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His heart was filled with indignation. Seeing that six golden flowers were crumbling, he suddenly pointed to the last three golden flowers flying out of the nine-day-long square, forming a nine-palace array around four people and one bird, which started to work and blocked the thunderbolt that kept exploding. At this time, he listened to the British man’s way: "Brother, how can you get this thunderbolt out? It was obtained from the magic wave pool. Elder Yin said it was called a thunderbolt."

It turned out that the British man put a flying sword after the start of the match, and took out three pieces of the one-dollar thunderbolt from the magic wave pool Baoding in his hand, but it has been useless. This time, he met with the other party and thundered, so he remembered it, and Song Changgeng said it. Song Changgeng was happy at the sight of three purple beads the size of peas in her hand.
I took it and released one. This one-dollar thunderbolt is one of the treasures used by the magic wave pool in the past years, so it can sublime the demons. It was made by condensing the unexplored lightning gas in the air at the junction of two days, and there are more than 300 grains. Although each grain can only be used once, it is extremely powerful, which is even more powerful than all kinds of divine thunder in various religions of good and evil.
As soon as this treasure comes out, there is only a purple starlight. Although the light is bright, there is no other shape and no sound. It never seems like countless thunder and fire, but when it comes into contact with those yin thunder, it immediately turns into countless thunder and fire, and the highest soil is the opposite thing. When it meets twice, it immediately intertwines with each other, and the thunder is turbulent. In an instant, four golden flowers are shattered.
End of the thirtieth volume

The thirty-first volume Dry fire spirit bead Chapter three hundred and one Wild silkworm on the ridge
When the thunder fire disappeared and the dust fell to the ground, the red bodhi old zu and his party had already escaped. We guessed that the last one he put, Lei Zhu Song Chang Gung, was used for the thunder robbery, but the other party ran away mainly because they didn’t want to be injured before the robbery, so as not to increase the number of variables. After all, the skills of the two people were basically the same, that is, Song Chang Gung was better than the red bodhi old zu, but they didn’t have the ability to kill him.
But the enemy was settled. Song Changgeng didn’t take it to heart, and flew away with three people. He was going to Mount Emei, but the ugly man had to go back to his mother’s grave to say goodbye to his mother, but he couldn’t find his way in the air, because he usually walked underground. Fortunately, Song Changgeng moved in his heart and remembered that he had a map of the location of the wild silkworm ridge drawn by Princess Akihito after he detected it. Four talents found a place.
Find the cave where Ugly Han buried his mother. It is a cave with a height of 16 or 17 meters and a hundred meters in Fiona Fang. The hole is very small. Ugly Han’s mother was buried in a pit inside the cave, covered with some gravel heads and raised a grave. Ugly Han knelt in front of the grave and muttered a few words in dialect, and then stood up to go with Song Changgeng.
Song Changgeng asked him to sit down with a smile, and then took out a lot of food from the dried Kun gourd. The dried Kun gourd he hung on his left waist was a treasure from the Yinchan Reef in the East China Sea. It was made of special materials, and it was a storage magic weapon made of space spells. The shape was a white jade gourd with a length of 10 cm, a bottom ball diameter of about 4 cm and a top ball diameter of less than 3 cm.
Inside the gourd, there is a dry Kun, the bottom ball is Kun, and there is a space with a diameter of 10,000 meters. It is surrounded by a large array of living things on Sunday, and all kinds of creatures inside can live in it. Specially loaded with all kinds of biological materials, as well as food and drinks, the ball has more than 3 thousand meters of space for storage. Specially loaded with all kinds of material raw materials, but also loaded with some things that are not commonly used.
The Gankun bag hanging on his right waist is mainly filled with all kinds of commonly used magic weapons, Taoist books and other items. Originally, he did not need to eat at all, but his Gankun jade gourd still contained a lot of daily necessities such as clothes, kitchen utensils, bedding, tables and chairs. Cups and plates, etc. There are also a lot of drinks and foods such as tea, wine, fruit, meat and grain. Snacks, etc.
Take out some food and let the ugly man have a good meal first. At the same time, he also takes out a set of tables and chairs. I sat down in the cave with Shuangying. After the ugly man finished eating, he asked about his name and hometown. The ugly man said, "My name is Shang, and my name is Fengzi. I’m not Lai. Don’t listen to those people. My milk name is Tieniu, and I am from Zhongshan Village, Wulong Mountain.
I don’t know who my father is, only when my mother was a daughter. Go into the mountains to collect wild vegetables. I didn’t come back for half a year, but I was pregnant when I came back. There was another mother in the family. After her daughter lost, she remarried. When the villagers saw that she was pregnant without a husband, they all refused to talk to her. Fortunately, for the sake of everyone, they didn’t make it difficult for her and gave her a little bit of land to survive.
After another year and eight months, I was born. I was born stronger than others, and I was never sick since I was a child. When I was three or four years old, I grew up like a teenager, and I made great efforts. Before I was ten years old, I was able to chase tigers and leopards up the mountain, snatch birds by hand, and help my mother farm. If others upset me, I would be half dead next to me.
