"This … is not good." Chunyu hung her eyebrows lightly.

"Open frenzy happened these daring deceives master slave can do this to sunseeker in front of me, I don’t know from time to time, such as" Gu Huai chest ups and downs with anger.
"Ah Huai!" Gu old lady’s tone is heavy and her heart is hanging in her throat. "This ……" In the end, if you wash your dirty linen in public, you will find out that Yu Sheng lives there …
Gu Jinxi bowed his head and his eyes flashed. "When it comes to people’s daughters, I remember."
The people around you suddenly trembled and looked at the slowly coming Gu Jin Sunseeker shivering and unconsciously retreating. It’s a pity that the land outside Mu Sunseeker Pavilion is not very rooted.
Just one by one is not very arrogant’ Gu Jin sunseeker sneer at’ miss is bad temper is heart like a snake disregard for human life; Don’t want to stay in the frenzy, roll for me. "
She sneered at the minions whose faces suddenly turned pale. "Our government doesn’t support the master and minions, let alone those who are black and white, regardless of waste. These people have a calculation, but they all remember the living deeds for the young lady, and they all drive out the dead deeds, and they all sell them."
"Yes" Banxiaying
The courtyard suddenly burst into rumbling sounds.
"Miss Big forgives, Miss Big forgives." This country sells maids, and there is no other government willing to take them. In the end, it is just sold to those dirty places; At the thought of this, the pale pages of the maids all knelt down with their faces tight. "Miss Da, forgive the handmaiden and never dare again."
See those who kneel Gu Jinxi sunseeker can have no softhearted; If she didn’t know that Gu Jinlan’s plot had been arranged early, why didn’t they want to spare themselves when they fell into the trap?
"This sunseeker, they have also been cheated, forget it." Gu Old Lady really has some sufferings.
"Forget it?" Gu Jin sunseeker sneer at a "China’s government is a rule. Grandmother’s body is too princess royal. When can these slaves openly talk about the Lord in the government?" Dare such a slave grandmother? "
Suddenly, everyone around me was silent, only to sniffle and cry.
"Miss Fu Shu Sunseeker can be disposed of later. Since Gu’s adult handed this matter to Wang Wang, it would be disrespectful; As the saying goes, it’s better to hit the sun than to choose a day. Since Miss Lan has an objection to Miss Bilian’s death, does the king suggest searching your house first? " Chunyuhong bowed his head and looked heavy.
I don’t know why it’s so flat and agile, but it makes Gu Jinxi suddenly feel uneasy.
Gu Huai nodded. "Prince Chun is the boss alone."
"In that case, let’s start from this Muxi Pavilion." Chunyuhong lowered his head and raised his eyebrows. "Miss Sunseeker doesn’t mind?"
"Prince Chun, go ahead." Gu Jinxi made a gesture.
"Ping Jiang, Jiang An, you stay in a group of people and pay attention not to let them break things in other people’s rooms." Chunyu Hongli then turned to look at Gu Huai. "Gu’s adult also sent two people to guide them. It’s good to have a government person to watch."
Gu Huai slightly thought, "Let’s move to the main courtyard first, if you please."
"All right, or miss sunseeker will be delayed. Miss Mu Sunseeker Pavilion will tidy up Sunseeker later, even if it is going to be a day." Chunyuhong chuckled with a very funny taste.
"Prince Chun worries that our government is not rich, but there are still two guest houses." Gu Jinxi’s expression doesn’t know what the sense of foreboding at the bottom of my heart is getting stronger and stronger. Is it really a coincidence or … intentionally?
As time goes by, the sun has gradually set in the west until the sky is covered with crimson clouds.
Gu Jinxi is holding a teacup and sipping green tea.
"It’s getting late. It’s not as good as tomorrow …" Old Lady Gu was already fidgeting, and her forehead was wiped with sweat over and over again, holding the handrail tightly and looking at Chunyuhong nervously.
"Wang Ye found something!"
Suddenly the whole lobby everyone looked at Ping Jiang nervously.
Ping Jiang turned to the man behind him and made an expression of eyes. The man immediately dequeued his hands and held a tray. "Please have a look at your report."
They looked around and saw that a piece of the tray was much thinner than before, and it was also contaminated with fresh soil and hemp rope, ranging from Chunyu Hongkou to Ping Jiang. "This thing was found in the corner of the backyard garden of Lanxinge."
Smell speech Gu Jinlan whole person swallowed hard "no, it’s not impossible. Father and grandmother are not me, I’m not …"
"Could this be a misunderstanding?" Old Lady Gu was also anxious without him. "Sunseeker, you know your sister best. Tell Prince Chun quickly."
"Miss Sunseeker, don’t you like Laner best in the past?" Aunt Liu is also in a hurry at the moment. It is already arranged. How can such a sudden change occur? Think of Gu Jinlan said that they all look down upon Gu Jinxi sunseeker. Is she really …
Gu Jinxi suddenly chuckled when he heard this, "What is right and wrong from the heart is the so-called not doing anything wrong in the daytime and not afraid of knocking at the door in the middle of the night? What is sister Lan afraid of if she hasn’t done it?"
Chapter 58 Jinxi challenged
"I, I didn’t, I really didn’t." Gu Jinlan was hysterical. She wanted to make an issue of Bilian’s death. She wanted to plant Bilian’s death on Gu Jinxi so that she could never turn over, but she really didn’t kill Bilian.
Gu Jinxi got up and took a deep breath. "Do you have a sister to go to punishments?"
"Gu Jinxi, what do you mean!" Old lady Gu looks calm and has a bad tone.
"Just when Prince Chun wants to take away his granddaughter, I didn’t see my grandmother so nervous." Gu Jin’s oblique hook at the corner of her mouth smiled contemptuously. "In the end, in the eyes of my grandmother, Sunseeker, this first lady is better than a woman born by a concubine."
Gu old lady suddenly chest a wall "you …"
"Grandmother partial pain rings sister granddaughter already white; But please also ask my grandmother to open her eyes and see that it is not her Gu Jinlan who is wronged now! " Gu Jinxi broke out completely.