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"Then I’m welcome. Pikachu rushed to the steel tail!"

Before the start, Aaron talked with Akang. After Aaron made the steel tail, Aaron added, "Actually, I’m also very interested in making Pikachu defeat Raichu, that is, an anti-evolutionary victory. Although Raichu has more strength, attack power and physical strength than Pikachu, its relative agility and speed may be better. For me, Pikachu is the final evolutionary type. I don’t intend to let it evolve. To be honest, it’s not an anti-evolutionary type."
At that time, A Kang replied, "Interesting, then try it!" However, Mata felt that he had no spare capacity to say "interesting" …
Two-gas Poké mon’s second encounter is 100,000 volts! Once again, everyone, including Xiaoyong Ajun, thinks that Raichu is definitely more dominant in attack power, whether it is strength or anger. Aaron himself said that Aaron Pikachu and Akron Leiqiu had a fight once when they were in Staten Town. At that time, Pikachu fell into a belt state and gained super strength over Raichu. It should be said that that time was not a real victory, but now Aaron Pikachu is no longer in a belt state, but what is the fruit? But the base is the same-Raichu collided with Pikachu gas and then Raichu gas was quickly bounced off! Pikachu hit the Huanglong with 100,000 volts and was surprised. Raichu then exploded in an instant. Raichu was blown out and blown off the field, but it seems that he can fight and return to the field.
The field was suddenly filled with all kinds of exclamations instead of horse cheers
"How is that possible! Is Pikachu in a state again? " Kang said and asked Aaron
"No, Pikachu is all right now, but it’s just because of some coincidence that he got this powerful flow! That’s why I said that Pikachu is the ultimate evolutionary type. "Aaron’s answer didn’t give a definite explanation, but the image stream can be merged with the flash bird stream, and it is estimated that not many people will believe it when it is said.
"So that’s it. Then the strength will determine the outcome. Raichu digs a hole!" Kang recovered as soon as he made it.
"Pikachu jumped up and thundered and bombarded the venue!" Aaron shouted and then stepped back a few steps. "Although Kang was there, it should be fine, but your venue over there is wet, and your shoes and pants are wet. It is better to retreat to a dry place, or you may accidentally attack you." Aaron said to Kang, although he didn’t know what the specific situation was, Kang went back and came to a dry place.
Pikachu gas attack came out! A hit on the field was followed by an amazing scene-after Poké mon’s standard battle field was hit by Pikachu’s thunder, although ordinary Poké mon could draw something at the opening, the situation is no longer the concept of "drawing", and the whole moment has been shattered! Several rocks were shot open and then ejected into the air! The ground is falling apart in Pikachu! Being hit by the current is like a powerful destructive death ray bombarding directly from the front! When it thunders, the surface rock foundation is broken! It seems that Raichu dug it out and was blown out of the pit unexpectedly, and many other places were also trapped by gravel. If just now, the powerful flying blade sharp knife and earthquake were the initial damage to the tunnel, then the thunder was definitely the complete damage …
A rock was turned over from the ground, and then Raichu climbed out. He was scarred, as if he had been injured by this collapsed rock. This attack will be crushed even if the protective support is temporarily destroyed by the passage.
Pikachu didn’t give Raichu more chances. The horse flashed in front of Raichu! Raichu bust is still in the rock pile, but this condition helped Raichu carry the blow in situ! Raichu’s fighting consciousness is still there. The white light from his right fist is a million tons of boxing! However, Pikachu’s body immediately emits light at this time … In the face of this destructive force, distance attack is terrible, even if you are gas-resistant!
Pikachu hit Raichu with a distance of 100,000 volts! There’s another explosion! Raichu was blown out and flew out of the smoke. Kang jumped to the right at a certain time and caught Raichu.
Pikachu jumped out of the smoke and took a few breaths.
The third Chengdu Alliance Silver Conference 217 A Kang defeated Chun Yi VS Gary Oak?
"Raichu loses the ability to fight, Pikachu wins!" The referee immediately reacted and announced
This time, it was quiet and immediately boiled up as before! The commentator also started shouting again and shouted out "miracle" words to make Aaron a little speechless.
