"I have no confidence."

Don’t say five years is five months, fifty days, five days …
There will be many, many changes
Every day, there will always be many things that you can’t imagine happening.
Who knows if there will be other women around Guan Yu in five years?
Who knows if he still has himself in his heart after five years?
She has no confidence in Guan Yu.
Silent moon, a cold hum, "You still agree to my request without confidence?"
She hooked her lips and sneered, "If I say I don’t want to, can you let me go?"
Ji Yue Liu Yan’s eyes flashed two times and shook his head "No"
So … She knew what he was thinking.
Whether she answers or not, he won’t let herself go. Why doesn’t she choose to say yes?
Less this is still an opportunity.
If … Five years later, Guan Yu really still has herself in her heart.
If … He really didn’t marry another woman …
"I also hope you can promise me one condition …"
"You are in a position to talk to me?"
She didn’t look at the mocking smile in his eyes and said, "I can leave him for five years, and don’t bother Hua Yunrong again …"
His eyes sank and he felt a little unhappy. "You can’t talk to me about this now" [
Hua Yunrong … He has no interest from beginning to end.
What can he be interested in facing a woman who has seven images of Guan Yu’s face?
"I don’t have any conditions, but I know that if Yunyun still knows that you have done these things, her heart will be very uncomfortable."
A trace of anger emerged at the lip corner of the lonely moon. "You mean to annoy me. Section 3: The child was born."
A trace of anger emerged at the lip corner of the silent moon. "Do you mean to annoy me?"
She raised her eyebrows and said faintly, "It’s just stating a fact."
"Don’t worry about things, Wang. Just remember what you promised me."
"The Japanese king will send someone to send you to the place where you lived before, and you will not see him for five years."
With that, he left [
This time, there is nothing to stop them from being together.
But I don’t want to be together. It’s so difficult.
We just got together and we have to face separation.
She doesn’t know how much affection Guan Yu has for her.
Without past life memories, everything has to start all over again.
This little affection has just been derived, and fear has disappeared after five years.
And he will be accompanied by others, right?
How can Hua Yunrong allow her son to be alone after five years?
This is absolutely impossible.
In this way, she went back to Fengli City.
Live in the house that Liu Yan bought for her in the lonely moon.
He set her free, or she could go somewhere outside Fengli City.
It’s not best to give her enough material life, food, clothing, housing and transportation.
He occasionally comes to see her and brings her some news about her children.
Talk about those two children as cute as they are painful.
But never let her see the child.
It makes her feel sour and painful every time she thinks of those two children.
Fortunately, this torment is not long.
Because later, she had already spent time with those two children [
The baby … was born.
The night of birth was the middle of the night.
She slept well and suddenly her stomach ached.
The pain made her roll around in bed, gasping for breath.
She has given birth to two children, and she has some experience.
Someone was called at once and the midwife was invited.
Because the midwife who worked out the approximate time of labor was received by the house half a month ago, Section 31: If the official is precious,
Someone was called at once and the midwife was invited.
Because the midwife who worked out the approximate time of labor was received in the house half a month ago.
It’s another miserable torture
After three hours of tossing, the baby was finally born at dawn.
Is a white fat baby girl [
The facial features look like Guan Yu.
Exquisite and beautiful facial features, white skin as snow.
Jiang Xue Bud fell asleep just after giving birth.
It was evening when I woke up.
I was still in a daze when I woke up