Although on this occasion, the performing stars are dressed exactly like other torchbearers, but their outstanding appearance and unique temperament still make them stand out from the crowd. Therefore, Zhang Chengyuan found them almost at a glance and immediately went to them. In this scene, he naturally wanted to be close to his fellow torchbearers.

Because they received two torch relay trainings together yesterday and the day before yesterday, Zhang Chengyuan has known these artists and torchbearers and got along well, which is very rare in Zhang Chengyuan’s consistent communication process. The reason may be that he thinks that since they are willing to be torchbearers of the Olympic flame, they must have a good impression on China, so they love me, love my dog and have a very kind attitude towards them.
When Zhang Chengyuan is willing to get close to some people, almost no one will resist his kindness. These artists and torchbearers also have a very good view of Zhang Chengyuan.
The artist torchbearers include Zhang Chengyuan. There are a total of six people in order of age, such as Li Huishu, bada, Anglenala, Zhang Chengyuan, JungilWoo and Go Ara.
Li Huishu is an elder who was born in 6 years and debuted in 78 years. She even said that the elder is ok. Of course, she is only in her forties this year, and her appearance is still quite harmonious. It can be seen that she should also be a beauty when she was young. Although she is old at this time, she must still be very attractive in the eyes of an old man of about 50 years old. However, in recent years, she has often played a sarcastic role in the audience, which has damaged a lot of her image in the eyes of the audience
Bada, formerly known as Cui Shengxi finkl, was named ses at the end of the last century, and the combination became Yuan Yi. Nine years ago, Zhang Chengyuan was afraid that she would stay away from her, which made the four sisters of finkl feel uncomfortable. But now times have passed, and the era of finklses confrontation has long passed. Some members of the two groups are even good friends. Therefore, Zhang Chengyuan’s attitude after seeing bada is quite humble and polite.
Anglenala Jang Sung-won knows her name for a long time and knows that she is the best Korean artist in China. It is said that China has done a lot of good things, such as being the ambassador of China culture propaganda, setting up the "Anglenala Love Fund", participating in the recording of songs of Yanjing Olympic Games, etc. In Jang Sung-won’t mind what she did these things for, but she deserves his respect if she did them. Therefore, among these artists, apart from Go Ara, Jang Sung-won has the best affection for Anglenala.
JungilWoo has a good figure and good looks. A young actor who made his debut for more than two years has shot to fame. A boy who likes to laugh at the sunshine has a slight shyness in his smile. It is very destructive to young women and young women, and men will not resent him after seeing it. Zhang Chengyuan has always been picky about people. After seeing him, he also has a good impression on him. Of course, this may be because JungilWoo is quite respectful and polite to him after seeing him.
In Go Ara, it was Zhang Cheng, a veteran acquaintance and a good friend of Xiao Crystal. After seeing her at the torchbearer training meeting the day before yesterday, Zhang Chengyuan felt more and more destined to be with her. Therefore, no matter whether this girl is still afraid of rejecting him or not, he has made up his mind to make friends with her and recognize her as a sister.
After these artists greeted each other and chatted a few words, Zhang Chengyuan went to Go Ara and talked to her.
Zhang Chengyuan asked, "Yala, how are the ratings of you starring in Who Are You?" I can’t find a suitable topic at the moment, so I just say it casually. Anyway, it’s better to have something to say than nothing.
Go Ara respectfully replied, "It’s still about 1% like that." Although Zhang Chengyuan, a "successful" elder, had seen it several times before and Zhang Chengyuan was very gentle with her every time, she still felt a little stressed and restrained.
Of course, the so-called "success" is her personal opinion. Others may not think so. Zhang Chengyuan will not think so. He always thinks that he is still a long way from success.
Zhang Chengyuan added, "Have you ever thought about what will lose the ratings?"
Go Ara mused, "Maybe it’s because nair is too powerful."
"Don’t you look for reasons from yourself?"
"Maybe my acting skills are also poor!"
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "Your acting skills can’t be said to be poor, but it’s not good enough. I just took a look a few days ago. Do you want me to point out your shortcomings?"
"hmm? Well, please give me some advice! " Go Ara was a little surprised that Zhang Chengyuan wanted to show her acting skills, but Zhang Chengyuan has always been famous for his excellent acting skills. It is very rare to get his advice. After getting along with each other several times in the past two days, she found that Zhang Chengyuan did not seem as "fierce" as Xiao Crystal said, so she agreed to come.
When Zhang Chengyuan told her in detail about the places that she needed to improve or should pay attention to during the performance … Not far from here, JungilWoo couldn’t help but quietly approach a little after overhearing what Zhang Chengyuan said at this time, and listened carefully. For a newcomer, Zhang Chengyuan still has high practical value in performing some experiences. Because of the actor’s mentality of always wanting high acting skills, he naturally doesn’t want to miss this good opportunity.
Zhang Chengyuan discovered JungilWoo’s action, but he didn’t care about one thing, because he had some affection for the young man. Second, what he said was all about his experience and skills during filming, and it was not a whisper that he heard.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-two Torch Pass
Unconsciously, at about one o’clock in the afternoon, all the staff were here, and the person in charge of the torch relay gathered everyone together and reiterated the matters needing attention in this activity, and then let the torchbearers and workers take the special bus to their respective posts.
As bada is the sixteenth torchbearer, Li Huishu is the twentieth torchbearer, Zhang Chengyuan is the twenty-fifth torchbearer and Go Ara is the twenty-sixth torchbearer, their numbers are all very high and close, so they just got on the same bus.
