Say that finish Xu back and shouted at Wen Shao extraordinary classmates around big drink a way.

"Freshman extraordinary players see this is my strength!
On strength, you don’t even have the qualification to be my opponent.
Of course, I don’t blame you for this person’s talent.
But you don’t even have the courage to fight the first world war!
A bunch of cowards!
To be honest, I despise you from the bottom of my heart! "
Xu tui gave a thumbs-up to the extraordinary players around Wen Shao.
I despise color all over my face!
Suddenly, I was retired in front of tens of thousands of people, even the students of the school scolded me for being a freshman. One by one, the veins stood out on my forehead and my face was red!
Can’t stand it!
Xu tui is too bullying!
Just a broken leg!
Half a month later, they are a lively hero again!
It’s not just that they can’t stand many extraordinary freshmen, but they can’t stand abrupt yelling at Xu tui!
"Xu back me, yao is also extraordinary I absolutely the yes! Come and break my leg! "
"Xu retired from my freshman year and didn’t want to come to us. I have to spray you when I hit my head!"
Xu pointed back to the huge screen of the freshman dragon and tiger list!
"Go to the list and dare to list the front name. I will recognize you as a yes!
Go break your leg! "
A crowd can’t stand the sudden silence of extraordinary students!
Don’t go!
"Continue to watch the game, I still have to be calm and don’t be provoked by Xu. Whoever dares to go into the comments will be waiting for you!"
Wen Shao’s big rebuke is also a step for a bunch of players.
It’s not their cowardice, it’s the teacher who won’t let me!
At the same moment, Xu retreated suddenly and shouted at Quqingshan Avenue.
"Professor Qu, I will continue to challenge one. I want to challenge the fifteenth place in the overall list of dragons and tigers!"
Qu Qingshan simply snapped his fingers, "Good horse talk notification arrangement!"
Xu tui smiled and thanked Wen Shao, but looked at Wen Shao. "Teacher Wen is good, but you can continue to expect me to lose!"
Wen Shao "…"
Wen Shao’s face can’t be darker!
He is now really aware that Xu retired this fellow to dig!
This will make him talk again and again. Do you want it or not?
At this moment, Wen Shao felt so little regret in his heart.
This retreat is too difficult!
Chapter one hundred and twelve Close combat
Wang He, 15th in the overall ranking of Dragon and Tiger in Huaxia University of Gene Evolution.
Junior student of Extreme College