I listened to my mother’s words, but she said that I couldn’t hit people casually, unless someone wanted to hurt my life, otherwise I wouldn’t be allowed to do it, so I basically ate everything and suffered everything. Everyone in the village was afraid of my strength and didn’t dare to bully my mother and my son. But a flash flood destroyed the village, and I didn’t save a few of them. Later, several people I rescued and my mother and son came to live in a village near here.
At first, people here were afraid of me, and when they saw that my mother didn’t defend her faults and wouldn’t let me start work, they tried their best to make me break and treat me like a human being. My mother cried for this several times, but she just wouldn’t let me start work.
Later, I heard from my mother. She asked someone. This is Dongshan Mountain in Tiancanling. Neither my mother nor I know how to trade. When I first called the beast’s flesh. They were all taken away by those village people. So from beginning to end. I don’t know if I can exchange wild animals for money. The people in that village are very hateful. See my strength is boundless. He gave me an iron mace. Tell me to shoot wild animals.
I called. Take some rags, coarse salt and other daily worthless things and exchange them with me. I am not stupid. I don’t know how those people are hateful in my heart. Can hinder the niang to words. Do whatever you want. Sometimes I ask my mother: Why do people say I have no father? He’s an animal. What is the reason? My mother cried when she heard it. I’m too scared to ask again. So it’s from mother’s surname from beginning to end. My mother’s surname is Shang. I followed.
Later, my mother really couldn’t stand being bullied by others. It’s my back. I found a hole to live in when I got to the mountain. My mother will suffer after all. When you are sick and dying. I was so anxious that I asked for help everywhere. There is no money. Inquire about the doctor. I tried to carry it back to my mother for treatment. But it was never cured. Mother only said when she died: Your father is Xiong Xian. Because what robbery failed. Meet me when I’m dying. Leaving a seed like you …
I soon swallowed my breath. My mother said that there were no good people in the village below. When mother dies. Can be buried in the distance. Don’t live with them either. I cut a few big trees with my own axe. Cut into thick planks. According to the coffin you saw in the past. Made a big bite. Have a good time, my mother. Tie the iron mace and all the applied things to the wood.
I didn’t ask for help either. Hold the bottom of the material with both hands. He ran to the mountains. From Lingdong to Lingxi. I walked for two days. It was very easy to find such a wild animal cave. I killed all the wild animals. It is here that the coffin is buried in the pit. I live here too. Be a companion with my mother. I usually kill wild animals to satisfy my hunger. It’s okay.
But I don’t know what happened for more than a year. The surrounding wild animals gradually lost a lot. Especially these two months are basically gone. Because I used to scare people when I was hunting in animal skins. My mother said I was not allowed to wear animal skins again. So I can’t hit the beast queen. Once there is no food. I went out to the village or town to beg. But always wearing an old dress. Not around hides.
I also know that I can eat, and I am always hungry. I know that others think I am too much, so I can’t really hit anything. I have never been out of the mountain. No one has been so kind to me since I was a child. You are capable and willing to feed me. I know that you are a good man. I swear in front of my mother’s grave that I will listen to you from now on. We are finished. "
After this ugly man, who should be called Shang Fengzi, looked at Song Chang-geng in wait for a while. After listening to his experience, the two little girls were very sympathetic. Song Chang-geng frowned and thought, "In this case, I will accept you as an apprentice. I will naturally teach you skills and make you full. Don’t worry, I won’t hit you. I will stand up for you if someone bullies you in the future. I must not let anyone bully you again."
As soon as Shuangying heard it, she became excited, instructing the moved Shang Fengzi to kowtow and worship the master, and then calling them two grandmothers. She was extremely happy, but now she found someone younger than them. After a while, Yingnan saw that Song Changgeng didn’t leave, and asked curiously, "Why didn’t my brother leave? Maybe we will stay here for a few days?"
Seeing that the three men all looked strange, Song Changgeng smiled and said, "There are two treasures here, one in this cave and the other in the mountains outside. What are you looking for?" If you find it, it’s yours. If you can’t find it, it’s mine. How? "
Shuangying’s eyes lit up when she heard that there was a treasure. In fact, they didn’t care what it was, but they just thought it was fun. But they searched outside the cave for a long time and found nothing. Even Yingqiong tried to use magic to induce reconnaissance, but she found nothing. After searching for a long time, Yingnan said, "I can’t find it, brother. You really have such a problem. Do you know that Fengzi has a treasure here?"
