What will get stuck?

A crack suddenly appeared in a gear of the running steel gate, and it completely disintegrated with the "click" and "click" sound gear.
More than half of the doors opened in one second and slammed shut.
"oh! No! "
A group of artisans with magic sticks screamed like dead fathers.
At that moment, Bohei was moved to tears
Great! Great! Finally!
There is no way to stay in this place!
He has been trying to get support from the old man for so long.
But the old man is now focusing on this steel door, not to mention that Bohei was bullied. Even if Bohei was killed, he probably wouldn’t care.
At this moment, Bohei really realized that these people were crazy!
He sneaked into the old man’s room with his hind legs while everyone was not looking, looked around, then got under the bed and pulled out a toolbox from under the bed, and suddenly grinned.
This is it!
He looked around and then hunched over and ran out of the cave while these people were flustered.
"Mr. Bohei?" The helicopter pilot saw him coming out and hurriedly greeted him.
"Let’s go back from here!"
In the helicopter Bohei hit the toolbox and saw a small anvil and a small hammer inside, showing a happy smile.
This thing is the old man’s baby, the portable tripod anvil. It is said that this thing looks like a tiny one, but the fact is worse than those big guys.
There are several small gears next to the portable pan-tilt anvil, and each gear has a different icon. If you want to input different scales, this thing can automatically forge some simple objects. With this thing, you can ignore these particularly difficult craftsmen.
If Zhuang is not far from here, it will be very surprising. This thing obviously combines the "core" of the war dog with the platform anvil and steam hammer to make something similar to an automatic machine tool.
Obviously, this kind of thing "core" is also a great productivity for the industrial party, and they try to put it in various ways
It is no wonder that those goddesses worship them so much. I really don’t know how far the industrial parties will develop mechanical technology in time.
The helicopter flew out of the valley, Bohei looked back and the valley gradually disappeared in the distance.
I really don’t know what moths those bad old men and goddesses will toss out.
"It’s serious to go back to the world and earn more money to enjoy life. Maybe when the world will end!"
In this place where there is no internet, Bohei is really enough!
And if the world ends, this place must be destroyed first. At this time, if you don’t escape, you may not be able to come!
Just as he was leaving the valley, there was a thunder-like noise in a wasteland in the west of the state, and a hammer made the coolie shake his head and get up from the ground.
He looked around and walked in the direction of the faintly visible building outline on the edge of the desert.
This is a small village. At this time, there are seven children holding mobile phones at the entrance of the village, shooting something.
"Ho-ho! Aha! " A little girl in a floral dress with two braids is jumping, kicking and hitting in the middle of the class.
Just then, a boy suddenly exclaimed, "Look!"
"Hammer … is a hammer man!"
"Hammer people die quickly!" The little girl is estimated to be a bit like a play, pointing to the hammer and drinking.
An older boy next to her grabbed her and turned and ran "Run!"
Hammer people see these children ao a shout blunt come over.
"Who brought it?" Several children shouted as they ran.
"When do you want to eat!"
"Don’t you remember? Yesterday, we shot that video and threw it to the hammer man! "
"I have sugar …"
"I have oranges!"
"I … I have chocolate."
"Well, you just said you ate it and didn’t give it to me!"
"When are you still in charge of this!"
During the Chinese New Year, children have to eat in their pockets. As several children rummage through their pockets, they "rattle" their food and fly to the back.
An orange fell to the ground and broke its skin, and its sweet taste drifted away.
Hammer man twitched a nose and dropped a chocolate next to it.
"He stopped …"
"What shall we do?"
"What to do? Run! "
"It will be very dangerous if you take them to the village!"
"By the way, hurry up and call the police uncle! Let’s lead him to the canteen to get something to eat! "
"quick! Quick! "