think the Wizards Association will give you some rewards after the report is delivered. If there is nothing very important, I hope you and your partner will stay with us."
As soon as I hear it, well, it shouldn’t take much to get a reward from the Wizards Association, and I’ll also meet old man Tros.
"Well, then, let’s go. The Wizards Association is next to the square. I think you haven’t forgotten it." Then I headed for the Wizards Association. Lin Hao and several people quickly followed.
When I entered the association hall, I saw the beautiful magician still there. This time, I didn’t know what happened to me. After I entered the hall, I went directly to the side and asked for it. I just waited for the reward and didn’t know what the reward was.
As soon as Lu entered the Wizards Association, he disappeared, and I don’t know if this old man knows who to look for or if this ya will be thrown out. I can’t control it.
Xiao Yu, a few people came to the Wizards Association for the first time. Except for the cold front, the other two were curious and looked around at the resplendent Wizards Association. Lin Hao also whispered a few words of’ luxury ~ waves ~ and so on’ from time to time.
I’ve been waiting for ten minutes, and I’m almost impatient. Xiao Yu and Lin Hao have seen enough splendid decorations. When old man Tros and Lu came out, I instantly cheered up and smiled at Tros. "The teacher hasn’t come to see you for a while. Are you okay?"
"Wow, flying Wynaut is when you just said it. I still have some doubts. It seems to be true. It’s a little good that you are young. How much is your mental strength now?"
"The amount seems to be more than one thousand, but the level is only 21, which is still far from the advanced intermediate wizard."
"What? More than a thousand? Are you sure you’re not bragging? " Troth exclaimed, his eyes were wide as cattle, and he grabbed my robe sleeve and asked whether he had finished ignoring the image of the chief wizard.
"Well, teacher, it seems that there is no need to brag about this."
"It’s more than one thousand? Ok, wait for me to give you an advanced level directly and then get an intermediate wizard medal. The soul wizard is different from the general wizard to see the mental strength. "
"ah? That’s it? How much mental strength does that senior need? " I asked eagerly.
"advanced? It’s almost enough to reach 15 samples. Wrong is not almost 15. It’s absolutely enough. How did you achieve it? " Tross looked at me jokingly.