"Looking for a house! I am not very good at it, but I will still work hard. " Li Yi smiled and said.

Liu ruoying patted her breast after listening to Li Yi’s words, so she didn’t have to worry about the house in the future.
"Sister Ruoying, where do you live now?" Li Lu suddenly asked.
"I still have a house now, and it should be a few weeks." Liu ruoying said.
"Ruoying, look at you. It’s boring to live by yourself. It’s interesting to be with others. Why don’t you live in my house? Look, you can learn cooking from my mother and play games with Li Lu. We can talk about our goals in the spare time. How grand!" Li Yi smile happily of say.
"This is not good!" Liu ruoying feels a little bad. She and Li Yi are not even boyfriend and girlfriend. If she lives in Li Yi’s house, she will not be shy as hell. If her boyfriend and girlfriend can’t make such rapid progress, what’s more, her parents haven’t seen Li Yi yet!
Oh, how can I think so? It’s a little early. Forget it, forget it. Let’s talk about it then!
"Li Yi, you don’t have to look at what time it is now. Hurry and go, or how can you get there in the dark!" Lin Keer took out his Nokia and looked at the time.
"Well, Chloe, actually, look at the sky now, it’s already dark." Li Yi smiled and said.
"Ah, Li Yi, this young lady orders you to take me home later." Lin Keer looked at the sky and said.
"It depends on my mood. If I’m in a bad mood, everything is just a cloud. Besides, are you asking for help? It’s obviously ordering others here." Li Yi said.
Liu Reying looked at Li Yi and Lin Keer, two people who are infinitely close to the clown. I don’t know why I always want to take good care of them.
"Li Yi, I was wrong. I was wrong. You must take me home at night!" Lin Keer quickly hugged Li Yi arm and said.
"Well, it remains to be discussed. The most important task at present is to send Yingying home." Li Yi smile happily of say.
"Li Yi, you are shameless." Lin Keer immediately let go of his arm, and the pie pie said.
"Well, there is no discussion. Go home by yourself!" Li Yi said.
"Whoops, don’t, Li Yi is the best, and she won’t leave me such a lovely little girl." Lin Keer hugged Li Yi’s arm again.
I have to say that Li Yi and Lin Keer were really a pair of stooges when they quarreled.
"Yingying, where is your home?" Li Yi looked at Liu Reying and walked out of the door of the community, followed by asking.
"You guess." Liu Reying smiled and said in her sweet voice.
"Well, Chloe, I give you an important task, which must be completed." Li Yi looked around and said.
"Smelly Li Yi, why? Why should I finish it?" Lin Keer du du asked his lovely little mouth.
"Well, I’m not in a good mood now, so I have to go home immediately to calm my mood, so I can’t send you home. What a pity, such an opportunity to get along with beautiful women has wasted me." Li Yi pretended to be sorry.
"Li Yi, you are so hateful." Lin Keer’s silver teeth crunched.
"Yingying, is there any reward for your right guess?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
Liu Reying’s face is a little slightly red. Should she give Li Yi a little reward?
"Xiaoyi, what is a reward?" Li Lu blinked and asked.
"Little heron, I really don’t know what you have learned. How come you haven’t learned such a simple thing?" Li Yi smiled and asked.
"I just don’t know, just tell me!" Li Lu shook Li Yi’s arm and said.
At the moment, Li Lu is like a child pestering his parents to buy something.
"All right, all right, stop shaking. I said, rewards, there are several kinds of rewards, including material rewards, spiritual rewards, and the last one is physical rewards, little heron, understand?" Li Yi smile happily of say.
Renee Liu was thinking about her own business, so she didn’t hear it, but Lin Keer heard it.
"Li Yi, you * *." Lin Keer qiao face reddish said.
"Chloe, what are you talking about? I didn’t hear you clearly just now. " Li Yi smile happily of say.
Lin Keer is really helpless now.
"I just said I was wrong, I guess not?" Lin Keer said, pretending to be pathetic.
"Chloe, my ears are not very good recently. Say it again!" Li Yi continued to * * Lin Keer, not worried about time.
"You, you, Li Yi, you are shameless, dirty, despicable and insidious ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
"Chloe, look at that sky, how dark it is. Do you think there can be ghosts?" Li Yi quietly came to the back of Lin Keer smile happily of say.
"Oh, Li Yi, I was wrong. Don’t scare me. I’m a girl. Do you have the heart to scare me?" Lin Keer asked with his big watery eyes open.
"Well, where does the star’s home live?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Li Yi, is our relationship good?" Lin Keer asked tugging at Li Yi’s arm.
"Of course, most people can’t catch up. Are you my girlfriend?" Li Yi smiled and said.
"Li Yi, can you help me take it home?" Lin Keer asked.
"A yard is a yard. You haven’t guessed where Yingying’s home is!" Li Yi said.
"Well, I guess, you must take me home!" Lin Keer said.
"Well, I’ll see the mood." Li Yi nodded and said.