"But it is said that this stream is too explosive and explosive. Although it is very lethal, it will do a lot of damage to itself, which is not suitable for distance attack." After looking at Pikachu, Aaron suddenly came to this theory and nodded.
And in this special stream, Super Dream once asked Aaron a question?
"Now that you know that the flow can be merged and you also have a flying bird, do you have an idea to make all your Poké mon who can make Qi skills acquire this abnormal power?"
"I’m kidding. Pikachu’s all right this time is thanks to this lake, and even with the help of this lake, it’s dangerous to see Pikachu’s samples. I’m not going to pursue this extra power and put Poké mon in danger. Pikachu won this special power this time, but it can be seen that God gave it’ evolution’. After all, that guy doesn’t want to become Raichu. This can be regarded as the same as evolution, but Poké mon. Forget it, and I haven’t pursued power to even crave this extremely dangerous power."
"So I’m still wondering if you’ll try to blend the Moltres flame with the flaming chicken flame, but it seems unnecessary."
"Just kidding even if want to fusion flame how fusion? It’s not that science can explain the flame when the optical flow can merge … It’s just a coincidence that everything can be done if you want to. "
Back to the game, Kang withdrew Raichu’s expression, and then he sighed and took out the last Poké Ball.
Poké Ball opened it and it was an arrow turtle … This Poké mon of the Silver Congress had to be registered before Ah Kang had to call out the arrow turtle in the face of Pikachu … At the same time, the appearance of the arrow turtle also said that Ah Kang’s formation was guessed by Aaron!
"Well, Ah Kang’s words should be calculated that Aaron will send a team to deal with himself, Raichu and the water turtle Poké mon, but if it’s the ground class, the water turtle can get angry words. Ah Kang Leiqiu is really a strong man in this whole silver conference. At the very least, I know very well that I can’t beat the beast. Ah Kang also plans to let Raichu fight the gas war, leaving grass weakness. Ah Kang prepared Kyubi no Youko, but it should be said that Kyubi no Youko was blocked by Slowking, which was unexpected for Ah Kang. Although Ah Kang may send Kyubi no Youko first. In order to hook out the information of Aaron Poké mon, it should not be counted that the temptation will be tempted to lose combat capability, and Li Raichu knocked down the grass opposite and knew that there was a Slowking third or Pikachu on the other side. The situation was once favorable to Akang, but I didn’t expect Pikachu … "Xiaoyong said and stopped.
"I didn’t expect Pikachu’s gas skill power to be so high." Ah Jun continued to follow Xiaoyong’s words. "Even if I was crowned with the title of" training a genius ",Aaron was definitely not trained. To some extent, he was really a terrorist." Ah Jun said and then sighed.
Although all the people present know that the Akon water turtle is also very powerful, but for Pikachu, this Pikachu has such a high terrorist attack power, and the water turtle is slow to win or lose in such a situation … Although everyone doesn’t like the former theory, even if Pikachu falls Aaron, there is still a Slowking …
The arrow turtle played very bravely, and Kang didn’t give up until the end, making his skills such as protecting the liquid circle tenacious and fighting Pikachu. However, if he was hit by Pikachu’s gas, even if the arrow turtle weighed nearly 9kg, he would be bounced off, so that his center of gravity would be unstable and he would be hit repeatedly. In the end, Kang still saved the day and the arrow turtle would fall down.
"The water turtle loses its fighting ability. Pikachu wins! The winner is the Aron player in Zhenxin Town! " The referee announced that the ring also meant that the two men fought.
Kang took back the water turtle and stared at Poké Ball for a long time, then suddenly laughed and put Poké Ball back to his waist.
"Sure enough, I still can’t beat you, Aaron." Ah Kang said that he held out his right hand before he left, and Aaron also shook hands with Ah Kang politely.
"Where if you know that Pikachu has the ability to blow up the ground flow before you have the preparation, then the outcome may not be certain." Aaron replied, as Aaron said, Pikachu’s ability to overthrow Raichu and that surprise attack is direct, and if Raichu makes it different, such as flashing light and steel tail fighting methods, at least Aaron’s side will be much more troublesome
"Come on, it’s impossible for Poké mon to win if he’s unable to compete." Hmm? Oh, I, Raichu, also pay attention to strength, but even so, it’s hard to catch Aaron, you pay attention to explosive Pikachu … "Kang said that Aaron smiled and Kang followed suit.
