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Deep space is locked in battle, and World War I is a piece of film.

By the time the Blue Man’s 3,000 Sky Shuttle Wing, 300,000 Research Star Fort Wing, 300,000 True Spirit Corps and 30,000 God Corps were all put into operation, the shining deep space gradually lost its blood-stained elegance, and gradually recovered its silence in the action of the battlefield cleaners.
Thousands of interstellar days of hard fighting, there is no trick, only the dialogue of attack and defense. The attacker is extremely fierce and the defender is extremely tough. Both sides make maximum use of their own advantages to kill each other.
Although this classic hand-to-hand combat ended in the victory of many countries in China, the fighting capacity and the ability to improvise left a deep impression on the world. On the contrary, the victory of the People’s Republic of China left many doubts. At least all military observers believed that His Majesty, the co-owner of the People’s Republic of China, was involved. It was His Majesty, the Lord of the Communist Party of China, who restrained the shuttle in the blue sky, which made the Shuilan people lose the sharpest attack weapon, and finally made the Shuilan people have to lose.
The actual situation, or only the defeated soldiers can really understand.
Blue man command.
Lantianzi lost his original anger, and he quietly listened to the description of his opponent by one battlefield escapee after another.
"The Lord. In addition to the hateful floating nuclear mines, there are ghosts in the firepower field of Lianzheng fortress in China. As long as the sky shuttle is covered by the opponent’s fire field, the command system, weapon system and power system will slowly fail. " Captain Skyshuttle, who narrowly escaped, said so.
"Our research-level star fortress did not encounter this problem, but in the process of rushing to the second-line position of China, it was covered by heavy fire from its first-line position. Later, after entering the second-line position of Huazhuoguo, it was hit by the famous sky-filled bomb of Huazhuoguo Star Fortress. Huazhuoguo’s sky-filled bomb was very strong, and an energy-rich blue star battle fortress was under the sky-filled bomb net, the energy shield would collapse in the blink of an eye, and then it could only be stiffened by armor. The same is true of the other party’s third-line position! " Memories of a blue star battle fortress base officer who could be called a narrow escape.
"Our ammunition didn’t cause damage to each other’s Lianxing Fortress, Shenshen Fortress and King Kong Fortress?"
"Yes, but. None of them are fatal. Those fortresses seem to have double shields. " A strange look appeared on the base officer’s face.
"Double shield, what do you mean?" The blue sky turns pale.
"BeiZhi good fortune, and colleagues together to attack all the countries in China a king kong fortress on the third line. It is clear that the energy shield of this King Kong fortress was knocked out. But the next shot felt like hitting a layer of gas. "
"What about you?" The blue sky son nodded at the official’s answer, and then turned to the surviving God warrior and the true spirit warrior.
"The Lord. It stands to reason that high-ranking soldiers should be the bane of the enemy fortress. However, after the humble rank and others confronted the fortress of China, they did not feel this way. Attack, will encounter Donk base officer said the atmosphere; Defensive, the fortress of China has been spinning, and there is no dead angle at all. Therefore, when we attack, we have to operate the dharma body defense. You can’t do your best to attack, but you can’t stand the sky and play a few times. Then, we have to face the blow of the soldiers of the same order in China. "
The descriptions of many returnees have basically made clear the third-line positions of China. However, the clarity is clear, but how to crack it is a difficult problem. The strength of China’s multinational array, like the news sent back by spies, used about one-third of its military strength. This military power is related to China’s national affairs, but it is not worth mentioning in the eyes of Lantianzi. If … If we can widen the sky passage to ten thousand light-years, we can guarantee that the blue army can swallow the array of Hua Zhongdui like jiaozi.
Lantianzi pressed the beautiful idea to broaden the channel, not to mention 10,000 light years, that is, it is difficult to increase the caliber of one light year on the basis of the present, and it may be possible to do it, but the result may not be seen until dozens of interstellar years later.
"What should I do?"
