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Adolf arms, ready to see Qin Chu touch a rebuff mess.

Qin Chu breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, "I’m disrespectful to your majesty. Take off his chin and throw it out of the guild."
Grab a bodyguard behind him, and the old guy didn’t have time to react. He just felt flowers at the moment, and then clicked, and there was a sharp pain in his chin. In horror, his chin has been removed. I couldn’t speak with my mouth open, and there was a vicious look in my eyes. The guard directly carried the chicken, and carried the old man out.
Suddenly, everyone gasped. An elder said that if he was thrown out, he was thrown out.
Qin Chu, however, seemed to have nothing to do, still smiling on his face: "Who has different opinions? I am the best at listening to other people’s opinions. If you have any different opinions, just ask me. "
Adolf pointed angrily at Qin Chu: "You … How could you … like this? He is an elder of the guild! "
Qin Chu gave Adolf a cross look and said lightly, "So what? He is disrespectful to my president. Do you want me to give him a good look? "
Adolf gave his sleeve a good shake and said coldly, "It’s not your turn to sit as the president of the Medicine Refining Association! If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, get out of here! "
"oh? As far as I’m concerned, the Zhilian Medicine Association is your majesty’s guild. It’s up to your majesty to decide who will be the president. When is it your turn to tell you what to do here? "
Blake nodded heavily beside him, and looked at the elders who were used to seniority, and his heart was already uncomfortable! Hear Qin Chu, echo immediately.
Adolf behind the elders, table up in succession.
"The president of the Medicine Refining Association should naturally be a talented person … What qualifications do you have?"
"At a young age, don’t go to school well, but run here. Medicine refining guild is the place where you play house … "
"I’m going to meet your majesty and ask him to withdraw this order. It’s ridiculous! "
"Yes, if your majesty doesn’t withdraw, I don’t think this guild needs to stay!"
All the elders began to blow their beards and stare at Qin Chu. What’s more, they spat. The whole medicine refining association is as chaotic as a fight in the vegetable market.
Adolf also sneered. In the past, Octavian III did not try to take over the guild, but which one succeeded?
Adolf looked at Qin Chu’s deadpan, gesticulating with his hand, and said proudly, "You are asking for embarrassment! What do you think, your majesty will give up the elders of the guild for you … "
Qin Chu sneer at looked at him, grabbed adolf’s arm, fiercely a quiver a shake, adolf a miserable howl, and then they saw, adolf’s arm has become a snake with a broken bone, unable to droop.
"Adolf disrespected his superiors, taught him a lesson, dragged him out and threw him away." Adolf painful whining, arm only feel terrible pain, looking at Qin Chu indifferent expression, the in the mind is full of vicious hatred! Two guards have come to hold Adolf, click, unload his chin in public, and interrupt the remaining arm, which was thrown out.
"I don’t have much time. Who else has opinions?" Qin Chu glanced at the angry elders.
An elder stood up, took off the badge of the Medicine Refining Association, and looked at Qin Chu disdainfully: "I choose to quit the association!"
Two other elders came forward, took off their badges and said coldly, "We also chose to quit the guild!"
Qin Chu sneer: "accurate! In the future, the medicine refining association will never have your name again! "
Suddenly, the previous elders who took off their badges turned purple and black, and the other two people’s faces also flashed a trace of regret. Originally intended to slide backwards, forcing Qin Chu, who wants to Qin Chu didn’t hesitate, directly answer!
But Qin Chu didn’t give them any chance to go back on our word, and ordered them to go out directly.
"Who will quit the guild? Now, I approved it together! " Qin Chu light way. The elders across the street looked at each other, afraid to bluff again.
Quitting the meeting is just lip service. Who dares to joke about his future?
Qin Chu dark scold in my heart, a group of old guys, seniority also don’t look at who is right! Next to the black look at Qin Chu’s eyes, has been full of worship.
The Earl of Qin Chu is so enterprising that the problem of the Medicine Refining Association is so big that it is completely solved after three or two times!
"Since no one has opinions, let’s go. However, if anyone wants to quit, I can promise at any time! "
All the old men were startled and retired? I’m kidding, I won’t be like those three idiots! However, everyone has a feeling that’ I am a fish for a knife’. Alas, it seems that the life of the guild will be difficult in the future!
The crowd, which was lively just now, immediately dispersed in a hubbub. Qin Chu stopped an elder who fell behind and asked kindly, "Are you free now?"
"Yes, yes!" The old man was startled and hurriedly said.
"That’s trouble, take me to the pharmacy."
"Don’t bother, don’t bother …" Lao Tzu immediately trilled and hurriedly led the way ahead.
Qin Chu reserved goes to the pharmacy, with six guards at his side. Blake, on the other hand, said goodbye and went to the palace to report to me.
The pharmacy of the Medicine Refining Association once again appeared naked in front of Qin Chu …

Chapter 027 【 new goal 】
It is only natural to pay back debts. I owe a chapter yesterday, so I must make it up today!
Well, by the way, ask for a ticket
Compared with the temple’s pharmacy, the forbidden area pharmacy of the Medicine Refining Association is ten times larger! But some of them are divided into several partitions, which contain different things, such as refined medicines, some rare medicinal materials, some medicine refining instruments, and even more precious prescriptions for refining medicines. In a word, this is the perfect pharmacy compared with the temple’s reserve pharmacy.