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"Ignore." Road flyover Firecrow pondered, and then agreed in a low voice. Wang Guang played it by ear without delay, so he took the flag array directly by pinching the tactic. When countless XiGeng gold gas dispersed, the red Taoist priest jumped out from the inside in a mess.

This person has lost the elegance before the fight with Wang Guang. The big red gourd has shrunk by half, and the hundreds of Fu Bing have shrunk a lot. A flamingo hovering in the air has disappeared, leaving only the flamingo wrapped in a flamingo snake.
The man gave Wang Guang a hard stare, then turned the gourd, patted the bottom of the gourd, and drilled a hundred flames from the gourd and fell on Fu Bing. Those Fu Bing got fire, and suddenly changed into a series of red lights to drill back into the gourd.
"Daoyou, I misunderstood you just now and thought you were inclined to this evil way, which made me very ashamed." Road flyover red-robed Firecrow apologized to road flyover blue-robed with shame.
"It doesn’t matter, let’s go find the person who took the soul, lest he use it." The Taoist in blue robe smiled and said that he didn’t take the misunderstanding to heart at all.
Three people inconvenience to stay, fly directly to the sky feather dynasty camp. When they arrived at the mouth of the camp, a sergeant shot a strong bow and crossbow to stop the three men from outside.
"Infinite Buddha! Wang Guang, who is original, brought a guest back. Why did you stop him? " After dialing the arrow and avoiding the fireball and boulder, Wang Guang was very annoyed by this way of greeting.
"Your guest is enshrined in the dynasty of Daqi, and I dare not let them enter the camp. What’s more, you two fought for so long, which was not wonderful at all, and it was very boring. Therefore, after some discussion with my brothers, you will not be allowed in this camp for the time being. " World War I will shake the pike in his hand and loudly drink a way.
"Gaga! It seems that you are really not popular on this day! " One side of the red Taoist saw that Wang Guang had suffered, and suddenly he quacked with strange laughter. This fellow took this opportunity to tidy up his robes, and went to the comb to tidy up his face, pretending to mock Wang Guanglai: "If you don’t come with me to the imperial camp in Daqi, I’ll show you my prestige there."
"fuck!" When these words came down, Wang Guangwu, who was only angry, jumped into a rage and swore: "Look at your virtue. At first, you opened your mouth to breathe fire, but now you talk black smoke and look ugly. How can you be down a peg or two?" It’s just that others are afraid of you! "
"Don’t quarrel between the two, but watch me use my means to invite the Taoist who robbed the soul out to discuss it." Road flyover blue robe glanced at Wang Guang with some displeasure, annoyed at their nonsense regardless of occasion and place.
After saying this, Taoist Qingpao took out a letter incense from the waist skin and lit it. A wisp of smoke circled for three feet, not dispersed with the wind, but condensed. Dozens of breathing time, the incense burned out, and the smoke turned into a green light and disappeared into the air.
The three Taoist priests waited in silence, and after a short time, dozens of practitioners flew out of the border. For one person, he was dressed in a black robe and wrapped in a black robe, and there was a black wind around him, and his hair was scattered and his face was not seen. A pair of dry hands have long nails, which are about a foot long. With the trembling of fingers, the nails collide and clank, just like metal collision.
"I’ve seen friends in the evil wind. I wonder if friends are chic and happy these days?" Road flyover Qingpao secretly stopped Wang Guang and went forward to take a salute.
"Gaga! What can I do for you? What are you doing here instead of guarding your Daqi camp? Not afraid of someone sneaking up on you? " The evil wind road flyover hoarse way.
"I have a friend, Taoist Firecrow. His friend fought with Wang Daoyou, one of you, today. He died accidentally, and a soul was claimed by you. Today, I hope Taoist Daoyou can return the claimed soul to Taoist Firecrow, and I won’t let you suffer. What do you think of a thousand SPAR?" The blue road flyover said with a slight frown and a heavy voice.
"Ha ha, what makes you say that I took the soul? There are countless practitioners in front of the two armies, and there are countless capable ones. Why do you think that I have taken my soul? Did you see me take it myself? " The evil road flyover laughs a few times, and the nails of both hands collide more severely.
