Yip hon couldn’t understand what he was shouting, but the American soldiers and armored vehicles didn’t move. Obviously, the second blasting still failed to make a passage.

Everyone’s faces are even uglier.
Although several people didn’t die in the battle after the warship came out of the water, it’s not necessary to be beaten by aliens. If we put everyone together and ask who dares to fight with aliens, at least half of them can come out.
But the problem is that if you dare to fight hard, you have to fight against aliens. How can you be an alien warship opponent with rifles and rapid-fire guns in your hands?
Even if it’s more than a hundred meters long, it’s a warship. No!
American soldiers hiding on both sides of the passage got up at the same time and rushed into the passage again to witness this scene. Ye Han suddenly had a brainwave and looked up and shouted "Ouyang Ping-"
"How many explosives do you have there?"
"Sixty kilograms of C4!" Ouyang Ping replied.
Under normal circumstances, it is impossible for the executive force to bring so many explosives, but Yip Han knew that Ouyang Ping’s blasting technology had brought more explosives before he left, otherwise there were ten kilograms of explosives, so how could there be so many goods left?
Yip hon suddenly got up, lowered his body a few steps and jumped to Ouyang Ping’s side. "Listen to my command and follow me forward to cover others?"
"Where to rush?" Ouyang Ping asked
Ye Han pointed to the alien warship in the water. "Are you confident that the water will crawl and blow it up?"
Ouyang Ping’s eyes flashed. "Just look at it … it’s best to ask the Americans for some explosives at the safe point."
"Sixty kilograms is not enough? The aircraft carriers are all blown through! "
Ouyang Ping retorted, "This is an alien warship."
Yip hon bullet "wait!" Then he rushed directly into the passage, grabbed the American soldier’s explosive backpack and ran out.
Those American soldiers were blindsided and followed Yip Han out to get their backpacks back.
Yip hon didn’t give a chance to suddenly stop drinking "Chong!" Taking his word, he jumped out like a leopard.
Ouyang Ping quickly rushed forward with two people, one left and one right, flat and agile, and at the same time, others Liu Bin led the fire. Even if the bullet could not penetrate the warship shell, it would distract a little alien attention and be stronger than nothing.
Chasing out of the channel, the American soldiers suddenly realized what Yip Han wanted to do, and several people rushed after him without hesitation.
What are you doing back in the tunnel when the explosives are gone? If you can get rid of the alien warships, are you still in a hurry to blow up the passage?
Chapter 77 Blasting (1)
Aliens have no intention at all. Ye Han and Ouyang Ping are still in the direction of the wreckage. Those American soldiers followed after that, which caused a little note from aliens, but it was no longer a matter of taking a casual look.
Just now, armored vehicles didn’t do anything to the spacecraft. Aliens have the most direct understanding of human firepower. They clearly realize that armored vehicles are far more powerful than human firepower. Although they can’t penetrate the hull of the spacecraft, coping with the crisis can prompt them to fight armored vehicles first and then clean up human beings.
Not only that, the aliens are also trying to capture human beings to make up for the losses, otherwise the American soldiers in the water would have been cleaned up by aliens.
Aliens didn’t specifically target anyone, but they didn’t deliberately avoid anyone. If they were swept away, the debris would be like a dead body field.
And the closer you get to the shore, the closer you get to the ship. A little deflection of the light will wipe out all the stormtroopers
Fortunately, the arrogance and negligence of aliens enabled Yip Han to successfully rush into the water. He immediately started the high-pressure nitrogen in the propeller gas tank to blas out from the nozzle and push the heavy power armor to swim to the warship.
Power armor is too heavy to float when it falls into the water, and it can’t float by paddling the roots on all fours. If auxiliary equipment is not used, it can sink to the bottom.
China’s "jet" propulsion speed is very fast, and the American soldiers’ water jet thrusters are not bad. Several people dive like several out-of-the-box torpedoes that quickly approach the alien spacecraft from the water and go straight to the spacecraft for three meters before closing the thrusters.
Although Yip Han is very fast, the huge resistance of the water makes his speed drop sharply, and he just dives into the alien spacecraft with his arms clinging to the edge of the spacecraft.
Hua rang, Ouyang Ping drilled out of the water beside Yip Han, and rushed to the alien spacecraft to stabilize himself and immediately looked at Yip Han.
Ye Han pointed to the thin light emission port just a few meters away. "Is that sure?"
Two people are not far from the launching port, but how high is the launching port from the water and the bow of the ship is almost vertical, and there is no place to climb. It is not that simple to blow up the launching port.
But it’s clear to Ouyang Ping that Yip Han asked if he could not climb to the top, but if he could put the explosives away-a joke: 60 kilograms of explosives can’t collapse a launching port?
He immediately took out a few pieces of plastic explosives from his backpack and squeezed them together, then inserted a detonator to make the best answer.
At this time, the water around them rang, and the American soldiers came out of the water one after another. They all made explosions and recognized what Ouyang Ping had at a glance, but the most attractive thing was the explosive detonator.