"I gather together pit dad! Say good to brush the horn? " Tianyu stared at the left corner information bar and didn’t see any speakers responding to the’ desire’ tears in my heart.

"Oh, I haven’t changed my job at level 35, and I actually brushed a horn. Isn’t it amazing?" Sword very oblivion noticed Tianyu that horn and saw another figure around Zunbao and Zixia, and id had seen it before, so typing way
"Hey brush a horn for reinforcements? Can you talk to the children first? I don’t care about level 35 at all! " I don’t low-key white sarcastically.
Tianyu eyebrows crowded crowded muttered to himself, "this cargo is really unpleasant and hateful than Pluto, but what the hell is going on?" Since what happened before is a little different from the plot in the silly story, there is no movement here when it comes to brushing the horn? "
Human feelings are cold and warm, and the world is cold and indifferent. It is not always rewarding to pay. What’s worse, paying that person is not rewarding.
The id of "there is a murder weapon in the crotch" has also become the target of public criticism. Everyone scolds the treasure and does not forget to bring this 35-level sharpshooter.
"What is a weapon, not a chest device?" An id teased
"A look at this id will tell that it is the name of a pupil’s brain." Another id typed.
"Come to the future, the brothers will have long hair horns! One person, three people, scold them hard! Brothers who have never brushed their horns should cherish the opportunity! " Sword very dim and cheerful typing way
Zunbao is still standing there looking at me, not keeping a low profile, and this life has been very silent.
Zixia is beside Zunbao. She is not the kind of woman who can yell back at her wife in the street when she is scolded. She has been trying her best to explain Zunbao’s protection, even though she knows that her words are just a drop in the bucket.
Tianyu game interface flashed several’ private’ chat windows, but he clicked on three because he knew three … It is estimated that other people’s windows are scolding him.
These three windows are Zunbao Zixia and predestination, and this life is also super tacit, just three words "thank you"
Tianyu corners of the mouth embarrassed, looking at the left corner, cursing and feeling inexplicably sour in his heart, he has an impulse to hurry up with this farce.
"There are fashions in Dongdong large size. I don’t know how many game coins are in it … if I drop it, I’ll buy it back for him!" Tianyu said in his heart.
Then, when he was going to choose the corner color, a horn floated across what seemed to be a foregone conclusion.
“lgbd! Can bully still do it? Choose a corner’ color’ and you can’t get in! It’ s been a long time to get into this channel! "
Although this horn is totally different from what happened in 98, the id Tianyu looks familiar and is called "Left-handed Sabre".
It’s exactly the same as "the sword is extremely extinct". id estimates that it is the "right-handed sabre" size.
Tianyu is going to wait for an opportunity to open a private chat window of Zunbao at this time and replied, "You’re welcome. Thank you for taking me to change my job just now."
"You’re welcome. Actually, it just occurred to me that if you hadn’t told me how * I’m sure I couldn’t hit 8, you should be able to change your job yourself, right?" Zunbao replied in several paragraphs.
Although slow Tianyu is very patient.
Speaking of Zunbao, it’s really interesting. Now, with such a spectacular scene, so many people are scolding themselves, but they can calm down and never talk to Tianyu.
"I hope that’ good people can be praised for doing good things and bad people should be punished for doing bad things’. You are a good person, it’s as simple as that," Tianyu replied in Mandarin.
Tianyu dialect seems ordinary, but it’s really difficult to realize, otherwise it wouldn’t have been so long without help from Zunbao.
"You are quick to leave. This has nothing to do with you." Zunbao typed.
"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine later. I’m a reader." Tianyu typed with a smile at the game screen.
Now Tianyu has a feeling of crossing into the current-limiting novel in his heart, because he is immersed in the story, which is really incredible, and even he knows that although it has not developed according to that story yet, Tianyu believes that it is a matter of time.
Zunbao looked at Tianyu’s last sentence, "I am a reader", but he didn’t ask much.
Sure enough, the left-hand saber issued two more horns after the horn was issued.
"I *! Just now, I saw someone shouting that Zunbao was bullied, the one who often took people on the first line and then picked strawberries. "
"Brothers and sisters who have been helped by Zunbao don’t put a fart into it? Everyone is 1 line! "
This is the left hand with a sword and two horns
Finally, the information of the left horn has been made, and many people have expressed their feelings that they were once roamed by the man named Zunbao.
In this way, there are more and more speakers and more people crowded into the first line, which is not necessarily to help Zunbao. Many of them are ready to come and watch the fun.
"Finally, a few more dogs will be called. Today, I will accompany you to have a good time!" I don’t keep a low profile and see the left corner appear to help Zunbao’s horn immediately shout out a horn and call way
"Oh, keep a low profile. I know you are a local tyrant in this area, but I will help Zunbao!" Shouted the sword in his left hand without fear of the horn, and at the same time, others came to 98 Li, and at a glance, they found the isolated three people immediately passed by
"Thank you for your left sabre" Zunbao "privately" chatted with his left sabre so typed.
"I’m the one who said thank you when you brought that right-handed sabre. Now you can’t rest assured that I will stand by you!" The left sabre is divided into several sections and quickly replied.
"Left hand sword? Who are you? I have never seen anyone who wants to be famous to help you! " I don’t low-key also immediately horn replied.
"I’m just a pawn without me," replied the left-handed saber horn.
"Ah faded so soon, I guess I can’t afford to buy a horn? Do you want me to send you some? " I don’t low-key sarcastically.
"Yo, the horn in my bag is really gone soon," replied the left-hand saber, following my low-key typing.
"Laughing at a dog means that a dog will bark and a dog won’t bite. If you can’t call it out, behave yourself. What hand did you say was nothing? Everyone knows that I am a local tyrant. Can I afford it? " I don’t low-key still triumphant typing way
In front of my head, I lit a cigarette with a knife in my left hand and looked at the screen in an orderly way. Don’t intentionally vomit a smoke turn. Then the qq message intercepted the conversation of the front speaker and sent it to a group. Then I typed, "It’s up to you."
Chapter 18 Let you three thousand
Hulu Brothers is an animation produced by Shanghai Art Film Studio in 1986, which is one of the best original cartoons in China (from Baidu Encyclopedia).