Zhang Chengyuan readily said, "Well, you know how to be humble, but remember, don’t be humble when you get to the competition. Be sure to bring me back a champion. My sister Zhang Chengyuan can’t lose to ordinary people in sports."

Small Crystal laughed. "Brother, don’t worry, I’m absolutely sure of winning this championship. I asked Paula, the winner of the one-meter idol sports meeting, and her best result in the 5-meter dash was about 7.5 seconds. Even my level in the first grade of middle school was worse than mine. How could I lose?"
Zhang Chengyuan thought for a moment and said, "Don’t be too careless. You may lose the game if you fall down casually. Besides, you don’t want to make an effort in this game. It will take more than 7 seconds to get too conspicuous."
Small crystal nodded and replied, "Brother, I know you can rest assured."
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Watch the idol sports meeting (2)
Shortly after returning to the lounge, the workers came to inform the idol sports meeting that the opening ceremony was about to start, and asked the contestants to arrange their teams, take the team flags and get ready for the appearance. Because it was not the contestant Zhang Chengyuan, he naturally could not accompany Xiao Jing, but he still stayed with her and talked to her during the waiting period until her team appeared, and then separated from her temporarily and continued to watch the appearance of "athletes" at the entrance of the stadium.
When all the athletes have appeared and are on the playground, Zhang Chengyuan chatted casually and counted them. He found that there were 17 teams with about 15 people. He was a little surprised and thought that there were so many idol singers in Korean ballad circles who could casually invite so many people to participate in the competition, and these people were obviously a small part of the ballad circle, and there were definitely many more idol singers who did not attend.
However, so many singers are crowded into a small market like South Korea to compete. It is strange that the competition is not fierce. It is no wonder that many entertainment companies can’t wait to open up overseas markets, because if they are not so afraid, most of them will not make any money, and some companies may even be able to maintain their business.
Perhaps the flag singer of jsw company should also prepare to enter overseas, but it is not good to fight in the country, so it is really not worth the loss. Although he has a lot of spare money, he is not here to support the flag artist of his company. He is not so kind.
Later, the "athletes" took the oath on behalf of the stage. One of them was actually Li Zhien, which surprised Zhang Chengyuan. Although I had known that she was very popular now, I didn’t expect her to be so high. It should be noted that among the dozens of female "athletes" present, many popular singers, such as brwneyedgirls, ara, F, afershl, etc., were chosen as the "athletes" representatives, which almost represented that her eye popularity was higher than these people, at least as good as theirs. Otherwise, how could she be the representative?
The other two representatives of "athletes" are Dane Kim Kim Dong-wan and Ni Kun, among whom Dane Kim Kim Dong-wan is a member of the old popular singer group "Myth", who has been a representative of the selected athletes for more than ten years. Ni Kun, on the other hand, is the most famous idol of foreign nationality among Korean idols. He is also a member of the popular group P and has outstanding English strength. Therefore, it is normal for the selected athletes to represent Chinese-English translators.
After the athletes took the oath, they celebrated the opening ceremony. However, after the performance, it was a funny singing performance-not performed by a real person, but directly broadcast the opening song "hehapins" sung by Sumi Jo, a famous soprano in South Korea, and then deliberately let two funny artists, Jin Shenying and Hwi-Soon Park, lip-synch on stage to win the audience’s smile.
And these two people didn’t live up to the program group’s exaggerated and humorous expressions when they believed in "singing", which attracted the audience and the contestants to laugh. Many people also learned to follow their example and "perform". Anyway, lip-synching is not about singing strength, so anyone can do it.
It is very time-saving and easy to congratulate the performance afterwards, and then immediately remove the simple stage and get ready to start the game. After all, it is not a formal sports meeting, but a variety show. If you can save it, you can save it quickly.
The first event was the men’s 5-meter sprint preliminaries. The audience’s eyes and most of the cameras looked there. Zhang Chengyuan took out a pair of black-rimmed glasses from his pocket, and then walked around the back of Xiao Jing’s team with his head slightly lowered for half a circle. There were several cameras staring at him in front of the team. Naturally, it was not good to pass through from the front. Although he would be found sooner or later, there was nothing wrong with keeping a low profile.
However, I have been secretly noting his small crystal, and naturally I soon found out that his move immediately went to the rear of the team to meet Zhang Chengyuan. At this time, there is still a certain time to get ready for her appearance. Let’s talk with Zhang Chengyuan first, and luna saw the horse and followed her to the rear. Soon after, Li Zhien, Park Xuanying and others also found Zhang Chengyuan and they all came over.
