"Different worlds, but they are separated by a door." Xiang seems to have a sigh of emotion but silently says in his heart that everyone has the qualification to open this door freely. But what about me?

And people don’t recognize that they have literary cells, and they have no interest in Xiang’s inexplicable feelings. Let’s get back to the topic. "So what do you want to see me about?"
"At present, there are still 300 players who have not been separated from the game." Xiang calmed down in his chest and the inexplicable emotions surged lightly.
"I know that" and people nodded.
"Fortunately, among those 300 people."
Then a sentence directly changed the face of the person, directly slapped the table and got a little excited. "What did you say?"
Xiang looked at him and showed some overreaction. Suddenly, she maliciously wondered if the two had an affair. If that’s the case, I guess I’ll feel a little less guilty about breaking him up with Asina, but …
Xiang’s eyes can’t help looking at the person next to her. Naoya’s eyes are apologetic. If she is not with her, her kind and lovely sister will have a good result.
Straight leaves feel xiang coming eyes not from some doubts.
Xiang immediately withdrew her eyes and said calmly, "To be precise, they were imprisoned in al."
This has changed not only with people, but also with Naoya, who is now a player of al.
"What the hell does that mean?" People think his brain is a little confused.
"In fact, you are not too anxious. I will solve these things, including the mastermind," Xiang said, and his tone gradually became cold.
Don’t wait to react with people and Naoya Xiang continued, "I actually have something to ask you this time."
chapter five
The anxiety in the dark eyes of people has not diminished. Looking at Xiang silently and waiting for the text, Ye Zhi feels the anxiety in people’s hearts and can’t help but feel the name of Xing.
Xiang first took one look at Zhi Ye and thought for a while. He felt that even if the other party was present, it wouldn’t make any difference. He just said, "I’m running out of time."
When he frowned with people, he remembered that Xiang fainted inexplicably that night when he encountered pH. Neither he nor Argo wanted to guess the result.
"What do you mean?" He looked at Xiang carefully and worried about her love.
"Now I may die suddenly at any time, maybe a week later, maybe the day after tomorrow, maybe every minute. Although I don’t know the exact time, I have occasionally felt so strong that I want to vomit and feel dizzy since yesterday, but I’m sure there won’t be much time." Xiang stretched out his index finger and touched his temple. In his words, death is like a face but calm. He didn’t tell his parents that once he was accused, he might be forced to stay in the hospital
Naoya’s eyes trembled and covered her mouth. I can’t believe it. Looking at her pale face, she couldn’t be so calm when she substituted herself into it.
"Does Argo know?" And people sighed, the last thing they wanted to imagine turned out to be true.
Xiang’s face was always calm. "She doesn’t know and we didn’t exchange names and contact methods."
"But you must know her address" and there is sympathy in people’s eyes. It must be desperate to believe that you have to face death so young.
Xiang nodded. "I’m going to see her today. Of course, I’ll die at any time. I’m really not qualified to face her."
It is very difficult to develop from the virtual world to the real world. If the law gives the other party a future, it is best not to continue to provoke it. Now it is best for both parties not to know whether the other party’s real identity can be openly announced.
"Is this unfair to Argovi?" Unexpectedly, I have been listening to Naoya in silence all the time. Suddenly, I was slightly excited. After listening to her, I could guess the specific reason.
Xiang accidentally glanced at her and said, "I don’t want her to leave scars."
"But have you ever thought about her feelings? Who can accept it if it disappears inexplicably? " Naoya is more and more excited. She firmly believes that even if there is not much time left for two people to fall in love, it is a kind of happiness to be together at this last time, a kind of happiness that can be engraved in the soul.
Xiangnai smiled, and he had a pure affection for Naoya. If he hadn’t seen the information given by Natsume yesterday, he might not have come to visit today, but went directly to find the summer palace.
No one can explain his difficulties, even if he secretly notes his parents
For a dying person who can’t take anything away, he can leave a string of memories in others’ minds.
Fifty percent chance
The cold words from Heathcliff’s mouth have been kept in his heart.
But even if it is a hundred percent chance, he doesn’t want summer to be attached to him, because even if he is lucky enough to succeed, he can become a data stream.
Sorrow welled up in my chest. "I also want to cry with her, laugh with her and watch the sunrise and sunset like a normal person."
Naoya bit her lip gently without saying a word. She was an outsider, and if she could say more, she felt sorry for Xiang inexplicably.
"Do you want to ask about Argo?" He sighed deeply in his heart this time, no matter what the request was, he obviously refused, and Xiang could help him save the 300 players.
Xiang nodded his head.
After leaving Tonggu and his family, Xiang went directly to Qiaoxian, where Lianggong is located in summer.
Summer residence in the Summer Palace is very common in Japan. Single apartment-style residence has three floors, high stairs and iron ladders around the apartment. This kind of residence has a small floor, which can be divided into many different specifications. Push the door and push in, and the kitchen is on the right, and the living room is on the other hand.
Generally speaking, this kind of single apartment is a means for the landlord to rent it to others to earn rent. In fact, No.1 is not a summer home, but she has lived alone for several years
The car is parked in the street opposite the apartment, and you can see the No.1 iron single-sided door on the second floor through the window.
"Master Xiang, aren’t you going to have a look?" Natsume looked up at the rearview mirror in Xiang light way
From the moment Xiang asked for information, SHEN WOO wind and SHEN WOO cool knew that if it weren’t for Xiang’s body, they would never allow Xiang to have contact with summer.
"No" silently eyed iron door xiang light way
He thought of last night’s information and sighed faintly. At the same time, he also thought of what made white summer more mature than his peers.
"I’ll help you solve it …" He said to himself, thanking himself for his identity for the first time.
Natsume smell speech is consciously silent with low breathing in the carriage.
Room No.1 was just cleaned in summer, after a long absence of months. On the day when she woke up from the hospital, she refused to let her stay in the hospital for rehabilitation and suggested that she be discharged directly, because from the moment she woke up, she had to bear the medical care herself, but she didn’t have the resources.
It turns out that she is right. It can kill two birds with one stone to connect the two in health rehabilitation.
She straightened up, wiped her forehead and stared at the bulging black garbage bag, muttering to herself, "The rent for next month is so bad."
After talking about the garbage bag, she opened the door and walked out to one side of the stairs. During the walk, she accidentally saw an expensive car parked by the wall of the opposite house.
"hmm? When is there a rich man here? "Summer was a little surprised and shook her head slightly, but she didn’t continue to think about the garbage building. After throwing the garbage into the garbage dump, she clapped her hands and calmed down her breathing before going back just visible. When she walked into the apartment building, she still couldn’t help but look at the extended black car again.
She didn’t know that the only person she cared about in that car was watching her.
Xiang has been staring at the summer back until the other person entered the room and never moved away. Apart from being cute and wearing different clothes, there is no deviation in appearance and figure. The only flaw is that the golden brown curly hair is slightly dull.
"Not ugly at all"