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"Don’t talk nonsense, or we’ll cut your tongue." After listening to Wang Guang’s teasing, Master Fei Yundan accepted a smirk and sternly reprimanded him: "This seat is your uncle. You should put those dirty thoughts aside quickly. If you get angry with Uncle Fei, Uncle Fei will beat you." While speaking, I waved my fist hard to make Wang Guang serious.

There was nothing to say all the way, and the two soon arrived at the hall where the patriarch was located. It’s a pity that the two Dan divisions guarding the outside of the main hall refused to let them in, because the patriarch was in retreat and couldn’t get out in a short time.
"This seat will take you to the sutra depository." Feiyun Dan Shi mercilessly stared at the two guards of Dan Shi, who were like dead people, and dragged Wang Guangchao to the Sutra Pavilion. "Just now, those two old Dan masters have lived for almost 3,000 years. It is said that they are about to become masters of the Yuan God. Unfortunately, they have been robbed by heaven and earth, so I don’t know if they will have a chance to become masters of the Yuan God."
"The robbery of heaven and earth?" Wang Guang is confused, but some don’t understand. "I still hope that Uncle Shi will tell me."
"Originally, although the boundary of this practice world is infinite, there is plenty of reiki in it. It’s easier to become a master of Yuan God. However, since the two barriers were broken, all the reiki and spirit veins in the practice world have flooded into the mortal world. As a result, there is no distinction between the practice world and the mortal world. The passage of a large number of reiki has caused many people to lose the opportunity to impact the Yuan God or even transform him into a deity. Therefore, some people call this change a catastrophe. " Speaking of this, the female Dan teacher could not help but sigh, which seemed very helpless: "If there were no catastrophe between heaven and earth, maybe I would have collected enough materials to open a sub-clan, but now the output of some materials has decreased a lot because of the aura passing away. I really don’t know how many years I have to wait to complete my dream."
"It will be finished one day." Wang Guang didn’t know how to comfort his uncle. He just comforted him: "Dan Shi has a life span of more than 3,000 years, even more than 4,000 years. As long as he works hard silently, he will realize his dream one day."
"Maybe so." Master Fei Yun Dan smiled and asked Wang Guang, "You have become an Dan teacher, and you don’t have a road number yet. It’s better to think of one now."
"Demon Road." Wang Guang shook his head and said carelessly, "In the past, others called being original a demon road, but now you can use it as a road sign, but being original is too lazy to think about those useless things."
Road flyover Feiyun was too lazy to say anything when he saw that Wang Guang was so casual. He just took pains to explain to Wang Guang what was going on in the Sutra Pavilion. It turns out that the Sutra Pavilion used by the Dan teachers is the same as that used by the core practitioners, but one is at the bottom and the other is at the top.
"There are 789 kinds of alchemy, 36,000 kinds of Daoism, 89 kinds of magical powers, and 46 kinds of incomplete magical skills stored in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion. You can choose them at will when you go in, as long as you like, and it doesn’t hurt to memorize them all." Master Fei Yundan briefly introduced Wang Guang to the situation in the Sutra Pavilion.

Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Dan teacher practice evil demon changes
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Dan teacher practice evil demon changes
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven
"Among them, there are 35 ancient practices and 45 ancient teachings. You can choose what you want then. (Niu Wen’s novels ~ reading novels online) "Fei Yundan said with a smile on his face.
"Which one is the most powerful? Which kind of cultivation mana is the most pure? " Wang Guangwei frowned. He didn’t expect there were so many things in the sutra depository.
"Don’t you understand? Any kind of practice is extremely powerful, mainly depending on the user. If you use it well, the power of the Dharma can be fully released. If you use it badly, even if the Dharma is powerful and the Daoism is wonderful, I am afraid it will not be satisfactory. " Master Fei Yundan reached out and touched his heart and said, "I practiced the Method of Chasing the Soul by Meridian. Although it is powerful, it has made very slow progress. Now it is not as fast as others."
"That method was also selected from the sutra depository?" Wang guang was puzzled to ask.
"It’s not an easy task to realize one’s own method from heaven and earth. There were 36 Dan teachers in the same period as me, and only seven people realized their own method. Everyone else, like me, chose others to copy it." Fei Yundan said some helplessly.