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Chapter sixty-two Blackwater mother ray Aoki star array
Chapter sixty-two Blackwater mother ray Aoki star array
"Evil wind friends, although I didn’t watch the battle in front of the two armies, I heard from Wang Daoyou that he was attacked by a mass of black thunder and fire, and the thunder and fire was very severe in life. Among these two dynasties, only you, a Taoist friend of evil wind, cultivated this kind of thunder fire. According to you, who else will I go to if I don’t go to you? " Taoist Qingpao frowned and saluted: "Give me a face, and I’ll trade thousands of crystal stones for your soul. What do you think?"
After hearing this, Taoist Evil Wind was silent for a long time before he sink a track: "Qing Xuan, it’s not that I didn’t give you face, but that I gave you face. Who will give me face?" You have to take your soul away as soon as you come. How can I look up in front of other practitioners? They thought I was afraid of you, and let you fix me in a few words. "
"One thousand pieces of SPAR trade a soul of a practitioner who has not yet condensed then. This price is three to five times higher than others’. How can you be afraid of me? In my eyes, you evil Taoist are a character, and it is Qing Xuan’s pleasure to make a deal with you. Others say these words, which are purely jealous, and will only say that you are generous and ignore us. " Road flyover Qingpao paid a compliment, only listening to Wang Guang from one side was extremely puzzled.
Twist a head to sweep aside Road flyover Firecrow and see him looking at Road flyover Qingpao with gratitude on his face. At that time, Wang Guang secretly admired the Taoist Qing Xuan. "Simple words make Taoist Firecrow full of gratitude. No matter whether this matter can be successful today, Taoist Firecrow owes Taoist Qingxuan a favor. It’s really good to calculate a favor after a few words."
"I see how about this? You also don’t say anything about spar trading. You and I belong to two countries for worship. I heard that your Taoist skills are exquisite and your magic weapon is earth. Today, we had a fight, and you beat me. I will give you the soul of the practitioner just now. If you lose to me, I will also give you this soul. What do you think? " After hearing the words of Taoist Qing Xuan, Taoist Evil Wind just sneered.
Aside Wang Guang heard the evil road flyover officially admit that the soul just now was robbed by him, and the anger suppressed in his heart suddenly rolled up. "Well, you are an old devil, and you are really impatient to take food from the mouth of the poor." This fellow stared at the evil road flyover with a fierce eye.
While Taoist Qing Xuan was thinking, Taoist Evil Wind turned his eyes to Wang Guang, and when he saw Wang Guang’s fierce eyes and fierce face, he suddenly giggled: "What’s the matter? Your boy is not convinced? It’s good that my blackwater mother thunder didn’t kill you just now. If you don’t hide and be glad, don’t you still want to fight with me? "
"Infinite Buddha! The evil wind is mixed with hair. We won’t stop when you plot against being original. There is always a chance that being original will eat you. " Wang Guang gave a grimace of a grin. Who cares about evil road flyovers?
"Good verve, unexpectedly want to eat me, good! Ok! Ok! It’s really inspiring. " Road flyover evil wind laughed with rage at Wang Guang’s words. "I just don’t know if you want to steam me or fry me?"
"It’s best to swallow raw and live, but it’s original and original. Where is steaming and frying?" Wang Guangyi shook his hand and brushed the dust, his eyes lowered and he secretly carried the method to prepare for the fight.
Just after Wang Guang’s words were finished, dozens of practitioners around him were in an uproar, some praised Wang Guang’s mind in a low voice, and some retorted that this man steamed and tasted delicious. At that time, I talked in a low voice, and no one paid attention to the fight between the blue robe and the evil wind.
"Wang Daoyou don’t be so fierce, we practitioners should have a clean rest, not contaminated with the noise between the world of mortals, taking morning dew early, swallowing chardonnay late, drinking Lingquan when you are thirsty, taking a panacea when you are hungry, where you can devour the living to fill the hunger? Let’s give up this idea quickly and don’t toss it around. " Road flyover Qingpao listened to Wang Guang’s words, and his face suddenly turned unhappy to persuade him.
Just nodded, and was about to reply when the evil road flyover’s hands flickered and his nails collided with a burst of Jinge noise. A black ball the size of an eye came from his hands towards Wang Guang.
