It’s hard to accumulate fire in your heart, but it’s just an explosion

The woman who was about to get angry lowered her mouth.
"There is something in the reeds."
Punishment if one leng looking intently indeed as expected to see a thing in the reeds.
Bamboo raft!
The bamboo raft is simple. It’s just a few bamboo vines tied together. It should be a passing fisherman. It’s specially put here for convenience.
Pull it out at any time
Even if this kind of bamboo raft is found, no one will take it for himself and put it in the reeds, so it will not be washed away by the current.
However, although it is not a problem to transport people to the other side.
"This …"
Punishment if for a stay towards wupengchuan figure shan shan smile embarrassed way
"I’m sorry I misunderstood you"
Although the other party refused the request for a three-person boat, it also pointed out that the bamboo raft was located, and it could not be said that others were not.
Carefully put the young children and help the mother stick to the tree, so that she can pull the bamboo raft.
"Hungry …"
"Mother, sister, I’m hungry …"
Sleepy young children who cling to women seem to smell something hungry, mumbling and moving slightly.
If you pull the bamboo raft to the shore, you will hear your brother’s voice and your eyes will not be dark.
It’s been two days since I had time to eat. She’s pregnant with martial arts, and she’s not stupid enough to endure her brother.
The mother’s injury is also getting worse because she has no time to recuperate.
A delicious smell of fish just floated in.
If the punishment is beautiful, look at the Wupeng boat with a bright eye.
She is in a hurry
"Can you sell us some of your boat food? I have money to buy it."
As he spoke, the package behind him was untied, and the source of the money bag was taken out. The crisp collision of the money source stone also entered the ears of others.
Punishment is not good if my heart jumps and dark calls.
What a fool!
How many times has dad said that money is not revealed, especially when you are outside, why don’t you have a long memory in case you are remembered?
Having said that, my heart is also unpreparedness.
Her family’s skill is unique, and she needs a firm will to practice, and her progress is far superior. Even if she doesn’t use foreign things, she has reached her seventh peak at a young age.
The only drawback is to restrain your desires and not use force against ordinary people.
You’ll break the work and get stuck here.
If you violate your heart’s insistence on shooting at good people, you will be in danger of being possessed.
It’s just that the boatman is unmoved by the stone. If he has a bad heart …
She also has an excuse to start work!
But for a moment
Her face is white and her heart is cold.
When the fishing line is broken, it quietly entangles the purse in the frightened eyes of the punishment and gently pulls it back to the wupeng boat.
So fast!
This is …
Whether it’s nine or ten, it’s certain that she is no match.
When I return to absolute being, my heart is bitter again.
My money …
That’s all my money.
One thing thrown from the awning boat landed on the ground. It was simply wrapped in lotus leaves, and there were only two fish in it.
If the punishment opens its mouth and wants to bargain, the line of sight falls on the fisherman and he sighs.
That’s all!
can’t beat sb.
There is another pain in my heart, but there are two source stones in my purse and more than 300 yuan to buy a tonic yellow phosphorus fish.
These two …