As the level leader a low drink has been flying towards the wind Yang, the small body is going to give the wind Yang a strong impact.

The wind Yang didn’t dodge the body and carried the beast spirit hard. There was a sudden explosion in the chamber of secrets, and the wind Yang’s body surface soil element energy shield turned out to be an instantaneous spread of many cracks, which could be broken at any time.
Feng Yang’s body was hit from the depths and flew to the entrance of the chamber of secrets, hitting the wall of the chamber of secrets and then bouncing back to the ground. When he got up, he was already in pain, but he was not traumatized.
Tianxuan serial vector
Feng Yang took out the sunset bow with five rapidly rotating arrows, and the sunset bow was instantly formed. With the taut bowstring, the five arrows were all locked with the beast spirit like five streamers.
At the same time, Caier didn’t sit at the theatre and dance with his arms, sending out a wind blade and lashing the beast spirit in the past.
Level beast spirit was hit hard by Han Yi, but the level tiger king beast spirit is not ordinary people who can suppress the lack of body even if it is seriously injured. A fist, the tiny forelimbs of the big tiger king beast spirit suddenly move forward, and two white claws suddenly seem to tear apart. Five innocent serial vectors and several wind blades are torn apart by tiger king claws.
"It seems quite tricky." Feng Yang looked dignified but suddenly changed lanes. "Someone came in."
After all, an operator, a technician, and a vigorous soul force are ordinary people’s imagination. Picker immediately flew back to Fengyang and said, "I’ll go outside to help you resist for a while when you hurry."
"Be careful yourself" said Feng Yang toward Caier, but the line of sight is locked with the tiger king beast spirit.
With a heavy nod, Caier flew away, and the body just appeared in the windy crane room, so he pushed the door and pushed it into the room, and Feng Qing and others hit him red-handed.
Wind Qing Cai’s son was flying out of the chamber of secrets. Suddenly, one leng turned out to be an influential person who took the opportunity to steal something from the clan room, but I didn’t expect to steal something. It turned out to be a charming girl who had been following the operator technician wind Mu Yi around.
Before Caier stole a large amount of money from the family, there was also a lot of noise in Gulai, and I heard a lot of things about this girl who seemed to know nothing about treasures. She suddenly angered and sneered, "It’s hard to prevent it from being a thief."
"The girl is going to take these ill-gotten gains back to the people. This is a virtue for your family." Caier said with a smile.
"What did you steal in the secret room?" With a wave of his hand, a dozen young people have guarded the doorway and window, and they are surrounded by the potential to surround the center of the house.
"Take everything you can," Tseer said.
"Even if you are a friend of Feng Mu Yi, I will not spare you today." Feng Qing was furious and stared at Cai Er as if to look at the mouse stealing cakes again. "Hand over everything. Maybe I can watch Feng Mu Yi’s face and let you die."
"You’re crazy, aren’t you? If you borrow something from such a beautiful girl, you’ll have to fight to kill her. You’re ten years old, right? You’re not afraid to lose your life after a few years of living." Caier was glowing and sarcastically said that it was quite classy.
The dozen young people brought by Fengqing couldn’t help but be laughed at by adopting a word, but they didn’t dare to show it in front of Fengqing, and they could try their best to restrain their facial muscles from twitching and peristalsis, which was worse than holding their urine.
"What are you laughing at?" Feng Qing was stimulated to stare at his eyes and feel depressed. Am I really as old as * * ten years old when I am in my sixties this year?
"Even if you look old, you are so afraid to face the reality. You are old enough to deceive yourself!" Pick a child to gloat and ridicule
"Today, I will take my own life without pulling out your skin." Feng Qing was so angry that he shouted "Get her for me."
A dozen young people dare not disobey and have little scruples in the face of a delicate girl, so they attack Caier with a relaxed and happy mood.
Picker’s face showed a slight smile and her body shook. A beautiful image came quickly near a fragrant wind, and she couldn’t help but take a drag. Then she immediately felt dizzy and her physical strength was like being smoked instantly. The first sentence was "Fuck, the smell is poisonous."
"Everyone held their breath and attacked". Feng Qing pointed out the mountains and rivers, but his strength was not hurt by this toxic fragrant wind. The fragrant wind carried toxins and invaded other bodies.
This kind of fragrant wind is quite effective against a person with a strength of Wu Zun level, and it is a bit insufficient to deal with people with Wu Zun level. For people with Wu Zun level, this kind of fragrant wind is no different from women’s body fragrance.
Those young people practice with their breath closed, but they can get a good sense of nasal congestion, but it will be more difficult if there is a fierce battle in the case of nasal congestion. It’s like if you don’t breathe when you are * *, it will be terrible. It is estimated that you will suppress your flaccidity before launching.
For a moment, those young people were more or less affected by some toxic smells, and their fighting capacity became lower and lower. However, the fragrance filled the room, and the Vietnam War became more and more brave. It can be said that one woman went it alone and ten men still occupied the wind.
The wind blade keeps flashing in the room, and all kinds of attacks will bring gangfeng, which will lead to the air flowing in the room, so that the aroma will be strong and fragrant, which will make those young people hold back like fire.