Seeing Zhang Chengyuan suddenly wearing glasses, Xiao Crystal cried and laughed. "Brother, how long has it been since you wore glasses? Why did you suddenly wear this sample today? It’s really not very nice, and even if you wear it, you can still recognize you easily, so it’s unnecessary for you to do so."
In the past, Zhang Chengyuan seemed to wear glasses when he was hanging out with her in disguise, but that was a long time ago, and at that time, Zhang Chengyuan would do some other costumes besides wearing glasses before he was recognized, but now he wears a pair of glasses, which is almost completely hidden in the camera.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I know that there is no cover-up effect, but this does not mean that it is unnecessary to make people feel that I want to keep a low profile so that there will not be too many people. It is a courtesy for me to enter this stadium." Although he is very popular now, most Korean people have a good impression on him, but because of this, he has to be more cautious. If he does something wrong, he will be criticized. Although he is not afraid of it, it will be more troublesome to avoid it after all.
At this moment, I suddenly heard a gunshot, and the first group of the men’s 5-meter preliminaries officially started. Xiao Jing stopped talking and forgot about the past on the half-screen. Because Choi Minho, a flag artist of S company, participated in this competition, and she appeared in the program with Choi Minho many times, which was quite good, so she was more concerned.
Zhang Chengyuan looked down at her eyes and saw that Choi Minho’s heart suddenly moved and asked, "Crystal, are you and Choi Minho very good?"
Small crystal looked at Choi Minho and didn’t even talk to Zhang Chengyuan. When Choi Minho ran 5 meters and won the first place in this group competition as she hoped, she turned around and asked Zhang Chengyuan, "Brother, what did you just say?" She felt Zhang Chengyuan asking her a question just now, but she didn’t catch what he asked.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Crystal, I remember hearing sunny say that Choi Minho is your good friend, right?"
"Well that’s true, but brother, why do you ask this question is not jealous? Or do you want me to pair up with Minhao ppa and get rid of my big trouble? Brother, don’t be whimsical and reinvent the wheel. I’ve got you in my life. You can’t get rid of me. "Small crystal whispered.
Zhang Chengyuan knocked on her head. "What are you thinking about in this little girl’s head? What a mess! I asked casually, and you made this inexplicable guess. "
Small crystal said, "brother, I don’t know you yet. When did you speak at ordinary times? I’m sure I will. I think you’re going to make me change my mind before I’m twenty, right? Therefore, as soon as I saw that Min Hao ppa was good with me, I wanted to test whether I had a good impression on him. Although Brother Min Hao ppa is good, I have absolutely no feelings for the opposite sex, so don’t play this idea. "
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "You are really sensitive. I just felt this idea a little bit. Well, I will give up your idea." Since the small crystal has a defensive heart, if you continue to play this idea, it will not have any effect. He simply gave up.
Small Crystal said, "Not only can you not fight now, but you can’t fight later!"
Zhang Chengyuan touched her head and said, "Let’s talk about it afterwards. Well, I have to say that Choi Minho’s sports talent is good. He can run out of 6 seconds in 5 meters." He was afraid that the small crystal would pester him again and then casually opened the topic.
Xiao Jing knew what he thought, but she didn’t care much. Anyway, she insisted that Zhang Chengyuan could not take her seriously. She replied, "Min Hao ppa is the artist with the strongest athletic ability in our company. His father is a former international and football coach of South Korea. He has received professional football training since he was a child, but he changed his profession because his father didn’t allow him to be a football player, but he still likes playing football in his leisure time, so his athletic ability is still very strong.
This time, he signed up for the 5-meter dash, 5-meter hurdle and high jump, and he will take part in the recorded freestyle competition this week. Besides, I think he can win at least two championships this time. "
Zhang Chengyuan said faintly, "He is quite able to get the title of’ Sports idl’ in the future, which should help his popularity. Well, forget it, let’s continue to watch the game." But he said that he was watching the game, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. He turned his head and chatted with Li Zhien and Park Xuanying who had just come over with luna. Only occasionally did he look up at the game.
Since then, the competition has been quite fierce. After seven group competitions, many runners have emerged. Among them, Choi Minho scored better, including four: Kim Dong Jun 6.39 seconds (Imperial), Zhao 6.46 seconds (P), Li Xian 6.51 seconds (8 EIGHTH) and Joon-young Moon 6.55 seconds (Imperial). When I saw this small crystal, I became a little worried. Although the temporary results did not represent the final ranking, it was difficult to see this situation without worrying.
