Xiaoliu scolded, "Tell her that Armageddon is a kind of feedback and test that she usually has the most strength in the world."
"How many waves are there in the sky?" Xu asked back.
"In terms of her past adjustment of the strength of heaven and earth! At least three waves, at most nine waves!
She has a high probability of five to six waves, "said Xiao Liu.
At this time, it’s not helpful for Xu to retreat except nodding his head.
But Xu retreated to get the soul crystal before rapid purification while observing, and he wanted to fill the whole Excalibur in the shortest time.
If the Elves of Daxi clan join hands to attack in the process of the breakthrough in the clear autumn, then his sword may be crucial.
Everyone is watching carefully.
This is the first time that they have seen the so-called Armageddon, observed the details and figured it out behind them. It is also bragging and forcing money.
Lei Guang is robbed in the clear autumn, which is external to Lei Guang. In this step, it is more water and soil. Now it is inductive to major in water.
Every other day is about once a minute.
When the frequency can be restored quickly, it is very rare.
But there’s still something to do
Such as purify soul crystal and blood crystal.
At least one minute can restore nearly ten percent spirit.
Step clear autumn is not a vase. At present, the only quasi-planetary step clear autumn is still active in front of people, but its strength is real.
Can head-on confrontation with a guard is very strong strength of the second guard star that is killed.
In addition to the first Armageddon concession, the clear autumn is a bit unprepared, and the second and third responses are very good.
But each day’s robbery is cumulative.
On the fourth day of the apocalypse, when I stepped in the clear autumn, I seriously injured half of my shoulder and turned it into coke. I didn’t say that my whole body was smashed by the residual water.
But step clear autumn also found the beauty of Armageddon at this time.
Armageddon with mine breath was her rapid absorption step clear autumn breath in all induction quickly become fierce and tough.
But the injury is everyone’s concern!
The fifth step, clear autumn, did not have a head iron, but tore a character sealed by Cai Shaochu.
The letter seal suddenly slowed down the speed of Armageddon.
At this moment, step clear autumn took the initiative to attack for a short time and blew out seven attacks in a row, directly smashing the power scattered in the Armageddon, and step clear autumn absorbed it again.
The sixth Armageddon didn’t appear on time after one minute. In the clouds, thunder bursts with small six tones sounded in Xu’s mind. "Time has changed. It should be the last Armageddon. Tell her to be careful to defend.
Generally speaking, the last natural disaster force may be the sum of the previous day’s robbery. "
Xu frightened directly shocked the virtual roar out.
Consciousness sounds can’t be done at this time