Shang Fengzi said foolishly, "I don’t know! What is a baby? I have such a big hole here, everything is here, there is my mother’s grave, and the big stone over there is where I sleep. It’s gone, and that’s all there is. I don’t know what else is here. See for yourself, Sister, but don’t touch my mother’s coffin. "
Shuangying looked at each other and went to Song Changgeng’s side together, one on each side, pulling Song Changgeng’s Yingqiong and saying, "Brother, we can’t find it. Let’s admit that we have failed. Can’t we just throw things away?" Tell us quickly. "
Song Changgeng smiled and didn’t answer her words. He looked at the three men’s Shang Fengzi with wait for a while’s eyes and asked him, "Feng Zi, you live here. How is that big stone sleeping?" But comfortable? "
Shang Fengzi replied a little confused: "It’s very comfortable. It’s cool to lie down there when it’s hot." After that, he looked at Song Changgeng with a puzzled face. He didn’t understand what was so special about the stone where he slept.
When Shuangying heard this, she couldn’t help wondering. They immediately ran over and studied the situation of the soil and the big stone. They saw that the soil was attached to the foot of the cliff, and there was no other difference. Although the weather is hot now, it is not surprising that it is cooler inside the cave than outside, except for special caves.
This big stone is Feng Zi’s former sleeping place. Although it is a square bluestone, it is neat, more than three meters square, with all sides straight, about one meter unearthed and buried in the ground.
The mouth of this cave is too small, even though Feng Zi has natural divine power, it will never be difficult to transport the stone in without destroying the mouth of the cave. The stone body is so smooth and bright all around, as if it had been deliberately built like this. The inside is cool, but when the British man caresses the stone with his hand, there is a faint geothermal meaning. According to Feng Zi, this is the nest of foxes and badgers, but why is this square stone hidden in the cave?
The more Shuangying looked at it, the more surprised she felt. After a moment’s reflection, the two of them left the stone untouched. Together, they parted the rocky sediment beside the stone with the sword light, and then used the soft strength to command the sword light. Soon, they saw the bottom of the stone and studied it carefully. It turned out to be a square stone more than three meters up and down. The color was green and the height was the same.
Both of them are practitioners with strong divine power, and they lifted Fang Qingshi away without any trouble. When they looked down, they couldn’t help but marvel. They saw that Polygonatum, as thick as a human arm, was like countless black pythons, entangled in a pile, and I don’t know how many of them were crushed by stones and intertwined with each other. It turned out that it was hundreds of years old.

The thirty-first volume Dry fire spirit bead Chapter three hundred and two Too b yuan jing
Seeing so many Polygonatum sibiricum, Yingnan felt quite strange. She folded a piece and tasted it. She only felt that the entrance was sweet and fragrant, which was ten times stronger than what she had eaten in Osmanthus fragrans Mountain. Suddenly, her heart moved and she was overjoyed. "This stone shape is so strange. At first, I thought there were other treasures hidden below. Now I see this good and many Polygonatum sibiricum attached to the bottom of the stone. Previously, Fengzi said that this stone has the feeling of clearing the heart, and it must be induced by the aura of the treasure in the stone.
Besides, if there are no treasures in the stone, the shape will never be so neat, just like artificial grinding. This stone feels warm, but I wonder if there are treasures like Wen Yu in it? Now that I’m at leisure, I can’t let it go. It’s not difficult to cut the stone like mud with our swords, but I don’t know the origin of this stone. Wouldn’t it be a pity to destroy it unintentionally? Stone-shaped square, treasures must be hidden in the stone. "
After that, he turned to Song Changgeng, apparently to make him understand. Song Changgeng stood up and said, "The east and west ends here are a treasure. You can watch me open it. Yingnan, you can take this small dry-Kun jade bottle and put it into the bottle by magic when liquid comes out. Yingqiong first pulls out all these yellow essence and puts it away, and then carefully looks around."
Then he told Shang Fengzi to stand aside and wait for Ying Qiong to collect the Polygonatum. At the finger, the square bluestone was suspended in the air, and there was a flash of Zijin Guanghua. He used his innate sword to evenly mark a TIC-tac-toe on the stone, cut the stone into nine pieces one meter square and three meters long, and received the eight pieces around it in the Gankun gourd, then left the center piece in the air.
The stone became dark blue, and a strong aura gradually spread out. His royal sword revolved around the stone, and it was flying like snow, and the debris of the stone fell like frost. In an instant, it was like peeling cocoons and grinding jade. The stone had gone one-fifth earlier, and there was nothing different at first. It’s just that the stone is getting more and more delicate as it goes back. Zijin Guanghua is shining and sapphire is flying like snow.
After a while, a big bluestone with a square meter turned into a stone pillar with a height of more than one foot in Fiona Fang and six feet, but nothing was found. Shuangying was already in a hurry. However, Song Changgeng is still slowly. Shang Fengzi was a little sad. The stone bed that he had lived in for such a long time was gone, and the master was also very powerful. He was able to cut a natural stone into such a small one.
It’s getting smaller and smaller. It was only an inch thick, and suddenly I saw Zijin in the light and shadow. There seems to be a silver glow flashing, so Song Changgeng stopped at once. When he looked closer, he saw that the stone was shaped like jade from top to bottom, only the silver in the center was faintly discernible, and the size was only six or seven inches. The whole stone was in the form of a ball, as if it were born in the stone.