This bead is the blackwater mother mine refined by the evil wind Taoist secret method.
I saw this black water mother mine change from one to two, from two to four, and from four to sixteen. In just one breathing time, this thunder fire changed into hundreds. When the mother thunder of Heishuizi was more than ten zhangs away from Wang Guang, it all exploded.
Gold pieces of thunder and fire exploded, forming a mass of black clouds the size of seven or eight feet.
At this time, Wang Guang saw clearly that the black cloud was not smoke at first, but a mass of black water. Black water rolled, giving birth to pieces of thunder fire, which burst and then formed a mass of black water. The breath kept coming, whistling towards Wang Guangjuan.
"That’s all you can do." Where does Wang Guang, who is prepared, care about each other’s thunder and fire?
I saw this fellow take a farewell at the waist, shook his hands, and the magical power of the golden claw was put to good use by him. Two golden palms three feet in size mercilessly pierced the rolling black water.
I only heard a stab, like the tone of an ordinary old woman tearing a piece of cloth to sew clothes for her children.
Two golden hands each grabbed a mass of black water and rubbed it. The black water collided and rolled, giving birth to thunder fire and wanting to burst. I never thought that two big hands would rub it, and instantly rubbed the two masses of black water into nothingness. However, at this time, two golden hands were eroded by black water, which seemed unreal and dim.
Seeing that the magical power can’t completely resist the thunder fire, Wang Guang’s animal screamed into the sky. This fellow rubbed his hands, and gold pieces of thunder flew out from between his hands. Although the order was low, he hit the black water, and every time he hit it, he could blow up the black water of Fiona Fang.
"Ha ha! Evil wind, you hairy bastard, your thunder and fire rank is too low. How about changing other means to fight against being original? " Wang Guangtong had a collision of thunder and fire, and carefully induced the other party’s extremely weird thunder and fire power. According to his estimation, this thunder and fire grade should be the first order. In this way, either this thunder fire is extremely time-consuming and laborious to practice, or the evil road flyover has not worked hard on this thunder fire.
Seeing Wang Guang’s anger, Yin Lei blew up his own blackwater letter thunder, and the evil road flyover was not only not angry, but also giggled.
"Wang Daoyou, why fight with people because of anger? What’s more, you still belong to the same dynasty. " Road flyover aside blue robe laughed in a low voice.
"Evil road flyover, we did a? It’s getting late, so it’s better to finish early and go back to rest. What do you think? " While the Taoist priest in blue robe was speaking, he took out a stake the thickness of his arm from his waist skin.
This wooden stake is one foot in size, full of blue, and it is forbidden to wander on it by streamers. I saw Taoist Qing Xuan throw a stake at the top of his head, and this stake immediately spread out a layer of blue halo and enveloped him.
"All right!" The evil road flyover turned into a black wind and rolled towards the Taoist Qingxuan. He didn’t care if Wang Guang attacked. And Wang Guang this fellow in the mind also know that the struggle between the two men is not good, not to mention whether Taoist Qing Xuan agrees, but Taoist Firecrow aside, he doesn’t allow himself to intervene to destroy the struggle, so as not to lose the soul of his friends.
The evil road flyover’s black wind kept winding around the green light and shaking, and a series of black lights emerged from the strong wind. These black lights were more than a foot long and clanked on the green light. Carefully identify, but it is the black light scattered from the nails of the evil road flyover.
With the green light to resist the black light, the Taoist priest Qing Xuan was not the passive beating master. Although he spoke politely, at first, he surprised all the practitioners present.
The Taoist priest Qing Xuan did not use the guy, but stretched out his hand and held it in the air, and a mass of green light fell into his hand from the stake above his head. The green light turned and slammed into the evil road flyover.
The evil road flyover waved dozens of black lights and crashed into the cyan light mass, instantly blowing the cyan light mass apart. However, at the next breathing time, the scattered green light collided fiercely, and in the blink of an eye, it changed into a log with a thickness of more than one person and a length of 35 feet.
Hundreds of logs change their positions in the air, and then they are madly smashed around the evil road flyover.
The logs collided, and the fire filled the logs. A log was blown up by black light, then changed into a wisp of smoke and flew into the air, and then condensed out a log and continued to smash down.