Fengyun light stare big eyes.

Xiao Linchu patted her on the head and a little bit of chicken Xianglian "Be enemies and complain-Chapter 71 Fengyun is light on you damn pig.
Chapter 71 Fengyun light you damn pig
Xiao Linchu patted her on the head with a little phoenix Xianglian. "Revenge for revenge and complain for hatred-"
Although Fengyun was light and weak, she had a long knife in her hand, but she was not as imposing as Fengxianglian.
Looking at this situation, Fengxianglian doesn’t know that Xiao Linchu is brought here by Fengyun Light, and she is an idiot.
When angry drink a whip in her hand toward the Fengyun lightly.
Fengyun took a light breath in a gasp and became speechless. There was no defense against Fengxianglian, a bitch.
She thought she was going to get a whip again, but she saw Xiao Linchu’s slender hands holding the whip in a short time.
How did Feng Xianglian pull the whip? She stared at Xiao Linchu and turned red. Did he have fun with himself and want to play with himself?
Xiao Linchu ignored Feng Xianglian’s initiative. Although she saw her face red, she knew that she had moved her mind.
He frowned at Feng Yun. "Why don’t you do it?"
Fengyun reacted lightly and took the knife and cut it toward Fengxianglian. When Xiao Linchu couldn’t break free for a while, he could abandon the whip and run for his life.
Phoenix stared at the sea, and those slaves just wanted to help before they were held hostage by the shadow guards behind them.
No one dares to make a move when the cold knife rest is on the neck
Fang Heng two fingers holding phoenix toward the sea neck cold way "chicken adult you’d better be smart or you move this hand I will crush your neck …"
Feng Chao-hai swallowed and his face was livid, but his neck was in someone’s hand and his roots could not move.
Fengxianglian was chased around, and her skill was not as good as Fengyun’s, and she was even more flustered at the moment.
Fengyun is so enjoyable that she calls "Fengxianglian, I’m going to chop you up and feed the fish-"
"Dad, dad, help …" Fengxiang Lotus was pale and cried and hid behind Phoenix Chaohai.
However, Feng Chaohai can’t help but save her. It’s lighter to suppress a red face than to stare at Feng Yun in anger.
Fang Heng looked back at Feng Xianglian, who was pale, and raised his foot to kick Feng Xianglian to Feng Yunqing’s side.
Fengxianglian hasn’t got up yet, and a long willow knife with cold light is placed on her neck.
Fengyun squinted "Hum" and stared at her with a smile. Fengxianlian had collapsed to the ground, and her face was as white as paper and she couldn’t help shivering, climbing towards the phoenix toward the sea.
See phoenix cloud light has been slow to start work Xiao Linchu cold charm a smile "cloud light stop that now-"
Fengyun nodded lightly and wanted to let Fengxianlian go, but Feng Chaohai sighed, "Yes, this gentleman said to stop it for you. It’s always sisters. You can’t really do it to Xianglian, can you?"
"Yes, I cut her arms and legs directly …" Xiao Linchu said indifferently.
Phoenix toward the sea face a change "…"
Fengxianglian is crying regardless of the image. She climbs back in horror.
Feng Yun looked back at Xiao Linchu with some difficulty. "Why don’t you give her another chance? If she bullies me and my balls again, I’ll cut her with a knife, okay?"
Xiao Linchu frowns and squints at the beautiful phoenix eyes, and the cold light shines.
Fengyun is light and a little afraid to hesitate with a long knife.
Phoenix Xianglian cried for mercy. "Sister, I know I’m wrong. I’ll never bully you and your balls again. I’ll never bully anyone again …"
She sobbed and burst into tears, wet her makeup, and she shrank to the ground in a panic.
Fengyun looked at her softly and looked back at Xiao Linchu. "Look at her, she has admitted her mistake, and she will be sorry for her conscience if I do it again, won’t she?"
Xiao Linchu looked at her with a wretched smile and frowned more tightly. "Stupid-"
After that, he turned to leave Fang Heng and let go of Feng Chao and Feng Yun, but he was a dog’s leg. "Xianggong, you are so handsome and handsome!"
Xiao Linchu turn head to wind her got to smile "than you male god’s adult …"
"…" Asshole must always take male god’s adult sarcasm at her?
After several days in a row, Feng Yun buried herself in her studies and finally taught her husband that she was worried and looked forward to it.
Her private school was not scolded at home, nor was it tossed by Xiao Linchu. Although Xiao Liancheng’s door often looked around, she was watched by Mammy and kicked this cheeky guy out.
She is as happy as a bird and will fly.
On this day, as usual, Feng Yunqing was the first to rush out of the private school after school. She slung over her shoulder and asked Mammy to help sew the bag as she asked.
She waited outside the private school for a long time before she walked out of the private school and said something to Mr. Private School.
Fengyun gently waved in a hurry "balls balls-"
Mr. Wang smiled gently at Fengyun and said, "Your mother is waiting for you. Go quickly. Watch your mother and don’t let her get into trouble again!"
After these days, Mr. Get along with each other has thoroughly understood Feng Yunqing and gradually became fond of this shrewd girl.
Fengyun light heartless outside with a smile, "Sir, don’t worry, I won’t tell my" xianggong "that you punished me again today …"