Remember, in most cases. Violence. Can solve all problems. ”。

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Chapter two hundred and forty-four Han Xun
As soon as the words of Curse Help were finished, Xiu Shi, who was at the end of the four Yuan babies, flew to Sigong’s side and put his hand on the storage bag. XiFangPing face a sneer, is it not four, the monk at the end of yuan baby, really want to fight these four people, doesn’t even have the qualification as cannon fodder.
Han Xun nodded slightly: "In this case. His face hasn’t changed at all. Wang Muqing, you are a talented person. I really didn’t expect to be in the academy, a place that can only be used for providing for the elderly. Still hiding a talent like you.
Xi Fangping laughed ha ha: "Elder Han, don’t you think so? Will it make our disciples who don’t have any backers at the top chilling? "
Han Xun shook his head: "I don’t care if you are cold or not. All I know is that I can’t let you talk to Wen Zhengen any more.
XiFangPing nodded his head. Acting very single: "Yes, Elder Han, people who achieve great things are informal. It is not for nothing that Elder Han has such a small position." With Elder Han here, it is useless for me to resist. Now, what should Elder Fu do with his disciples? Please help yourself. "
Han Xun nodded: "Well done. Wang Muqing, dare to speak and do, and understand the times, very good, but I don’t want to embarrass you a little. Tell you what. Just stay in the academy and don’t go out. I’ll send two disciples at the end of Yuan Ying to keep an eye on you. If we can survive, I’d like to accept you as an apprentice. Although your qualifications are not good. You are a little older, but you are calm in any case. You will make a difference.
Xi Fangping glanced at Han Xun coldly: "Elder Han. You don’t want to kill me? "
Han Xun laughed: "What’s the use of killing you? Keeping you may be more useful for us." XiFangPing nodded slightly. Carry your hands behind your back. In the eyes of tens of thousands of monks, they left the square slowly and walked towards the building they managed. Han Xun’s meaning is quite clear. Just stay where you belong. Just don’t talk around. If possible, Han Xunbao may take him away as an elite disciple.
As soon as Xi Fangping left, Han Xun’s face immediately darkened. He looked at the tens of thousands of disciples around him and said coldly, "Yes, that Wang Muqing is very clever. He came up with so many things with only a little trace of pearls, and many of them are in line with reality. Much better than you people. I tell you the truth, yes, Kaitian School has selected 20 million elite disciples, and none of you are among them. No matter how these elite disciples are selected, whether they are the direct disciples of the elders or the elders. It doesn’t matter, as long as you know. They have gone to various small planets to hide, and that’s all.
However, this is just a preventive measure of Kaitian School, and it is just a routine. Do you think that the defeat of Kaitian Sect has been decided? No, you are wrong. You all know how many things you have experienced since the founding of Kaitian School for more than 100,000 years. More difficult times than now. We have all survived, and this disaster will be no exception.
In the nearly 120,000 years since the founding of the Sect, three of our leaders have died outside, more than 200 elders of Taishang in the late stage of deification have died outside, and even more elders in the early and middle stages of deification have died. In the most difficult time, the whole Kaitian Sect even had only a little territory of Bawang Mountain. However, we all survived.
At that time, Hunyuanzong only had more than 2,000 disciples, and they were disciples with low cultivation. They still survived the most difficult time, and their fortunes turned and they got a good opportunity for development. And now. Our situation is much better than that of Hunyuanzong. At least, we still have more than 5,000 planets in hand, and our strength is strong enough.
Do you think that when the enemy hits our mountain gate, it means that all our planets have fallen into the hands of others? No, you are wrong. I tell you, up to now, we have more than 5,000 planets and nearly 10 billion disciples who are fighting abroad. The only mistake we made in opening the Heavenly School was that we trusted our allies too much. Hunyuanzong and other sects passed through the territory of several of our allies and suddenly killed the overlord star. This is not because our fighting capacity is not good, nor is it because we deliberately crossed the sea before. The fault is not on our side.
Therefore, the top management has taken some preventive measures, but they are only some measures, and there is no intention of targeting any big family or small family. Please don’t make wild guesses. We won’t be polite if we spread rumors at will again. Everybody. Think about it, as long as you survive for a period of time, tens of millions of disciples will be killed back to Bawangxing, and dozens of allies’ troops will also enter Bawangxing, plus countless families and countless family disciples on Bawangxing, and Hunyuanzong is sent to send more troops. What can I do? One more thing. You should have thought of it long ago, too. We have the Kaitian Axe, the only fairy in the fix-up world, and the Kaitian Axe is offered. There is no rival in the fix-up world, and the Kaitian Axe protects us. Who can take the overlord star? So, you still obediently obey orders and report to the place where you should go. I don’t want you to force our top management to do it because you overheard someone’s nonsense.
Han Xun’s words, seemingly interpreted, were filled with murderous look, and thousands of younger brothers surrounded by Xiaojiang Pinsi listened to them in the afternoon. A towel for escorting the road at Lianmai. "Also heard loud and clear. XiFangPing nodded slightly, secretly praised from the heart, not the kui is a person who holds power in KaiTianPai. The performance is different from that of marginalized monks like Wen Zhengen. A small crisis was resolved by him after three times five divided by two.
How many words in Han Xun’s words are true? Xi Fangping really couldn’t guess. However, according to his estimation, at least about 80% of them are true. Paper can’t cover fire, and now Hunyuanzong has been killed on a large scale. If the whole truth is deliberately concealed as before, once it is exposed, it will be a fatal psychological blow to the disciples of Kaitian School.
