Therefore, the grimace jadeite is worthy of the name, so there will be no problem. The second ghost jade Nuremberg Hotel has come out, so that everyone has seen it. Of course, it will not be solved immediately. This precious jadeite is to be taken back and polished slowly instead of being solved directly. Therefore, Wang Haidong handed the seed material to the green fox and said, "You’d better put this thing away. I’ll come and get it with that guy Tianqi later."

If this thing is taken out directly, God knows if someone will be half-handed, but it is very possible to see those greedy eyes in the hall seem to be black-handed.
Therefore, although Wang Haidong is a little smug, his face and jade make him rich and famous, but he is still very conscious of the present situation. Go back to Chutianji and take the criminal police to see which one is not long and dry.
Blue fox is not a ghost face. Jade is precious, so I dare not put it away. After pulling it, I patted Wang Haidong on the shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, I have called Tianqi. It is estimated that Tianqi will bring people here soon, and I think the municipal party committee and municipal government will know that you are still thinking about how to deal with those people."
This ghost-faced jade has greatly boosted the tourism industry in the river city. With such a baby, it is impossible for the government not to make a fuss about such things, and at this time, it will make a big fuss.
I believe that Wang Haidong not only has to deal with the reporters and curiosity hunters swarming in, but also has to deal with many officials, large and small, who don’t want to be so lucky. Even if this treasure is a billionaire, it may not have the opportunity to get in touch with the river city. Anyone will want to be lucky.
Wang Haidong said casually, "If I think about other people but can’t do other people’s things, then make it big. It’s also an advertisement for Jubaoge. I want to find me to go to Jubaoge. I can’t think that Jubaoge will be famous in a few days. Hehe, this is also an opportunity for me, or sometimes I will set foot in an emerald industry. It’s not necessary to make me compromise. It’s not an easy thing. It must be done to make him recognize his achievements."
Chapter one hundred and eleven Once the sea was difficult.
Mr. Liu was all smiles when he walked on the stage, but he could see a little loss from his smile. Anyone would be very disappointed if he changed such a treasure. He hasn’t tried to see what is inside for so many days.
If Lin Feng regrets that he didn’t grasp the opportunity, then at this time, Mr. Liu is going to regret that he has no vision. The ghost face jade is in his hand, but this time it was bought by Wang Haidong. Is it true that he is not sad?
But after all, it’s your feelings, and I’m willing to bet on stones. Who made you unlucky and have no vision? Therefore, Mr. Liu is still able to accept this situation.
He raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and then said, "I didn’t expect that there would be a piece of ghost jade in my hand. Too much is tears. I’d better pull out the cold now. I wish I had known it myself."
It’s a joke to say this, of course, and it’s a kind of self-mockery, but anyone can hear that Mr. Liu’s local dialect is somewhat sour at this time
Mr. Liu signaled a worker that the second piece of jade was brought back, and in this way, Master Su quickly wrote a few words [there is a ghost face jade, and others are not in the mood to buy jade. If there is any left, you can take the opportunity to throw it at a low price]
Such a sentence represents a lot of meanings. This thing, that is, Master Su’s experience, can tell that something is fishy. With a ghost-faced jade like this, the original jade stone is left. Does anyone want it?
If you want it, you can’t come out and wait for the value of jade. It’s better not to be ashamed, but at this time, it doesn’t mean that these jadeite rough stones are not very valuable. On the contrary, these jadeite rough stones will become popular after the ghost face jadeite.
If Mr. Liu didn’t hit the middle key, Zhang Xiaofei still had a chance at this time, but if Mr. Liu hit the middle key, Zhang Xiaofei wouldn’t have a chance
At this time, Zhang Xiaofei looked at the second piece of jadeite original stone and immediately took the opportunity to say, "Do you think it is necessary to go there?" It used to be difficult for forever amber to have such a precious relic as ghost face jade. Who is still in the mood to buy it? Today, I estimate that everyone’s hearts can’t hold his jade. I think it’s about the same. "
This is a trick to convince Mr. Liu that there are not many people who want these jadeites, and Zhang Xiaofei said these words. It is indeed true that some people in the hall now have a ghost face jade, and what jade will come out in front of them to earn a face? As a result, everyone’s thoughts are hard to get into the sky
Mr. Liu paused for a moment to think that this is indeed the case. At this time, few people will realize that they are no longer jadeite, and their brains are full of faces and jadeite.
Mr Six hesitated for a moment or said, "That’s true. I don’t think everyone will have a mind to ask for the original jade stone."
This time, Mr. Liu Ben Lao thought that he could make a lot of money through this opportunity, but he didn’t expect that the first piece was grimace jade, which made him lose face.
