And it is procrastination.

Of course, what’s more important is that four people have been ambushed in the corridor in the vision of [Blood Crow Spirit], and there are two people carrying submachine guns on the roof. They have already set up slings-they are waiting.
Wait for the guy in front of you to signal!
And then jump and shoot here.
And this is absolutely forbidden by Goethe!
He’s got money here!
Goethe raised his hand toward the cigarette on the table-this is the one left by Zuo Teliu.
Pick up the cigarette and tap it several times.
Flames rose from Goethe’s palm.
Seeing this flaming’ Seven Killing Hall’ red scorpion body shaking like fear like envy.
"Not the kui is a" little efreet "is really …"
Before the other party’s praise words are finished, the flames gush out and envelop the other party.
In the face of explosive-level flames, the other side is not much better than Modog Pavilion.
Breathing becomes a scorched corpse.
And that flame bur a silk thread which is thinner than the hair thread.
At this time, the representative of the original connection [German Real Estate] was ignited by flames and quickly spread toward the corridor.
"ah! Little efreet! "
The corridor rang with the sound of "Seven Killing Halls" again.
But just now, compared with this time, it was full of anger and pain.
"Kill him for me!"
Three of the four people in the ambush corridor rushed towards Goethe’s room, and two submachine guns on the roof also took advantage of the situation.
Goethe’s palm flame spewed again.
A 1-meter-long cone flame instantly enveloped this corridor.
The three attackers turned into coke in an instant.
The spray in the corridor directly sprayed out water droplets, and the hot high temperature formed a piece of water vapor to cover up Goethe’s figure room and corridor.
Conveniently, two submachine gun hands looked at the water mist slightly one leng before.
And that’s enough!
Shape power over two people’s throats.
Poof! Poof!
Blood spurted out and the bodies of the two men fell straight down the zip line.
Bang! Bang!
In the ground impact, the’ Seven Killing Hall’ red scorpion ran faster!
In fact, when the three hands rushed out, the’ Seven Killing Hall’ was held by the red scorpion to sacrifice their hands for their own escape opportunities.
"Damn’ Little efreet’!"
The red scorpion roared from the bottom of my heart
He didn’t expect the other party to make a direct move.
In his original plan, when he delayed the bait, he went to the’ German real estate’ representative to completely become a corpse and’ mature’ to hit Goethe, and then he was caught off guard and then arranged to kill Goethe.
Then nature is "Goethe’s body" close to "German real estate" that old guy.
Everything is perfect!
Goethe’s determination and strength exceeded his expectations.
Especially strength!