After taking the bus, Zhang Chengyuan naturally sat down beside Go Ara unceremoniously and chatted with her again. Perhaps she felt that she had been personally guided by Zhang Chengyuan before, which made her understand a lot. Therefore, Go Ara’s affection for Zhang Chengyuan could not help but increase. This time, she talked to him with less respect and more intimacy.
About fifteen minutes later, the bus arrived at the starting position of the road section assigned by Zhang Chengyuan, and Zhang Chengyuan got on the bus with several people who wanted to work with him, while Go Ara had to sit for a while for three or four hundred meters ahead and got off at bada and Li Huishu earlier.
After getting off the bus, Zhang Chengyuan was about to find a place to sit and rest on the road. At this time, it was more than half an hour before the official start of the Olympic torch relay-two o’clock in the afternoon, and it took at least one and a half hours for the torch to be delivered to him. Naturally, he could not have been waiting in the middle of the road all the time.
But as soon as he appeared, he saw many reporters coming around to interview him-they had been waiting for a long time at this point, so they could brace themselves to deal with their questions
In the interview, Zhang Chengyuan was all smiles, friendly, and almost answered questions and cooperated with reporters. The reporters who were used to his cold face were surprised and puzzled, wondering if he was going to get married, or what a big happy event he had met? Otherwise, why is he in such a good mood today?
Zhang Chengyuan did this naturally because of his consideration. If he still habitually puts on a face with almost no expression during the torch relay, he is afraid that many people will think that he is not willing to participate in this activity, and he will even think that he once said that he likes China’s speech is also a lie.
Don’t get me wrong, but he never wants to see this misunderstanding, so he has to show joy, excitement, honor and other feelings in his face. Fortunately, he does have these feelings in his heart, so it is not against his heart and it is easy to do.
After dealing with the media, Zhang Chengyuan began to chat and glanced at the surrounding environment at random. When he couldn’t find anything that interested him, he looked at Go Ara, more than 300 meters west of him, thinking that it would be good to see what Go Ara was doing now anyway.
This look made him see a surprise. There were two people around Go Ara who were familiar with him. One was a small crystal and the other was Song Zhuan. At this time, the three of them kept looking at him while talking. In addition, there were two little girls who were slightly impressed by him. One seemed to be called Luna, who was one year older than the small crystal. The other is Sulli, who is the same age as Xiao Jing, but about half a year older than Xiao Jing. Both of them are good friends of Xiao Jing. Zhang Chengyuan met them several times when he visited Xiao Jing in S company, so Zhang Chengyuan recognized them.
Zhang Chengyuan immediately waved to Xiao Jing to let her come over. He was bored at this time. If Xiao Jing was with him, he could spend it happily. There were nearly two hours left to wait.
However, Xiao Jing did not immediately run to find Zhang Chengyuan, but said to Zhang Chengyuan by mouth, "Brother, I will accompany Yala and talk to you later." You can’t see that this girl is not a brother in her heart, and she is quite helpful to her friends.
After five minutes or so, the small crystal took Song Zhuan to Zhang Chengyuan’s side, while Luna and Sulli stayed with Go Ara. Perhaps they thought that if they all came to Zhang Chengyuan’s side, Go Ara would talk, so several girls made this distribution.
Because in public, Xiao Jing didn’t dare to pounce on Zhang Chengyuan and let him hug her, so she learned to say hello to Zhang Chengyuan with a bow, but after the ceremony, she held Zhang Chengyuan’s arm and stuck it beside him. She was not afraid of what people around her would say at an early age. Besides, when she greeted Zhang Chengyuan, people also knew that she was Zhang Chengyuan’s sister, so naturally she wouldn’t make irresponsible remarks.
With a small crystal and Song Zhuan to the shade of a tree on the side of the road, he briefly blocked some direct sunlight, and then Zhang Chengyuan asked, "Why are you here? And you know that Yala and I are here? "
Small crystal said, "I’m here to see you, of course, brother. Wouldn’t it be a pity if I didn’t come to see you?" And today is Sunday, and I just have enough time to spend with you. How do you know you’re here? It’s very simple. Ask Sister Zhixiu and Sister Yala. I didn’t expect that the places where you want to run are not only close to each other but also so close to the company, which saved us a lot of trouble. "
The road sections that Zhang Chengyuan and Go Ara are going to run today are at Qingtan intersection and Hedong intersection in Jiangnan/District, which are quite close to S company and can be reached in ten minutes’ walk, so Xiao Crystal said so.
Song Zhuan said, "I’m here to watch the Yanjing Olympic torch relay. It’s rare to meet such a meaningful scene abroad, so I just want to support a crystal and say that you want to pass the torch here, so I’ll follow."
Zhang Chengyuan nodded and said, "A China person should support this activity. You did the right thing."
Song Jue was stunned. She felt that Zhang Chengyuan said this sentence as if he were also from China.
Zhang Chengyuan then asked, "Did Song Xu ever think about going back to Yanjing to watch the Olympics in June?"
Song Zhuan mused, "It would be great if I could go back to Yanjing to watch the Olympic Games, but I don’t want to go back now and I may not be able to get tickets when I get back."
Zhang Chengyuan nodded slightly. "Maybe I can say hello to S company for you, ask for a leave and get you some tickets."
Song Xu couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity, "ppa, do you have tickets for the Olympic Games?"