Wang Haidong, however, took the words and said, "Boss Liu, you are not sad. I know that you have put a lot of effort into this auction, but today I don’t think it is the time to continue the auction, but I think this batch of jadeite rough stones in your hands will really cause a sensation. Think about it. It is the same batch of jadeite with ghost face, so it is called attractive. I can’t think that a large number of people will come to the river city in two days.
At that time, the first thing they thought of was to see my ghost face jade, but the second thing they thought of was the origin of this ghost face jade. When everyone inquired, they knew that you had the same batch of jadeites as the ghost face jade. Think about it. Can they not be tempted? When the time comes, if you double the low price of these jadeite rough stones, someone will rush to count the money. "
Wang Haidong is a vested interest, and he is already very clear about what the jade is all about.
Therefore, when he thinks about the problem himself, he is quite clear that Mr. Liu is really not auctioning those jadeite original stones again.
Mr. Liu heard the golden light from his eyes. Yes, although I can’t solve the ghost face jade, I have the same batch of jade rough stones as the ghost face jade. How much is it worth? Didn’t I say I was waiting for someone to send me money after the name of the ghost face jade was announced?
Therefore, at this time, Mr. Liu nodded and said, "Wang Zhanggui is really insightful. Hehe, these jadeites will definitely become hot items in a couple of days. Then I am also waiting to make a fortune through Wang Zhanggui’s favorable words."
Wang Haidong’s words don’t know whether it is intentional or intentional. Anyway, it is to make Zhang Xiaofei’s heart jam. When Lin Feng’s ghost face is the original stone, Zhang Xiaofei smashed 400,000 pieces of disgusting. Wang Haidong sincerely wanted Wang Haidong to be ugly, but Wang Haidong didn’t save the oil lamp. This matter was patched up and brought back a city. You want to take the remaining jade original stone, but I won’t let you be satisfied.
Looking at Wang Haidong smiling as if Grandet saw the gold coin, Zhang Xiaofei’s heart was jammed with panic. The Wangs were always wily like foxes. How did the Wangs become such people in Wang Haidong? How did it matter that they didn’t go into politics and do business? Did the Wangs ponder the jewelry business?
Anyway, Wang Haidong’s move made Zhang Xiaofei very depressed.
And these things are also in the eyes of Master Su. How is Zhang Xiaofei’s self-cultivation better than that of Come? There is no anger at this time, but Master Su can also see that it is hard to say that Master Zhang is at a critical point and can’t change the subject.
Therefore, Master Su immediately said, "Liu, this guy is a blessing in disguise. Today, I have seen the first piece of ghost-faced jade and the second piece of ghost-faced jade. I am worth it in my life, but I have a question to ask. I wonder if Wang Zhanggui can give advice to an old man."
Master Su has lowered his posture, which is supposed to be seen by Wang Haidong’s predecessors. This is equivalent to giving it to Wang Haidong, which is really asking for advice
Wang Haidong is not easy to refuse, so he said, "Master Su, just say what’s wrong."
Master Su also abides by the rules and knows what to ask and what not to ask. It is definitely impossible to ask Wang Haidong’s appraisal skills.
Therefore, it is also a more appropriate question for Master Su to ask. "I want to ask one question. First, how did Wang Zhanggui identify the jade bearing? It is very unusual for this method to identify the ghost jade."
It is also reasonable to ask a teacher what to inherit. Wang Haidong thought for a while before saying, "I wonder if Master Su knows who the biggest winner of historical gambling stone is?" This is the biggest winner for Master Su to bet on the stone?
He thought for a moment and said, "The worthless old man has been in the jade business for decades, and the biggest winner seems to have a banker." The only thing left is that the banker eats meat and we drink soup. "
Wang Haidong shook his head and said, "Isn’t it right? I asked that the biggest winner of the historical gambling stone was that Bian He and Bian He found the jade, but the jade was in a stone. Everyone else thought it was a stone. Bian He insisted that it must be a piece of jade, but in the end, he succeeded in making a name for a grass-roots person. Listen to my grandfather. If his appraisal method is inherited, he should learn from Bian He’s appraisal method and respect Bian He’s ancestors."
Who is the granddaddy of gambling stone? Of course, it is Bian He. No matter who has ever been to such a great achievement in gambling stone, it is difficult for Bian He not to be famous.
After the shock, everyone didn’t say anything. This is nothing to say. What else can I say when I talk about my grandfather?
For a long time, Mr. Liu took one look at the noodles, and it seems that people are not very interested in the original jade stone on the table. Although this original jade stone is a choice from both the phase and the python belt, it just didn’t arouse everyone’s interest. The key is that the ghost face jade just shocked everyone, just like people who ate bird’s nest and shark’s fin ate steamed corn bread, and it was as hungry and hard as a stone.
Therefore, at this time, Liu Laoliu decisively said, "Then shout the price again. This jadeite raw stone is also the seed material of Pagan Laokeng. The low price of 230,000 can not be less than 10,000."