While speaking, the two men came to the Sutra Pavilion. After sending Wang Guang here, Fei Yun, a female Dan teacher, told the Dan teachers who guarded the Sutra Pavilion about the situation and went to find a suitable abode of fairies and immortals for Wang Guang. Wang Guangze went to the top floor of the Sutra Pavilion, where he leafed through all kinds of Taoist books and classics to find a way to practice.
It took him three years to make a final decision, because the work of selecting the method, Taoism and supernatural powers was extremely long. In the end, he chose the practice "The Secret Record of the Dead" and another magical power "Evil Demon Change". As for the Daoism, he didn’t choose it because he wanted to practice the Daoism in "Introduction to the Great Zhou Tian Jin Dan" before practicing other Daoism. After all, the cultivation of Taoism is very time-consuming. He didn’t want to control a lot of Taoism in vain, but he fell behind in the struggle with others because of his low power.
After remembering this magical power, Wang Guang asked Fei Yun, the female Dan teacher, to find a place to dive. Fei Yun, the female Dan teacher, had already found a cave for him. In fact, a cave was dug again next to her cave, and then it was finished after a simple modification. If Wang Guang has a long-term intention, he needs a little bit of construction and care.
"When you led the team to the bloody abyss, the misty clouds and the colorful clouds once looked for you, and they hoped you could help." Master Fei Yundan sat in Wang Guang’s humble abode of fairies and immortals and whispered something about a hundred years ago to him.
"Clouds scattered people being original is know, but who is that colorful clouds scattered people? Why don’t you remember being original? " Wang Guangwei frowned. On the one hand, he thought about what the clouds scattered to find him. On the other hand, he thought about who the clouds scattered.
"In those days you are not in control of the withered rongyuan? Among them, there is a little girl who is reincarnated and reborn. She is a colorful cloud. " It’s not surprising that Master Fei Yun Dan just said what he knew.
"So it’s them?" Wang Guang frowned, but he didn’t know why the two men were hanging out in a strange place, and he didn’t know what they were looking for. "Did they say anything about being original?"
"No, I saw that they were in a hurry, and I was afraid that they had something difficult to ask you for help. Unfortunately, they have not heard from them for a hundred years, and I don’t know if they succeeded." The smiles on Master Fei Yun’s face have already disappeared, but it is a sad face. And Wang Guang didn’t know what she was worried about, just thinking that the other party had other things, so she didn’t ask.
"Yes, a hundred years have passed, and even if they have something else, it is too late now." Wang Guang sighed, but did not ask again. The female Dan teacher spent dozens of days talking to Wang Guang about some things that should be paid attention to when practicing the practice after Dan teacher, and it was inconvenient to stay longer, so she turned back to her abode of fairies and immortals.
"You can still stay in Zongmen for a hundred years. After a hundred years, you must make some choices, such as leaving Zongmen to become a wandering Dan master, or returning to the general Zongmen to continue practicing there, or opening a branch elsewhere and becoming the head of a family." When Master Fei Yundan left, he suddenly remembered this matter, so he solemnly said to Wang Guang, "I hope you will think it over before making a choice. After all, it will have a great impact on you in the future."
"Thank you for your help." Wang Guang is not really heartless. He is deeply impressed by the help of Fei Yun, the female Dan teacher, so he is extremely grateful to bow to her and thank each other again and again.
Female Dan teacher also didn’t say much, just charged Wang Guang practice must be careful, this just turned to leave. After Wang Guang closed the abode of fairies and immortals, he threw out the red sand bursts to protect himself, and then he began to retreat. This dive, he not only wants to practice new magic powers, but also wants to practice several Daoism he has mastered to a higher level. After all, after he became a Dan teacher, his mind soared several times, and a lot of mind was enough to support him to practice Daoism to a higher level.
According to female Dan Shi Feiyun’s teaching, this fellow immersed his mind in the elixir. What he had to do was to condense an illusory creature with his own mind in the elixir, and then let this illusory creature practice the practice he wanted to practice.
With a lot of experience of Dan Shi and personal guidance from female Dan Shi Feiyun, Wang Guang soon drew an imaginary creature out of the elixir with his mind. This is because his dream-dreaming technique was integrated into the elixir by the unknown powerful means. The existence of dreams saved him the time to build the world of then.
A human exactly like him appeared in a city in a dream. After branding the practice in The Secret Records of the Dead on this person’s mind, Wang Guang left it there. After all, the practice is not so important to Wang Guang now, and the speed of practice has no effect on him in a short time. What he has to do now is to practice some means of struggle as soon as possible, so as not to suffer in the hands of other Dan teachers.
