But when crazy Xiang eagerly accepted his fists and animal teeth and quickly turned to look at Yang Ye’s injury, he found that Yang Ye was still a little surprised. Mu Na couldn’t see any pain, but he had just been hit by himself. This guy didn’t even rub his face!

"Red Bi you … are you all right?" Crazy Xiang staring at Yang night carefully asked 1.
Yang night slowly turned to look at crazy Sui suddenly asked "crazy Sui what did you say? Two protozoa? "
Suddenly, I felt unwilling to get up and raise my hand quickly. I pointed to Yang’s abdomen one night and asked again, "I asked you, is it okay if I hit you?"
"When I ask you CiRenGu! Answer me quickly! There are two protozoa in Ciren Valley? Really? " Yang night is nasty to crazy Xiang with the wave quickly asked.
Grandma! What a shame! Fortunately, I didn’t watch!
I was really ashamed when I was depressed with a crazy expression. Although that punch didn’t do my best, it really hit the red dagger in the abdomen. He wished he had nothing to do! Isn’t it that swinging my fist can’t hurt him? I’m not as good as him!
"Red Bi! Look at yourself first! I hit you! Are you hurt! " Crazy Xiang is almost flustered toward Yang night yelled out.
Yang Ye Zheng remembered that he had just punched himself in the abdomen, but he didn’t feel any pain. It was like a friend had made a joke and didn’t feel hurt!
But ….. See this look crazy, Yang night leng suddenly turned white, feelings are hurt crazy, self-esteem.
So Yang night quickly raised my hand and covered my belly with a frown, deliberately appearing to have some difficulty breathing, and said, "Ah … Ah, crazy and fierce fists, I just feel pain at the moment." Yang night bent over and was in pain.
Secretly squinted at the crazy one. "But I should have no problem if you spare me a little time."
Crazy Xiang Zheng then revealed a subtle smile and suddenly felt a lot better.
"It’s good that I wasn’t seriously injured," said the crazy man, reaching out his hands to help Yang Ye. "Fortunately, I received my strength …"
Before the words were finished, Yang Ye straightened up and let the crazy face stare at the crazy face completely as if nothing had happened, and said hastily, "Well, I’m all right. Tell me about Ciren Valley!"
Looking at Yang night crazily, it’s all right again. After watching it for a long time with your mouth open, your nose is almost out of breath. Grandma is also professional! Is this too perfunctory for me?
It’s not the right time to return to gas, and a series of things just happened have made crazy people angry and have a little pleasure. It’s the kind of … how to say, it’s as pleasant as a joke to get along with friends.
Friends? The word flashed in my head and I couldn’t get it out. Is he my friend? Have I recognized him as my friend?
"Hey, hey, I have never regarded you as an enemy."
Yang night, this sentence suddenly appears again, and the crazy ear sounds so kind and comfortable.
Either enemies or friends, right?
Crazy thinking so vaguely confused in my mind.
The black domain master has been in charge for so long, but the orcs are crazy about repairing officials, and there are no friends in the senior repairing officials at more than 100 main doors of the black domain.
Ever since I was promoted from junior to senior, I’ve been crazy since I was called to his door by the Lord of the Black Domain. The Lord of the Black Domain has always been lonely. In the middle of the day, I’m always fraternizing with each other and saying nothing but flattery, but in fact, all the departments are full of ulterior motives. If they see difficulties, they will encounter a little danger when they see honor. Once they meet with ease, happiness, fame and fortune, all the officials will compete for it at the expense of turning their faces.
And the Lord of the black domain is also doing the same for himself.
The main gate of the Black Domain has been crazy about it for so long, and its orc kin base is gone. All other orc compatriots in the domain are not very willing to have any contacts with the main gate of the Black Domain.
Among the middle-class people in the domain, the name of the black domain is not very good, so the black domain main door practitioners have also become fish in the pond and are carefully excluded by other foreign practitioners
However, the lords of the black domain are quite good, which also contributes to the illusion that the black domain owners are respected and loved among many practitioners, women and officials.
There are some crazy people in my heart who have been praised by the ordinary people in the domain. It is the ghost family who hides the blade domain that is worth working hard for. The main reason for a good domain is that there are too many ghosts who hide the blade domain. Men Xiushi dares to contradict the big domain master, even the Lord, and he has sacrificed his life.
It makes people feel excited and sad.
I’ve been lonely for a long time, but I really hope to have friends who are real friends, instead of sneaking around like I’ve been coming to the main door of the black domain and getting used to helping the black domain owners do some stealing activities, such as modifying the history of the main jurisdiction of other domains.
And the so-called black domain Lord, these fellow officials, are all ordinary people who hide the knife in their faces. When they encounter things for a long time, they would rather I be a loser.
So he was sent by the black domain owner to the red domain owner’s jurisdiction to carry out this despicable hook that destroyed the performance of other domain owners again. At that time, he didn’t want to, but he didn’t expect that he could meet the ghost orphan in the Tang Dynasty. What made him even more surprised was that this red Bi knew that he was a black domain major and that he was a hostile force and even saved his life!
This guy will be friends, right?
But are you qualified to make this friend if you are a master in the black domain?