Seeing that Jin Lingzi was coming, Shang Yangzi accepted the instrument and jumped to Jin Lingzi with one foot. Pointing at Jin Lingzi, he said angrily, "This mother stone is your disciple. It’s simply unreasonable!"

Jin Lingzi stared at Shang Yangzi. "It’s none of my business," he said. "You have no friendship with me. How can you treat me so lightly?"
Shang Yangzi sneered: "You and I can’t have friendship. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have left the Nangong vein. Let’s look at the old time’s sake. I won’t dispute with you, and take me to Emperor Xuandi’s house. The Buddha has something for me to give him! "
Although Jin Lingzi didn’t know anything about her previous life, she also knew many things from Yuyang. The origin of his family also knew in the early Qing Dynasty that Shang Yangzi was going to see Bai Meng, and he also spoke a little from Lingbao Tianzun.
This can not neglect Jin Lingzi, but can only suppress his anger and lead Shang Yangzi back to Taishan Wonderland.
They didn’t see Bai Meng, Huang Lingzi and Ziyang until they got back to the top of Mount Tai. Scorpio is in a fierce battle. If you want to say that Scorpio’s ability is really unusual, three people who fight alone are unexpectedly exposed to 36 tails and can take up all the wind pressure. Bai Meng’s three people are full of asthma.
Shang Yangzi saw such a scene. Without a word. Immediately rushed up with a sword.
Bai Meng doesn’t know who this man is, but it seems that he is not an enemy when he rushes to raise his sword and cuts Scorpio. I can only shout: "Thank you for your help, Lingbao!"
Shang Yangzi was angry: "If you call Lingbao my ancestor, what else do you call him? You are a rogue Xuandi!"
After hearing what he said, Bai Meng finally understood that this one-legged boy is Shang Yangzi, and his master, Red Pine Son, is a disciple of Lingbao Tianzun, who is naturally a disciple of Lingbao Tianzun.
With this relationship, of course, this Shangyangzi is unscrupulous. Even if Bai Meng is the Xuandi, it will not give me a few minutes. Compared with Ziyang reality, there is no background to respect Bai Meng’s arrogance. I don’t know how arrogant it is.
Speaking of Ziyang’s reality, it is also considered as Lingbao Tianzun’s pulse. Although he got Qingcheng’s father-in-law’s touch, he was much younger than Shang Yangzi from Yuan Jun of Lishan.
Fortunately, Ziyang’s reality is a great fairy tale, but it is only because Yuan Jun of Lishan has been awarded the classics and passed on Dan, and it is considered a master. It is just that his master has a position in the celestial world but no real power and skill, and it is also slightly sparse.
Bai Meng heard Shang Yangzi’s rebuttal and knew that he was wrong. He simply didn’t mention Lingbao’s scattered name. He just smiled and said, "I don’t call Lingbao for your ancestors. Now that you are here, if you can’t surrender this Scorpio, I will definitely complain to your master if I go to heaven!"
Shang Yangzi angrily said, "You Xuandi are bullying people. I listened to your deception to help the Yellow Emperor. The battle of the Millennium was delayed. You told the wicked first!"
He said that although he was bold in his hands, he didn’t neglect his sword and immediately cut it down. His red pine nuts and other skills couldn’t compare with those of his father-in-law, but his sword Sect was Juexue. When he shook the sword, he flew out and chopped it down. Even if it was a mountain, he would abruptly split it in half.
I didn’t expect Scorpio to be immortal. With that tail swept away, it forced Shangyangzi back four or five steps and almost lost his sword.
Shang Yangzi was stunned for a while and then angered: "Good, you dead scorpion, you haven’t seen your practice for 3,000 years, and your practice has gone up again. But don’t watch me bite you to death! "
After he said this, he turned over and turned into a one-legged god bird, pecking it down with its iron beak and facing Scorpio’s skull.
Scorpio slammed its tail and threw six stingers into the face of Shang Yangzi, and was pecked by Shang Yangzi himself.
It doesn’t matter if Shangyangzi is really stung here, but after all, he is a dharma body. His stung face is as big as a bucket falling to the side and the pheasant is dying on the cloud, jumping around and flapping its wings.
Even if Scorpio is immortal, it is painful to eat such a peck. He quickly turned around and stabbed 36 poisonous tails at the same time. Bai Meng and others have eaten this loss and hurriedly avoided the edge.
Scorpio got such a delay and immediately flew out and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Bai Meng was about to chase Ziyang, but he quickly grabbed him and advised: "If you stop him alone, you may not be an opponent. We may as well let him go first, and then we will jointly get rid of him when Shaoyang Emperor comes!"
Bai Meng sighed: "If you don’t worry about others, you are afraid that he will use Emei Mountain to hit Emerald Hill. That would be bad!"
When Shang Yangzi saw that everyone was afraid of Scorpio and was unwilling to fight, his face hurt badly, so he didn’t go after it. He recovered the phase of the divine bird and turned it into a one-legged road flyover. It was obvious that the scorpion’s tail poison needle was terrible.
He changed into a human figure, and the cancer on his face was still very painful, which forced him to grin. Shi Ji couldn’t help laughing: "Well, instead of pecking others to death, he was stung by others!"
Shang Yangzi couldn’t resist the stabbing pain on his face and pointed his sword at Shi Ji to cut it.
Bai Meng quickly reached his finger to hold the sword and reprimanded Shi Ji. "This is your fault. Shang Yangjun was stabbed to help me. You just didn’t say anything to relieve yourself. Why are you still swearing?"
Shi Ji stamped her feet with injustice and said to Huang Lingzi, "Second Master, help me!"
Huang Lingzi laughed and waved his hand and said, "Don’t worry. At present, it’s important. We still need to separate two roads to defend the Emerald Lingshan and help Yuyang all the way. I’m afraid Scorpio will get in the way. Now it’s time to completely turn against the hell!"
Ziyang Zhenren and Shangyangzi looked at each other. After all, they are celestial immortals. It is inconvenient to get involved in the dispute between Dongmugong and Zhonghuangzhang. These two old immortals are not easy to provoke, so they replied tacitly: "Then I will go and guard the Emerald Lingshan!"
Bai Meng’s shrewdness is clear only by their look. He is different from these two people and it is not a day or two to turn against Dongmu Gong. He immediately said, "I don’t trust you when you are still around Yuyang. Let me help Yuyang." Huang Lingzi, you, Jin Chanzi and Shi Ji will go to Dongling, Chiyou, or will you stay in Wonderland! "
Whether Bai Meng can ascend to heaven or not, he was once the Emperor of Western Taiji Xuan Huang after all. Now everyone knows these things. After seeing his words, everyone does not violate the law.
They haven’t all left yet. Bai Meng has stepped on Dreadwind Excalibur and passed away in an instant like thunder.
He stepped on the sword and flew to Huashan, and when he reached it, he erected a piece of soil to break the Huashan rock and entered the earth and stone. After about six miles, he could see a fairyland ahead.

Chapter two hundred and eighty-seven The ultimate hell war dry Kun
This fairyland stands on the door of Zhongshan in the earth, and the word "the gate of hell" is written on it, but the door is broken in without any obstacles. There are countless ghost bodies behind the gate, including the servants of the underworld and the yellow turban insurrectionary.