Thinking about Qiuyuan so much, I remembered that I hadn’t signed in today, so I opened the store while walking.

Select the check-in option at will, and then the unified tone will sound.
【 Sign-in Success Score+Total Score 8 】
[The total number of times of signing in for the primary lottery is 1]
Qiu yuan’s eyebrows have been picked up so quickly and once again?
Just try to see if you can extract the secret fragments from the tenth company. It would be nice if it were the fragments of Gracitia’s flower field again, so two fragments are needed to synthesize a complete secret stone.
Thinking about Qiuyuan in my heart, I directly consumed all the lottery opportunities and made a ten-even draw.
To tell the truth, up to now, there has never been an activity to let Qiuyuan win the primary level lottery, and even ten draws are not guaranteed, which is very boring and is also Qiuyuan’s psychological comfort.
[ding! Congratulations to the host for winning Jasper Ultra Thin (White) 1]
[ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the milk candy box (white) 1]
[ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the ticket for the League of Legends s1 Finals (white) 1]
"What the hell? ? You just gave me a piece of waste paper that I couldn’t finish? ?”
Qiuyuan was refreshed when he heard the third lottery, but then he reacted.
What Rush finals tickets are in the Poké mon world! ! There is no League of Legends game, let alone a competition.
Naiqiuyuan sighed and provoked the mount lamb to continue the lottery with inexplicable eyes.
[ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the Super Marker (Yellow) 1]
[ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the lottery (green) 1]
When the super marker was drawn, a chill rose behind Qiuyuan for no reason … It was Xiao Zishen’s super marker that impressed him deeply.
However, this pearl is very available, and it takes 7 points to exchange it in the unified store, which is undoubtedly large for Pikachu.
In this world, pearl can exert a great deal of strength to make one’s racial qualification insufficient. For Pikachu, who has a weak sense of free element strength, the dependence on free element strength is greatly reduced.
SN cowhide! Congratulations on SN’s entry into the finals on the 31st. If SN wins the championship, Zhang Feng Mu Shen!
Chapter 14 Guangdong benefits Guangdong!
Pikachu with beads and Pikachu without beads are not the same kind of Poké mon. Pikachu can take the free element power out of the beads when it needs a lot of element power when it is not fighting.
Beads can be condensed by each Pikachu, but it depends on the qualifications. Generally, Pikachu with yellow qualifications can condense beads, and Pikachu with pearls has a great chance to advance the life level to a higher life level, making future generations better qualified.
Qiuyuan was thinking of finding some Pikachu with better qualifications, so he won the lottery. Isn’t it an act of God?
Delightfully, she drew the prize again. Qiu Yuan silently recited a blue prop while watching what four lucky draws were …
Finally, in the last lottery, Qiuyuan had given up much hope, but he still had a little gambling mentality and thought it was possible for the Jedi to fight back.
[ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the bid to upgrade the ecological park system-Memory Screen Door (Blue) 1]
"I grass! !”
Qiuyuan slammed his thigh while walking on the road.
"Really out? Yes, Tong! I will never hack you again! "
Qiuyuan opened the warehouse and found a card with blue light inside to make exploration skills.
[material information]
Name Ecological Park Upgrade-Memory Screen Door
Quality blue
Tu upgrade ecological garden system function
This paper introduces that after selecting the position of the memory screen door, the card will be selected to form an invisible memory screen door with a size of no more than 55 in the selected position, and it will be added to the ecological park system to be controlled by the controller.
The emissary will default to the controller, and the controller can change the white list of screen doors. Those who have not joined the white list of screen doors will send out waves after entering the ecological park, which will automatically affect their memory and blur individual important information.
After reading the introduction, Qiu Yuan’s face expression is not wonderful.
Former Serena told him that she wanted to help in the breeding house, but Qiuyuan later found that it would be unfair if Serena was not allowed to enter the ecological park and let her help at the front desk. Qiuyuan was afraid that she would accidentally tell about the situation in the ecological park
It’s fine now. It really rains! With this memory screen door, Serena can safely enter the ecological park and finally fulfill her promise.
However, it seems that Jiang Liye is a little deficient?
The introduction of this prop by Qiu Yuan always explains that people who enter the ecological park can subconsciously feel that there is nothing wrong with the facilities in the ecological park, and it will also block their memory so that they can clearly remember what happened and saw in the ecological park.
This is a good thing.
Qiuyuan shouted with joy the mount lamb and ran back to the breeding house.
Choose the front desk to enter the entrance of the ecological park and place this memory screen door. Qiuyuan will hear the sound.
[Ecological Park System Upgrade-The memory screen door has been placed to confirm whether the default controller Qiu Yuan has modified the ecological park system upgrade]
"Do not modify"
【 The controller Qiu Yuan opens the white list modification function and the memory shielding strength adjustment function 】
After confirming the choice, Qiu Yuan found that a function called shielding strength adjustment was also turned on. After reading it carefully, he learned that the memory shielding strength can be adjusted through this function. When entering the ecological park in the "super shielding" gear, people will get a buff.
Buff forgets when he looks at it.
What you see, what you forget, that kind of intensity hissing is a bit scary.
Qiuyuan cheerfully turned his name into a super shield in the control system while thinking like this.
[Please pay attention to the masked operator, please confirm whether the operation is wrong, please choose to continue]