a few months

Enough to cultivate a certain faith
He brittle mouth
"My dad met a dying fairy when he was young."
"dying?" Wei wench blinked.
"Will immortals die?"
"I don’t know," Wu Sansi shook his head.
"But in my memory, my father said that the nine meteors’ fate knives and longevity skills all came from that’ immortal’."
"Later …"
A dark expression he slow way
"My father passed away and asked Uncle Wang to bring me here."
"So you have been to this town before?" Zhou yi nodded
"Didn’t you meet a fairy at that time?"
"No" Wu Sansi shook his head.
"But I met a man named Jieyin Messenger, who said that he was a younger brother of the Fairy Sect, and I could join the Fairy Sect."
"But after two years, two years later, a fairy will come, and then I can follow the fairy but cultivate the fairy."
The process is simple, but some of it doesn’t make sense
such as
If we know that Xianyuan is here, Wu Tiantong has to take a big risk to rebel and slaughter the people.
Another example
Wang Chonggu also knows that this place is not always here?
Nai Wu Sansi is a child. He was only five years old two years ago. His memory is not clear, let alone why.
Zhou yi asked slowly
"How can you be sure that the fairy is coming?"
Wu Sansi jilted to jilt waist a golden spike way
"When this thing lights up, say that the immortal is nearby, and you can find the immortal by following its fingerprints."
"Uh …"
Wei wench blinked bent down to raise ear callous way
"Why do I feel that it seems to be shining now?"
Zhou Yi’s figure flashed in front of the two men and stared at the golden spike that was flashing back and forth thoughtfully.
"Here comes the fairy."
His language is faint
There is both curiosity and fear in his heart about the immortal. After all, the immortal can easily kill him in the smell.
"What are the two sentences left for longevity?"
Paused he looked at Wu Sansi.
"Say it and go to see the’ fairy’."