After the imaginary human being was installed, the Taoist priest took the initiative to immerse himself in a huge ape. This ape is the one who took the initiative to absorb his mind every time he entered the dream.
Tens of millions of years have passed in the dream world, but the ape still hasn’t died. On the contrary, he has been living stronger and stronger because he has been swallowing Jingxue dragged into his dream by Wang Guang in secret ways.
Thousands of tall golden apes walk in the mountains, or take the peaks as mud, or kill other animals to devour flesh and blood. This little life is also comfortable.
In the bloody abyss for a hundred years, Wang Guang used endless flesh and blood to practice the dream-falling technique to the fourth floor, and after the dream-falling operation on the fourth floor, this dream can withstand his display of the next secret method.
The mind of the earth manipulated the golden ape to play and relax for decades, and this fellow separated his mind from the ape and dispersed it into four parts. One is still in the ape, the other is in a crocodile, and the other is in a fire-breathing lizard.
As for the last mind, it was Wang Guang who broke away from the dream and turned to manipulate the ontology. Fortunately, his mind of practicing dreaming is very tough. Even if there are four minds in the combination of the world of then and the dream world, the mind that stays in the ontology is still almost the same as that of the general Dan teacher. In this way, it is to improve his strength in a disguised form faster than other Dan teachers.
After settling down the things in the dream world of then, Wang Guang never entered it again in the following time, and instead began to immerse himself in the body constantly, on the one hand, he realized the change of mana, on the other hand, he cultivated magical powers of Taoism, in order to make his means of struggle more powerful.
With the passage of time, Wang Guang found that the speed of pure magic in his elixir was getting faster and faster, which proved that his practice of dharma in the world of elixir had become formal. Therefore, he has no scruples about practicing Taoism and magical powers.
It is said that on this day, after practicing Daoism, I began to practice the magical power "Evil Demon Change". This magical power is not only extremely powerful, but more importantly, it belongs to the ancient magical power. After practicing, the mana required to maintain the magical power every day is very scarce, and the mana consumed in future battles is much smaller than that of ordinary magical powers.
After taking off his robes and eating fruit, this fellow began to cultivate this magical power.
With the mind turning, endless mana poured out of the elixir. These mana circled and rotated in his body, wandering meridians and acupoints in a special order and frequency. With the ritual avatar carrying, I saw that his body began to skyrocket, but in just a quarter of an hour, it soared to more than two feet high.
The body stopped skyrocketing, but there were other changes in the body. I saw his arms hanging down to his knees, and patches of gray hair emerged from his skin. After the coccygeal vertebra made a burst of noise, a meat whip emerged from the inside. This meat whip wound in the air and soon grew hair, but it became a tail.
Hair pierces from the skin, and the bones, internal organs and organs have undergone earth-shaking changes. As a result, Wang Guang only screams in pain. If he hadn’t suffered countless times, I’m afraid he would have been unable to persist.
It took more than an hour for these changes to stop, and at this time, the demon road has changed into a gray ape that is not half-partitioned from the real ape from the inside out. This ape’s arms are much longer than other apes, and there are curved nails on them, but it was changed by Taoist priests according to the dream world of a gibbon monkey.
When Wang Guang completely changed into a gray-haired gibbon monkey, all the minds were suddenly blinded by this magical power. The whole person has completely become a beast, and his head is stupefied, forgetting his identity as a practitioner.
Time flies, and a hundred years have passed. Fortunately, Wang Guang has become an alchemist, relying on the internal alchemy to supplement, but he doesn’t need any food to satisfy his hunger.
On this day, when the gibbon monkey scratched his cheeks in the middle of the cave, the red sand bursts arranged at the mouth of the cave suddenly trembled and turned into a red light, which followed the ape’s head and went in.
As soon as the picture got into the ape’s head, the ape trembled, and a little smoke emerged from it, accompanied by smoke, and his gray hair became green hair.
The ape was frightened by the smoke coming out of his body, but he couldn’t make a sound. About an hour later, the smoke cleared away, and the gibbon monkey, which was more than two feet tall, turned into a three-foot tall monkey. A little green light emerged from the ape’s eyes, and it seemed that the green light would completely occupy his eyes, but at this moment, the door of the abode of fairies and immortals burst open and a figure came from the outside.
It was also this loud noise that the green light in the ape’s eyes disappeared instantly. The stupefied ape seemed to have gained some spiritual wisdom, crying and waving his paws at the bearer.