"Elder Victor was awakened before he fell asleep, which not only caused his strength not to increase, but also caused physical damage. Fortunately, the vampire bat king was cured and there was no major problem. This time, it is possible to sleep. If there is a problem, is the vampire bat king capable of curing three elders at the same time?" Sakura insisted on speaking her mind.

"If they are sleeping normally, it is impossible to park these three coffins in this position. It is safer for us to have a look," Tal pondered.
In fact, he also wanted to see what the guy who drove their Northfaratu family out of the blood clan was like.
Moreover, he is very rebellious and individualistic, so he won’t take the precepts seriously.
"Tal is right. Let’s have a look!" Sakura ink agreed.
Ziyue also persuaded, "We are all not too worried here. It is still necessary to take a chance to find Mr. Edward quickly."
Sakuragi is not worried about her father’s safety! Therefore, although I was dissatisfied with the intrusion of demons, I didn’t continue to oppose it. Nothing is more important than my father’s safety.
Tal and Sakura Ink walked together towards one of the coffins in the center of the hall. Qiuqiu was curious and wanted to go, but was held by Su Orange "Don’t make a move".
"Daddy …" Qiuqiu looked at Sue orange puzzled.
From the moment I stepped into this castle, Su Orange had a bad feeling in my heart.
In my mind, I drifted off and flashed some messy pictures. It seems that several creatures with black wings are overwhelming …
Sue orange stares at the vampire bat king and reads a dangerous smell from his eyes. As Tal and Sakura ink approach, this dangerous smell becomes more intense. It seems that this guy may pounce on someone’s neck at any time and bite hard!
Dantard’s hand touched the coffin lid, and Su Orange saw the bloodsucking bat net. His eyes flickered and his wings shook!
"Wait a minute!" Su orange tried to stop it, but it was too late.
The vampire bat king’s abdomen suddenly cracked, and several small vampire bats poured out of it and gathered around Tal and Sakura Ink!
Seeing this, Su Orange finally came for nothing. She just saw the creatures with black wings in the messy picture, which should be these small vampire bats!
Sharp ears, ugly face, white sensen’s fangs, bloodthirsty eyes!
"hide!" Sakura gave a scream.
"Uncle …" Qiuqiu shouted anxiously!
However, Tal and Sakura Ink moved one of the coffins as if they didn’t hear anything or find anything unusual. As the coffin lid hit more vampire bats, they flew out, just like burning a lot of pieces of paper and flying black debris!
"A lot of butterflies!" Tal gave a sigh of emotion. In front of him and Sakura Ink, several beautiful butterflies with colorful light flew out of the coffin.
Seeing that Tal and Sakuramo were about to be surrounded by vampire bats, Sakuragi tried to help but was tightly held by William. "Hey, don’t go there. It’s too dangerous!"
"Let me go …" How could Sakura ignore her brother’s comfort?
Although Angela doesn’t care about the death of the blood clan, how can she sit idly by and see that Su Orange has taken out the alloy knife and the alloy thorn cone to fight?
"Carving insects!" Angela played out with a cold hum and a flame.
The flying vampire bats caught fire immediately, but they didn’t die immediately. Instead, they waved their wings full of flames and continued to attack Tal and Sakura Ink 3!
A large number of vampire bats are pouring out of the belly of the vampire bat king. It seems that the body of the vampire bat king is limited. It seems that it is connected to an unknown. Generally, no one can count how many little vampire bats are pouring out, and no one knows when it will stop!
Now, not only everyone in Tal and Sakura Ink Hall is targeted by small vampire bats!
Angela was surprised to find that fire magic actually burned vampire bats.
Qiuqiu made an ice fire cage in a panic, and as a result, some vampire bats became fire bats and some became ice bats, but they were all able to continue to live and attack the target!
Tal and Sakura ink felt the pain before they broke free from the illusion and shot down a large vampire bat in front of them.
At this time, many vampire bats have been attached to their bodies, and the flames have caused their bodies to burn. When they were forcibly pulled out, Tal and Sakamoto left a terrible mark on their necks, and the blood flowed out, which attracted more vampire bats to flock!
William ran to the gate only to find that the automatic closing of the gate just now could not be pushed!
Angela tried to carry other types of magic, but it didn’t work! Of all the battles she fought in, this was the only time she felt awkward and terrible.
Just when everyone was about to be completely surrounded and lose their ability to resist, suddenly a flute came!
The vampire bat suddenly stopped attacking someone in the place and flew back to the original place.
Some entered the vampire bat king and some flew back to the coffin.
After dozens of seconds, the hall finally recovered calm, and all vampire bats returned to their original positions.
"Cover the coffin quickly!"
A quick sound woke up the stunned crowd.
Su Orange and Sakura Ji will buckle the coffin before they return to absolute being together.
And tal and sakura ink fell to the ground and fell into a coma because of their injuries.
Edward came quickly from the elders’ seat to Sakuramo and Tal. "The horse took them to the Blood Spring for treatment!" "
Blood spring is a dark spring in the castle. Only three elders can enter the blood spring for treatment and cultivation.
Angela looked at the location of the elders’ seat. When they came in just now, the place was flat and there seemed to be nothing, but now there is suddenly a throne. Isn’t it strange?
"Where is the blood spring?" Sue orange asked.
"Come with me!"
Edward picked up his son, Sakura Ink, and William picked up Tal in disgust and followed Edward to the throne.
If my sister Angela hadn’t pressured him, the demon king wouldn’t have done such manual labor!
But the only one left is a boy. Can girls be put into a coma, Tal?
For Edward’s sudden appearance, because of the emergency, we have no time to ask for it for the time being.
Before coming to the throne, Edward twisted the right hand position of the throne. There was a sudden noise on the ground in front of a circular machine. A large marble floor suddenly sank to rescue the wall. A faint candlelight could see that there was a stepped passage inside.
It turns out that there are still so many mysteries in the throne. It seems that Edward was in the main hall before, and what is going on can wait until Sakura Ink and Tal are awakened before asking.
At this time, Angela no longer has racial ideas. Take out magic ball as a photo tool.
In magic ball, it gives off a bright white light, and everyone quickly enters the channel and walks along the stairs towards the unknown territory.
After walking some distance along the stairs, I came to the underground palace. Edward touched a wall and several candles were automatically lit.
I followed Edward forward for a while and saw a steaming hot spring.
However, the water in the hot spring is not transparent or white, but exudes a strong bloody red!
Edward directly put the cherry ink in and motioned William to put Tal in.
"So this means the fountain of blood." William put Tal in a pool of blood with great interest.
With the blood spring soaking in Sakura Ink and Tal’s body, the wounds are gradually healing and it can be clearly seen that the blood spring is absorbed into their bodies.
The burn wound caused by the blood-sucking bat on fire became smaller and smaller, and soon disappeared.
After another moment, Sakura opened her eyes. Although she looked a little weak, she woke up after all. He saw Edward calling a "father …" with some difficulty.