Although the soldiers of many countries in China are fine, the quantity is really small. Our own army is tens of times more powerful than the enemy’s, but it is limited by the terrain that cannot be used. Although uninterrupted combat can consume the other side, judging from the first three waves of attacks, the other side has a very high operational ability for the dispatch of troops, and the damaged Star Fortress and Star Fortress can also be replaced in time. There are not enough soldiers in China, even the Star Fortress and the God Star Fortress are limited, but there are quite a few King Kong battle fortresses. After a fierce fight, all the active King Kong forts were moved to the array, and at least 20 million King Kong forts were added.
If one side is newly defeated, it will attack immediately to find the venue.
The other side stuck to success and was also looking for defensive loopholes.
Deep space seems to be quiet.
The first world war, the most happy thing is that Guo Xiangdong, the general logistics manager of all the countries in China, the sky shuttle, the research star fortress, and even some of the equipment of the blue sky warrior and the true spirit warrior were scattered in deep space, which made it cheaper for Guo Xiangdong, the scavenger, and also eased the resource demand for the construction of the star fortress and the star fortress under all the countries in China.
What is the ability of an ignorant person? This is really a difficult question to answer.
In the deep space war, many countries in China won by defending. Qiyuan media naturally cheered for this victory, which caused little casualties, but caused great losses to the enemy. However, the outside world, especially the media and superiors of the four realms of darkness and the ten kingdoms, do not think so. Because the territory and military strength of China are too different from those of the three worlds of water and blue. The size of the territory determines the resources and the source of troops, while the military strength determines the direct victory or defeat of both sides. The advantage of China is nothing more than having terrain and an ignorant person.
However, the terrain is not absolute. With the passage of time, the water, blue, and three realms of heaven are clumsy, or they despise the treachery and have been storming. It’s been a long time, and many countries in China can still maintain their advantages when resources and soldiers can’t be compared with each other!
The answer is no, the whole of China will slowly decline. As long as the war lasts for ten or eight interstellar years, the resources of China’s existing star fields will inevitably dry up, and the army will become a dirty army because of the lack of high-level soldiers.
Everything depends on how His Majesty, the co-Lord, the boundless Taoist of all countries in China, operates. It doesn’t mean that the pathless person can fix everything as soon as he gets out of the horse. At least the demon emperor can’t do anything about the ten families of the Yuzu family, which means that the pathless person is not omnipotent, but whether the pathless person can continue to optimize his advantages by relying on the existing situation, his own powerful strength and the passable strength in his hand, so that the strength of both sides of the war can be reversed.

Chapter five hundred and sixty-five Heaven creatures
When people from all walks of life are speculating about the next battle trend, Tianxin decided to have three wars. The General Staff of Huazhong has obtained detailed data, that is, the maximum number of enemy troops that Huazhong Team can bear and the duration of the battle. As long as the army of Shuilan people does not exceed this number, then Huazhong will stick to the army and can block the enemy’s attack, and at the same time, it will greatly exercise itself.
In this case, the most important thing that many countries in China can’t afford, the task of reducing the redundant troops and resources of the blue people, will fall squarely on the head of Tianxin, the "boundless Taoist".
If he has an attack, I should also have an attack.
Perhaps only the demon emperor can guess the next trend of China, and there are countless ideas about starnet, but none of them are about China’s national counterattack.
Less than ten star days after the end of the Three Waves War, in the deep space battlefield that has just been cleaned up in the three battlefields, Tianxin single-handedly opened the storm curtain. At the same time, at the opening of the four realms of darkness, the instructors of the seven immortals of China, who have been known to all walks of life, appeared in the garrison of China. Together with them, there were 400 Terra-Terre Star Fortress Wing, and not less than the God-level Star Fortress Wing, King Kong-level Star Fortress Wing and the same amount of God Corps and True Spirit Corps at the opening of the three realms of water and blue! This is another third of China’s military strength.
"Oh, my God, our pathless person is cool!"
After Tianxin attacked less than half a star, the star network began to spread the news, and one by one Kai Yuan people held up their thumbs.