You can see that this is a 16-nut without measuring Zhuang!

Not far from Zhuang, I looked up and saw that there were many kinds of pieces growing in the whole field.
There are screws, nuts, washers, collars and many more complicated things.
"This … this thing …" Zhuang was speechless for a while.
What? You can grow anything in this field?
"Look, Master Zhuang," Xiao Wei raised his right hand and took out a square thing.
This is a CPU.
A small chip has become several transistors, which is the most sophisticated and greatest thing that human beings can produce at present.
Then Xiao Wei squatted on the ground and dug a hole to bury the CPU.
Then watered it.
After a while, a silver-gray plant grows out of the ground, and each leaf is a CPU.
Not far from Zhuang, I picked a piece and held it in my hand. It was the same as the CPU, and even the handwriting was the same.
Xiao Wei took the CPU from Zhuang not far away and connected it with a motherboard very neatly.
And then the plane …
Not far from this moment, Zhuang felt horrified and absurd.
"This thing can copy things?"
"If it is abiotic, it can be copied." Xiao Weidao
They have tried all kinds of things.
Besides CPU, there are toothbrushes, cell phones, tissues …
You can grow anything.
Zhuang bu long silence language
He remembers doing something when he was a child.
At that time, the big guys in the winery were very difficult and always didn’t have enough money.
There is nothing to entertain except Zhuang, and many children in the winery like to play tricks on Zhuang for fun.
I don’t know who told me that "as you sow, so you reap". I planted a one-dollar steel shovel in a flowerpot and told Zhuang not far away that I would take him to buy delicious food when I had a lot of money. At that time, I was especially young and took good care of it for a summer vacation.
The end result is, of course …
Being severely laughed at has also become a dark history and unwillingness to look back in Zhuang’s recent years.
At that time, Zhuang knew not far away that not everything could be planted.
But this common sense has been passively shaken at this moment.
It turns out that this world can really grow anything!
Murphy …
Not far from Zhuang, he looked up at the factories with large and small but identical shapes beside him.
Don’t … These factories are also planted?
He can probably understand what’s going on here.
After occupying the factory, the factory owners found its special features and regarded it as a "factory manufacturing machine" to benefit the special capacity batch manufacturing factory of Jinye Shitian.
Later, the war destroyed these factories, and the broken parts of the factories fell into the ground and became the growing parts all over the ground.
This is just …
It’s amazing!
What strange things did these manor owners send and build in the later period of manor owners!
This kind of thing can be done!
"The manor is so special, please take it back." Xiaowei said.
Not far from Zhuang, he didn’t refuse. "Go home first. I want to stay here for a while."
“? ?”
Xiao Wei and Lao Bang were puzzled, but they followed orders.
When the two men left the manor, the other servants were gone.
Not far from Zhuang, I suddenly looked around and grinned.
He took out a one-dollar coin from his pocket and dug a hole in the ground, then buried it.
I couldn’t help laughing when I watched a one-dollar coin tree grow from the ground like a silver tree full of elm money.
"Ha ha ha ha who said money can’t be planted!"
Laughing and laughing, Zhuang is not far away and a little crying.
At the beginning, I laughed and comforted others, but now they are gone.
I don’t know where it is
Just then, Zhuang suddenly heard a sound not far away.
"Hey, small landowner!"
"Huh?" Zhuang is not far from wondering if someone called me?
Chapter 147 Coward Little Mud
Zhuang looked around and found no one around.
Did you hear wrong?