What parts are true? Xi Fangping frowned. I’ve been thinking for a long time Those elite disciples, that is, the knives that Xi Fangping just used to attack Kaitian Sect, should be true. Now that it’s been uncovered. It’s normal for many sects to simply admit it directly, and then slowly reverse it through other aspects. Han Xun has handled it quite well and is much more experienced than Wen Zhengen. If so, it can win the understanding of some disciples, especially those from small families, and at this stage, this understanding is quite important.
Kaitian School also has tens of billions of disciples and more than 5,000 planets. This should also be close. Kaitian school is a big school after all, and. For more than 100,000 years, he has been standing at the top of the fix-true world, and his potential power is so great that even Hunyuan Sect may not be able to surpass them. The reason why Kaitian School was at a disadvantage from the beginning is that Hunyuanzong has been preparing for this for more than one hundred years. In this more than 100 years, Kaitianpai was happily attacking the city and plundering the land, and was not prepared for the strain at all. Being stabbed by Hunyuanzong with such a malicious force, it was naturally awkward. However, the foundation of Kaitianpai is still there, and the potential forces are still there. After decades of support, there are still more than 5,000 planets and tens of billions of disciples. This is quite normal.
What’s really false should be what Han Xun said about the Kaitian Sect being betrayed by its allies, which led to the enemy boarding the overlord star. Overlord is a super-large planet completely different from Hunyuanxing. Hunyuanxing has only one transmission array to the outside world. And overlord star is countless monks have been practicing here since ancient times. Therefore, there are an amazing number of transmission arrays, and there are at least five hundred planets directly connected with overlord star. In normal times, this is a good thing. This shows that overlord star can communicate with more than 500 planets at any time, thus bringing amazing wealth to overlord star. But … During the war. The situation is completely different, which means that the enemy can enter the overlord star from more than 500 places. It’s impossible to prevent. That’s why the Kaitian Sect put the main force of defense on the Bawang Mountain, while it simply let itself drift in other places.
If Hunyuan Sect wants to enter Bawang Star, there is no need to enter from an ally of Kaitian Sect. There are many places to enter. But … For Kaitianpai, put a sad coat on yourself. It can make the disciples unite as one enemy, and thus greatly improve their fighting capacity. This is indeed a very good strategy in an extraordinary period. It is no joke that Kaitian School has been in charge of the fix-true world for hundreds of thousands of years.
Sure enough, after Han Xun’s words. The hundreds of monks present no longer talk much and gradually dispersed. Although XiFangPing not sure whether they don’t make trouble because of the wonderful future, or because they hate HunYuanZong, they are determined to go to war. However, what is certain is that Han Xun’s words did play a considerable role.
Under the escort of four monks at the end of Yuan Baby, Xi Fangping soon returned to his attic. To his surprise. Han Xun and Wen Zhengen are already waiting for him in the attic. I can see you, Fu Xun attaches great importance to Xi Fangping, and has just strangled the thousands of monks in the square. I came here non-stop.
Xi Fangping looked at Han Xun and Wen Zhengen who were sitting in chairs with big makin knives. A smile appeared on his face, and he didn’t talk much. But ran straight into the corner. Sit cross-legged and do whatever you want. The atmosphere in the attic suddenly became tense.
For a while. Han Xun asked sullenly, "Wang Muqing, can you tell me where you got the news?
Xi Fangping laughed: "Elder Fu, since it is in your hands, you can do whatever you want. Do you need to ask so many questions? "
Han Xun shook his head: "No, it’s just a small matter to deal with you. I want to know what’s behind this matter."
Xi Fangping shook his head: "There is no secret, I guessed it completely. Elder Han should also know. I am in charge of the management of classics. I can not only see the classics on the first to third floors. You are also eligible to see the classics on the fourth floor that are only available to Yuan infant disciples. In these ancient books, we have recorded several situations like this, and the most important thing for our school to deal with this situation is to preserve its vitality first. Therefore, as long as you hear that Hunyuanzong has entered the overlord star. I don’t have to think about it. "
Han Xun nodded, and suddenly recognized Xi’s explanation: "If you know it yourself, forget it. Why did you say it in public? .
Song Fangping sneered: "Because, I don’t want to sacrifice in vain."
Schoenberg paused, for a long time, this just nodded slightly:
Yes. You are a disciple of a small family. The mentality of you people. De "is also understandable. I took the time to come here. I just took a fancy to your unscrupulous way to achieve your goal. In order not to go to the front line, I even did not hesitate to provoke confrontation between disciples in the door. Moreover, this decision was made in such a short time, and I really didn’t expect such a broken disciple before. If the Kaitian Sect can survive this time, I’d like to cultivate you well. In Kaitian Sect, a disciple like you is unscrupulous. It’s really not much
With that, he stood up and said coldly, "But. Until then, you can only stay here quietly. I don’t want to let the whole Kaitian school fall into chaos before it starts because of you. When it’s over. I’ll check your background carefully. Then make a decision.
Say that finish, Han Xun toward the side of the WenZhenGen made a wink. WenZhenGen knowing, fly to the fifth floor. Opened the ban. Han Xun ha ha laughs: "Wang Muqing. Just stay in it for a while, it’s forbidden. But only a godsworn can break it. With your training. It can’t be broken at all. There are many classics in it. If you are free, take a good look. I guess you will know more about the history of our school.
Say that finish, a wave of his hand. Xi Fangping was involuntarily rolled up by a mass of aura and was slowly involved in the concubine layer. Xi Fangping just went in. The door of the fifth floor is quietly closed. Isolate Xi Fangping from the outside world.