"B-brother …"

He walked towards him in a gloomy voice.
A kind of pressure makes the silent moon flow mark frown, move your hands away and go back a little.
"Flow sound you why are you here …"
He’s a little afraid of his younger brother …
Every time I see him, he really wants to avoid …
"B-brother, let me see how you are …"
Silent moonlight brings out a cold smile by blowing the lip angle.
"Yesterday, B-brother helped Xueya block a palm. I’m worried that B-brother will come to see you for something."
He doesn’t know what makes him angry.
It must be another self who is angry.
He can’t have any feelings for that woman.
Like her, care about her voice.
All his strange feelings are flowing emotions.
It was his mood that affected him.
But the thought of her being alone in a room with the naked moon last night made him angrier.
"It seems that B-brother obviously has nothing to do. Did she help you heal?"
Listen, he remembered yesterday after such a lonely moon.
He got angry as soon as he remembered yesterday [
I also forgot my fear of him. I looked up at him with anger in my eyes. "Why did you do that to Sister Wan’er?"
Silent month flow sound looked at him with a face of angry expression slightly narrowed squinting tone with a somewhat Yin folded way "Wan’er elder sister …"
His name is … That’s very affectionate.
Damn it, section 1618: What can you do to me?
His name is … That’s very affectionate.
This is fucking stupid …
Together, that woman dared to get angry at him.
That fool likes that woman, that’s all.
But what do people like that woman like the lonely moon? [
"You … you can’t hurt sister Wan’er … otherwise … I’ll … I’ll …"
Silent Moon’s flowing sound sneers at a wave of a hand and a cold wind strikes. Silent Moon’s flowing mark is rolled by that wind and falls to the ground.
He walked slowly to his side, put out a foot in his face and smiled coldly and cruelly. "What about you?"
"What can you do to me?"
"With you now this kind of want to crush you more easily than crush an ant …"
This stupid psychic has been abolished and become like a child, and he still wants to threaten himself!
Don’t look at yourself!
He didn’t kill him because of brotherhood.
It’s that he let the lonely moon die, but it’s cheaper for him
It’s interesting to let him live like a fool.
Ji Yue Liu Yan frowned when he ate pain, and he wanted to cry at the sight of heat energy.
Suddenly I remembered Jiang Xue’s bud words.
She said don’t cry easily in front of others after the flow mark, so that not only others will look down on you, but I will also look down on you.
Seeing that I was about to fall out, tears just choked back.
He gritted his teeth to keep the tears rolling in his eyes from falling out.
Don’t cry … Don’t cry.
Sister Wan’er said that she didn’t like him crying.
Wan’er’s sister will like him only if he is obedient.
No matter how painful it is, he must not cry [
Silent moon’s flow mark has taken a sniff, and the bitten lips have begun to whiten.
Silent month flow sound looked at him this kind of eyes flashed a little surprised.
This is not the case with the last silent moon.
Before, he always cried.
It’s not the first time to step on his face like this.
Before, he always cried.
It’s not the first time to step on his face like this
He used to cry like a crybaby, but now he doesn’t say a word. His eyes are red like that and he doesn’t cry.
He added some frown to his foot strength. "Why don’t you cry?"
Silent moon flow mark is fear and injustice. Looking at him, the tone is firm than "scar son doesn’t cry …" [
"Don’t cry, Tracer. Sister Wan’er said that Tracer should not cry casually or she would not like Tracer …"
Damn it, it’s that woman again
Silent month sound eyes flashed a malicious folded one foot toward his chest kick "what the woman said you darling listen to what you want to be so obedient! !”
"Blare …"
Ji Yue Liu Yan bit her lips tighter. After being kicked aside and rolling for a circle, her head hit the foot of the table again.
Immediately, his forehead was smashed and blood flowed out.
I couldn’t help but let out a sob in my mouth, but the tears in my eyes never fell.
"Blare … sister Wan’er … it hurts …"
"Silly, I’m asking you something. Why do you listen to her so much!"
He insisted on knowing the answer.
Although he has guessed the answer.