It’s true that your arms are like Yan Yan and your body is like Yan Yan. This is the long-lost yearning for Yan Yan.

The breathing and moaning seemed to have happened just yesterday.
Yang night, of course, knows what he may have to do with Ruyan, which is what he wants for a long time and a dream.
Perhaps through this kind of thing, Ru Yan can find some familiar feelings and remember some memories that have been thrown into the corner forgotten by love.
"RuYan I am Yang night I am Yang night do you remember? Do you remember? " Yang night kissed ruyan neck and chest mouth murmured.
For example, Yan Yan’s face is flushed, his chest is short of breath, and his frequency is falling fast, his eyes are tightly closed, his hands are holding Yang Ye’s head, and he is whispering, "I know that you are Yang Ye, and I know that you love me, but I can’t remember that we used to kiss me and then kiss me. You kiss me and I feel so familiar …"
Yang night and RuYan have * * completely forgotten themselves in the height of fierce fighting, while Yang night has already taken the remote control to play the TV in the lounge and turned up the volume.
Exactly. Avoid the servants outside the lounge. Maids will hear strange gasps and groans in the lounge.
Servants and maids who pass by outside the rest room even listen to the sound in the lounge, and they are also playing entertainment news-the news that Faye Wong has a baby.
The news host is * * Huang Jianxiang.
"Gossip! Gossip! ! Gossip! ! Faye Wong is in labor! Faye Wong is in labor! Don’t give it a star opportunity. Faye Wong, the great entertainment star, has inherited the glory of the entertainment circle! Paparazzi, entertainers and divination photographers are possessed by their souls at this moment! She’s not in labor alone at this moment. She’s not alone!
"Li Yapeng, Li Yapeng, facing this child, he is facing the eyes and expectations of the world’s Filipino fans! !
"Faye Wong once gave birth to a child in a marriage. She knows this. Can she still smile at the person she was born with? How will she look in ten seconds?
"Come out! The birth is over! Faye Wong Li Yapeng has won! Eliminated many paparazzi! They didn’t once again penetrate the great hospital in front of entertainment reporters! Great hospital security system! Happy birthday, Great Star! Long live the great star gossip! !
"She didn’t live up to the people’s expectation that this child would be a winner with an absolute theory. This child belongs to Faye Wong, Li Yapeng, Nicholas Tse, Dou Wei, Zhou Xun, Daqi and all people who love to watch the stars!
"The paparazzi may regret their dominance in the whole incident. They filmed it too conservatively and calmly. They lost their courage to face the hospital security system. He didn’t take out a fierce attack. They finally got what they deserved. They should go home. They don’t go back to their distant newspapers. Most of them have to follow a star. Bye!"
Yang Ye’s hand has slowly reached into Ruyan’s pink skirt, and Ruyan’s breath is more urgent, and he hesitates to struggle and twist his body gently.
Yang night suddenly stare big eyes quickly withdrew his hand from RuYan body has been up to look a little surprised.
RuYan lying on the sofa suddenly felt that his weight had disappeared, and hesitated to open his eyes and stare at Yang night with red cheeks. His expression sank slightly and said softly, "No … I … I am willing to …"
"No" Yang night has got up and put on clothes "Not Ruyan, but my friend is back". Talking Yang night looked down at the red seal on her left wrist.
The feeling of red seal is abnormal. It is because of the south glory illusion or the urgency of the hot sun signal that Yang Ye has a faint presentiment that something may have happened.
Chapter two hundred and seventeen "Spring killed don’t leak"
Just put on the coat and put on the black robe. Yang Ye’s ears have heard the noise from the lounge window.
The first reaction is that Yang Yema blocked Ruyan’s front-Ruyan’s clothes haven’t been put on yet. Her pink short skirt is a conjoined bust, and she hung up her waist. Ruyan is looking at Yang Yezheng with a surprised face and doesn’t know if she should get dressed.
I’ve been emotional, I’ve been hot and dry, I’ve been horny, and Yang Ye suddenly turned over, which made Ru Yan feel overwhelmed and felt cold and uncomfortable at the same time.
It’s uncomfortable to pee in half. What’s the matter?
In front of RuYan body Yang night twist a head looked out of the window.
Outside the window, like a gecko, I lay my arms on the glass, which is the illusion of South Glory.
Nan Rong was sent by Xia throat to Jun in a hurry to find Yang Ye and go to Chang Qingshan together. He sent a signal to Yang Ye through the red seal. He knew in his heart that the seriousness of the matter was mainly true. If this came, I’m afraid it would be troublesome. Therefore, Chang Qingshan must do it quickly without delay.
But Nan Rong’s illusion didn’t expect that when he flew to the third floor lounge and went out of the window, he saw that it was Yang Ye who was wearing a black robe, and Yang Ye turned out to be a faint white * *
Oh, my god Isn’t that Ruyan? Shit, I’m so anxious in our Woods. This little guy has already taken this amnesia here?
I still want to see it, but Yang Ye has opened his arms, and the black robe behind him is still * * wearing a body like Yan Yan, so that Nan Rong’s illusion is tightly stuck on the window, and the five senses are all running out of shape, but I still can’t see anything. Suddenly I feel depressed and hate myself. There is no perspective in my race ability.
Mom knew not to inform Yang Ye in advance! This is a loss!
Nanrong Phantom is annoyed and thinking that he is frustrated and ready to stretch out his hand to pull the window.
"You give me a minute! !” Yang night twisted his head and suddenly yelled at Nanrong Magic outside the window.
Nan Rong was suddenly frightened and shivered, but he withdrew his hand involuntarily.
RuYan also half in accordance with the sofa hands gently hide the chest upturned face looking at Yang night puzzled sample light said "Yang night you … I …"
"Hurry up and get dressed," Yang Ye said to Ruyan with his head down slightly on one side. "My friend is here."
Ru Yan froze and nodded, gently put on his clothes, and while wearing them, he looked out of the window and asked, "Yang Ye, is he the South Glory Illusion you just told me about?"
"It’s him," Yang Ye nodded. "He is the most familiar person in our world except me before you."
"That … what is he doing?" Ruyan looked at the window and looked here. Nan Rong asked strangely.
"Ignore him, you are quick to get dressed." Yang Yeyin is very light and has never looked back. He has been staring at Nanrong Phantom out of the window, holding out his arms and not letting Nanrong Phantom peep into a fragment.
Let RuYan spring leak things Yang Ye is killed and not allowed to leak to Nan Rong illusion? Farewell! Who says good things should be shared with good friends? Friends like brothers? Women are like clothes? Women are winter clothes, friends are centipede hands and feet …