Yan Liang tried to buckle his pulse door several times, but he escaped.

Anger welled up in my heart, and I took a step back. My arms were full of mountains and tsunami gas, and it erupted from her slightly thin body.
Roars and dragons sing in the distance, Weiyuan is also forced to take a step back. His face is floating and his ears are buzzing at the moment.
The man in black was taken to the ground for a second, and Zhong Bai was caught when Yan Liang appeared in front of his eyes and his chest was tight.
His face turned a little pale, and Yan Liang grabbed his skirt tightly and tore off his black scarf with the other hand. A familiar and unfamiliar face appeared in the line of sight.
He looks similar to the dead body double, but he feels completely different.
However, the knife-shaped eyebrows and eyes have a mass of anger coming out of the bones, which belongs to the younger brother’s extravagance. The mass of anger flowing out of the eyebrows and eyes is very different.
Even though he has changed his face, he can also recognize him through this special temperament.
Carrying him Yan Liang easily lifted him up as if carrying a sack.
"Do you feel like dying in the hands of a woman?" He just spoke arrogantly and sexist, but he remembered it clearly.
Being carried by her is taller than her, but it seems to be in a weak position at this time
Looking down at her, he suddenly smiled. "You’re strong. Why don’t you do things like me? I’m definitely more likable than the king of Weijun. "
Yan Liang, with sharp eyes, punched him in the abdomen with the other hand. "He doesn’t like you very much."
Her body turned pale with rickets, and her fist was extremely powerful.
It’s very leisurely to be attacked by Weiyuan if he doesn’t hear walking.
"God has been friends for a long time, and I finally met the Five Temples today." The feud between the two seems to be very long, not accumulated recently.
"King Weijun is still satisfied?" His abdomen still hurts, but he is new and handsome when he smiles.
Weiyuan also smiled and deliberately looked like cool thin was terrifying. "I would be more satisfied if the five halls were lying dead."
Yan Liang has been frowning and listening to their nonsense can also guess their grievances, but now that she has caught him, she has finished. At this time, she wants to throw her people into prison and then go home and never get mixed up with Weiyuan again.
"Let’s have such a deep friendship to meet the king of Yiwei County?" Words fall, he directly lay down on the ground, and Yan Liang was also bent by him.
However, at the same time, he pulled out something from behind his waist and threw it. The black smoke was dazzling and pungent at first.
Yan Liang’s conditioned reflex grabbed Weiyuan and threw him into the other hand behind him, but he couldn’t catch it again and again.
Hold your breath, Yan Liang fan, the black smoke in front of you has lost his shadow a few steps forward.
Dark scold a word, she jumped up and chased out, at the same time, the moonlight figure behind her also jumped up and blinked more than her.
Yan Wang III, Pursuit
Yan Liang outside Qingyuan jumped from the high wall, and her feet were a little unstable and landed steadily. Almost because she had just exerted too much force, she felt that she lacked strength for a while.
When I saw the night flying in the distance and the moon was white, I knew it was Weiyuan. She was ordered to protect him, even if she didn’t have the strength to chase him.
I have been chasing the emperor all the time, but I seem to be near the south gate soon.
At this time, if you want to leave the city, you can’t get out. The walls are very high, even if you have high martial arts skills and no auxiliary tools, you can’t get out.
However, when she came after her, she was shocked because Weiyuan was the only one on the high wall, and he was trying to jump over the wall, but the figure of the Five Emperors of Qi disappeared.
"He ran away?" Looking at the top of the city wall, it is fifteen feet high. It is impossible to jump to the root with your bare hands.
Weiyuan also tried to jump to the middle of the moon and fell down.
Yan Liang can try, but she is now weak and dare not make any more efforts at will.
"You can’t get out of the gate at dawn like this." The gate is a few hundred meters away. Although it is necessary to open the gate, it is better than when the wall waves.
Turn round and then walk Weiyuan immediately with the twilight of the sky coming in the morning.
Rapidly swept to the city gate, the imperial guards were heavily armored.
There are two turnstiles in the thick city gate, which can’t be opened at all.
Yan Liang, the "head catcher", appeared at the city gate before the imperial army. How can you not know that the emperor did everything?
"Chasing the wanted man ran out of the city gate" The gate can’t be opened at will, especially now, but the punishments personnel have this special feature.
"I don’t know how to get out of the city?" It’s not easy to get out of town when the gate is closed.