"It’s really bad! Aaron made Pikachu beat the other two Poké mon in a row and won the first victory in the preliminaries! " As the body cheered, the commentator of the audience began to shout excitedly again, which interrupted the endless handshake between Aaron and Kang.
"Ah, I found you two. You really came back here." Aaron and Kang went directly back to the Poké mon Center. Anyway, Ma Xiaojing and his party were all in the Poké mon Center and saw Aaron and Kang Xiaojing.
"What is here? It must be here. Of course, we have to restore a Poké mon first." Aaron replied very reasonably.
"Well, that’s right." Xiaojing murmured a sentence with his head propped up.
"But it’s a pity. I didn’t expect you two to meet in this preliminaries league, so you had to eliminate a Kang, and your top eight strength should be no problem." Jun came out and said that Kang Ma waved.
"Even if I can’t win the championship in the top eight, it’s boring, or I already knew that I was attached to the championship from the moment I participated in the competition. I really got to know you guys, but it made me lose the momentum of challenging the league for the first time." Ah Kang replied that Ah Jun also laughed.
"But it’s a pity that if you had known that Aaron Pikachu was so strong, you wouldn’t have been succeeded by a surprise attack." Xiaoyong said that Kang shook his hand again.
"But it’s estimated that it’s still difficult to win, and the fruit won’t change much. After all, it’s impossible to win if you lose the Poké mon war first." Kang repeated what he just said to Aaron.
"But it’s Jian Tai. You didn’t say a word. Anyway, you just finished watching the match between your two opponents." Kang laughed without saying a word when he saw Jun and Xiaoyong. "And Marina, don’t get too close to Jian Tai. Although everyone knows what it means, you will still be annoyed when you see it. Just his thick nerves can’t see your mind." Kang suddenly said that Marina blushed next to Jian Tai and then began to refute incoherently, which made everyone including Jian Tai laugh.
"But what is the last game? It is also possible that everyone wins and loses and then draws. "It took two minutes to stabilize, and then Marina asked Ma Akang and Jiantai didn’t talk.
"If you can beat Aaron, I’m sure I can’t beat you." Kang finally said this sentence, which also explained his "last game."
"But we’re here to see Aaron. What are you doing?" Small crystal on the side with his head propped up suddenly said that all of them suddenly remembered their original purpose here …
"By the way, in the A sports field, a pure pair of Gary Oak horses will start, and I have just seen it in the B sports field. In half an hour, the E group Xiao Zhi will compete against Shinji! Then after the sports ground is being played in Group A, the Xiao Xia game in Group G will also start. Now let’s go to the A sports ground first. Maybe it has already started. "Xiaojing said that Aaron and Kang also got up immediately and a group of people ran directly.
When we arrive at the A Stadium, the game has already started. Take a look at the screen. The first Poké mon in Gary Oak is Dudley, while the first Poké mon on the opposite side is a three-in-one magnetic monster. Aaron still has the impression that it is a flash Poké mon! Gray three-in-one monster, but now it is just like the color of the three-in-one monster. The three-in-one monster lamp has been dimmed … Pure one and the second Poké mon is Kota Duck fighting Dudley.
Kota duck used a water gun! But Dudley dodged! Then he showed superior speed and began to run around the field quickly!
"Oh, Dudley is running again. Just now Dudley is Li’s amazing foot strength. Suddenly, he jumped up and stepped on the three-in-one magnetic monster! Is it going to happen again? " The narrator shouted and told a story for everyone.
"Junichi was knocked down by a Poké mon as soon as he was born, and now that Kota Duck is panting, it consumes a lot of physical strength. Who is that Gary Oak?" Kenta looked at a Kota duck and asked Aaron and others at once with a tricky expression.
"Dr. Da Mu Mao, a Poké mon celebrity, Dr. Da Mu Sun, I Xiaojing and that Xiao Zhi all set out on the same day. The trainer lost to Xiaoyong in the first Eastern Conference and stopped at the top 16. Now Gary Oak has made great progress on that foundation. The average trainer can’t compete with Gary Oak." Aaron said in detail that Jiantai didn’t speak.
