"Is it Jun Wenji?"

The low sound across the street sounds like a stranger who has never heard of it, but I don’t know what’s going on, but Luo Huai feels a strange familiarity as if the sound had been heard in a dream.
Luo Huai asked, "Who are you?"
"I am Ye Dao looking for Jun Wenji!"
"Ye Dao? !”
Luo Huai’s pupil suddenly contracted
Isn’t it that Wen Jun was stabbed in the back and the extremely vicious toxin poisoned others?
Strange … What is he doing contacting us at this time?
Maybe he hasn’t exposed himself?
Luo Huai asked, "If he is not here, will you prove that you are Ye Dao?"
"I don’t need to give you a word for me. Now the fire in Galia is far beyond the Central Asian Empire. This is my gift to him."
Luo Huai said, "What royal animal body? I don’t know what you’re talking about. "
"Ha ha ha ha ….. don’t be stupid before dangerous kind of chaos is not caused by you? Now there’s another royal beast, or my stupid brother got it. If it’s nothing to do with you, how can I believe it? Anyway, believe it or not, I didn’t believe that you would hold any good thoughts when you awarded this beast-bending skill to my brother from the beginning, and now Galilee is undoubtedly your windfall. "
The opposite side hung up the communication without hesitation.
"Luo Qing just detected foreign communication interference breath …"
Different gods rushed in and saw Luo Huai’s handheld terminal look dignified.
Luo Huai sink a way "is a leaf"
"What’s his plan?"
Luo Huai said, "According to my guess, nine times out of ten, my plan was successful, but the throne in the bag fell into his brother’s hand. He must not be reconciled, so he would not let his brother get it even if the Central Asian Empire was destroyed."
The different gods frowned and said, "Understand the law!"
"This is precisely the human inferiority complex. We have to ask Wen Jun specifically."
At this time, Wen Jijun is recovering.
Although he changed his body, the pretoxin was caused by nerves, so he has not recovered yet. Fortunately, after such a long period of cultivation, he can recover his consciousness for a while.
Listen to Luo Huai’s long heart and record it before his eyes.
Wen Jijun frowned. "It’s not his voice, but it’s probably processed to prevent leaving a handle and flaw for himself. But according to me, Ye Dao is really an extreme character from his character. I can’t get others …"
"To be honest, I really feel very strange during this period. I focused on the Central Asian Empire Galia. Although there were arrangements, it was just a corner, but I didn’t expect the royal beast practitioners to flow faster in Galia than in the Central Asian Empire. If there was a leaf path behind us, it would all explain."
"Yes or no, just find out"
Wen Jijun said a few words and was tired.
He said softly, "Whether this man is Ye Dao or not, if there is someone behind us, then our plan can be completed. Before the dangerous species really enter the human world, we can use the power of dangerous species to hit mankind hard … We can even help these dangerous species to gain a foothold in the human world. You can’t be fake in animal control, can you?"
"I’ll check it out."
Luo Huai eyes a bright turned and hurried away.
A few hours later.
Luo Huai came back and brought back a good news that made everyone’s eyes shine.
"The church forces to promote the development of royal animal body? And is trying to catch the living dangerous species? "
After entering the human world for so long, Wen Jijun naturally understands how strong the so-called church is in Galia …
"I’m going to contact God. This time, we’re going to help this church … no, it’s more teaching assistants, so that they can help us better."
Wen Jijun staggered up and then fell to the ground.
He gasped, "No, my injured nerve hasn’t recovered, and you can’t put it very plainly. It seems that Luo Qing can go to see the God. You can ask him for a piece of fur of a first-class dangerous cub to help Galia."
Luo Huai excited response
I can’t hide my expectation …
Are you finally going to meet the Lord in person?