The subsequent semi-final of the 5-meter dash also confirmed her concern that Choi Minho eventually lost to his group Kim Dong Jun and Li Xian and lost the qualification to enter the finals. Although she lost a little, she lost after all.
Looking at Zhang Chengyuan’s "Gherardini" expression, Xiao Jing was somewhat dissatisfied. "Brother, are you laughing at my eyes and I think it is impossible for Min Hao ppa to win two championships?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "That? It’s just a competition. How can I talk about crystals so quickly? You don’t think your brother is so superficial, do you? "
"Then why did you just look at me like that?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "What do I think of you? Crystal, I think your eyes are no different from usual. Don’t be suspicious. "
"Well, am I wrong? Brother, I’m sorry. "Small Crystal immediately apologized to Zhang Chengyuan after realizing that she was wrong.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s just a small matter, my brother won’t care." In fact, Zhang Chengyuan’s eyes just now did mean a little ridicule. Well, it’s not ridicule, but how dare you admit it when asked by Xiao Crystal?
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Watch the idol sports meeting (3)
After the semi-final of the men’s 5-meter race, the final was changed to the women’s 5-meter race preliminaries instead of giving the players a break, which was exactly what Xiao Jing signed up for.
Because Xiao Jing is the first group of contestants in this competition, she immediately came to the 5-meter sprint with several other contestants to prepare, and Zhang Chengyuan naturally followed her.
So he couldn’t hide from the camera, and when he was filming the preparation of the contestants, he was taken in and put on the big screen in the gym on the spot. Then the audience almost immediately recognized him, and suddenly there was a uproar, and many people called his name.
Zhang Chengyuan is not surprised, because he knows that many idol singer fans, especially female fans, are also his fans. After all, most fans nowadays don’t have a crush on or like a star artist. Usually, there are many admirers in singers, actors and other fields. Otherwise, if every popular artist has carved up some fans, how can there be a national actor that most people like? It is even more impossible for people like Yu Jae Seok and Jiang Hudong to get fans because it is much more difficult than actors and singers.
After hearing the cheers of the audience, Zhang Chengyuan waved to the surrounding audience generously to express his gratitude, and then turned back to watch the small crystal preparation activities, and the audience stopped shouting, which affected the next game. After all, today’s theme is the idol sports meeting
However, Jin Shenying, the host of the sports meeting, didn’t let him go. His horse came to interview him, and vj immediately followed him to shoot.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and greeted "Miss Jin Shenying, long time no see". Jin Shenying is the host of "Invincible Youth". He met her and had some exchanges with her when he appeared in this program the year before last.
When Jin Shenying saw Zhang Chengyuan and recognized her, he immediately felt great joy and walked over to greet Zhang Chengyuan. Then he asked, "It is always difficult for Cheng Yuan I to see you here on this occasion. Is there any purpose? It is estimated that many viewers at the scene will think that you are a special guest invited by our program group. "
Zhang Chengyuan said gently, "I’m not a special guest. I’m just here to cheer for my sisters. In addition, I also ask B TV and the audience to forgive me for not only coming uninvited but also sneaking into the sports ground."
Jin Shenying laughed. "It’s an honor for our program group that you can come here. Um, Chengyuan, can I ask who your sisters are?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I think many people should know this, but since you asked, I will answer-well, F, ara and iu are sisters I have known for a long time." Anyway, many people already know it, so it’s nothing to make a name for them on the spot. Of course, it may also bring them some trouble, for example, he has something special with them and so on, but few people will believe it.
Jin Shenying continued, "So who do you love most among these sisters? As far as I know, it seems like fkrysal, isn’t it? " Krysal is the stage name of small crystal.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "It’s inconvenient for you to guess for yourself." Although he really loves small crystals the most, it’s good that he and his sisters know it openly.
Jin Shenying changed the question "Cheng Yuan I, what do you think krysal will get in the 5-meter sprint this time? Her father was a boxer and her mother was a former gymnast. With your excellent sports genes and the guidance of a sports expert, it should be easy to win the championship. "
Zhang Chengyuan thought, "If there is no professional sprinter in this competition and Soo-kyung doesn’t perform abnormally, then she should be able to win this championship." He didn’t want to say anything too sure, which would make him arrogant and look down on other contestants, but many people know that Xiao-kyung has strong athletic ability, so don’t be too modest.