The third Chengdu Alliance Silver Conference 210 Gary Oak strength! Xiao Zhi VS Shinji!
"But it’s obvious that Junichi is not weak. I’m afraid it’s at least the top 3 and 16 in this silver convention, but it’s so suppressed by Gary Oak … He was already very strong when the Eastern League played against Gary Oak, but he was still relatively tender. His strength is almost a little stronger than that of Junichi now, but the game is not particularly difficult for me. Now I can’t be careless with this guy." Xiaoyong looked at Gary Oak and suddenly nodded.
"Well, it turns out that he has improved so much. It’s not clear that I haven’t played against him. It seems that if I meet him in the final tournament, I can’t leave my room for manoeuvre." Ah Jun said Xiaoyong smiled.
"I think so. I have to say that I have found another trainer who can make you and me contribute." Xiaoyong nodded and looked at Kota Duck and sighed …
"It’s really bad. This time, the Kota duck avoided Dudley’s trampling, but the horse was hit by a triangle attack! Kota duck also fell! " The commentator shouted and shouted that the expressions of Kenichi and Marina were getting more and more dignified. After all, Junichi was Kenichi and Marina’s companion. Compared with this stranger, Gary Oak naturally hoped Junichi would win, but now the situation …
Junichi didn’t give up, and finally called out the big chrysanthemum to fly the blade and slash it. Dudley seemed to have consumed a lot of physical strength because of two consecutive battles. Moreover, when Kota Duck was finally defeated just now, it finally made a water gun hit Dudley’s foot. Dudley’s foot seemed to be hurt. He wanted to move, but he fell down and got a whole set of flying blade and sharp knife.
"good!" Kenta cried as if she saw hope.
Gary Oak withdrew Dudley and then calmly called out Nidoqueen …
It was a direct earthquake in Nidoqueen that made the chrysanthemum out of balance and then destroyed the dead light and hit the game directly …
"Pure chrysanthemum … so easily lost?" Kenta seems a little unbelievable.
"It’s no joke to be hit by a dead beam when the situation is out of balance, and you can see that Kentai just destroyed the power of the dead beam." Aaron said at a side that Kentai didn’t speak or speak, and his expression was very unwilling.
"Well, it’s almost time for Xiao Zhi to play against Shinji. Let’s go to Stadium A." Xiaojing said that everyone nodded, but Kenta stayed there and suddenly ran out of the aisle?
"It should be said that we are ready to leave after watching Junichi lose the horse, which is a cruel thing for Kentai. It’s true that you didn’t immediately consider Kentai and Marina. I’m really sorry that Kentai went to Junichi. Let him go to Marina, and you also go." Looking at this scene, Aaron apologized to Marina first and really blamed himself for not considering their feelings. Marina seemed to nod and run away.
"Do you need to wait for Gary Oak?" It seems that because Jiantai and Marina went to find Junichi, Xiaojing also asked symbolically if she wanted to go with Gary Oak.
"Do you think Gary Oak is the kind of guy who will act with us? And that’s the Xiao Zhi game. Gary Oak should go. Let’s go first. "Aaron answered Xiaojing and nodded.
"But then again, compared with when we were in the Eastern League, there were a lot fewer people. Xiaoyi, I know that he is challenging the Eastern League. Now this session of the Eastern League Rainbow Conference has also begun. What about the others in Poké mon Breeding School? Oh, I didn’t know there were sundaes for other people, "Aaron asked." Oh, speaking of this, there are Ritchie, but you are not familiar with Ritchie dialect, aren’t you? "Then Aaron added a sentence himself
"Sundae didn’t choose to rely on the recommendation of Poké mon Research Institute to directly participate in the league competition this year. At first, she was going to come out to collect her badge like I and Xiaoyi, but something seems to have happened. The goal has changed, saying that she is no longer going to participate in any league competition. I don’t know exactly the details. I know that she should be at Dr. Damu’s place in Zhenxin Town now." Kang helped to answer.
"And that Ritchie you say is my opponent today? Is it a trainer named’ Ryan’ Pikachu? " Ah Chun suddenly said that Aaron was one leng.