"Go and come back here with your reward. I’ll send you back to your world." Mrs. Yang said, and gently pushed Yang Ye and plunged her head into the turbulent mirror.

Xi Shi and Zheng Dan here have almost collapsed!
Watching brother Yang night suddenly disappear in front of them! It’s no different from hell in broad daylight. Brother Yang Ye was still talking and disappeared! Two beautiful women, one squatting by the river and the other sitting on the lawn, remained stunned for a long time, still staring with their eyes open, and there was no reason to believe what was happening in front of them.
Very not easy to slow down. Xi Shi and Zheng Dan looked at each other and hurriedly got up at the same time and came to Yang Night’s disappearance position. Looking closely, the land was almost turned over. As a result, the two beautiful women completely panicked and cried out to their brothers in one direction. Unfortunately, after shouting for a long time, they all responded. There were birds flying overhead around Kuang, and the river around them was noisy and flustered.
It’s over! It’s over! Xi Shi and Zheng Dan happen to think about how brother disappeared for such a reason. Is he a fairy? The devil? Whatever it is, he just disappears, but what should we do if we can pick it up?
Two beautiful women face each other and become speechless. They are more desperate than looking at whose eyes and expressions. When Yang Ye suddenly appeared again!
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, worried? Scared, huh? Are you in a hurry? " Yang Ye felt that he had emerged from the river and was still a little wet. "He was called to negotiate and I will explain it to you after hehe."
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan are looking at Yang night, and it is almost instantaneous. Two beautiful women around them took one look and screamed together in horror, hiding behind in horror.
"What’s wrong with you two? It’s me!" Yang night took Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back to get excited and forgot that he had just disappeared for a while.
"You … you, you, you … you are a person or a ghost?" Or Zheng Dan daring trembling voice asked 1.
"oh! I said that I was called to a sentence or two by the class and I can’t explain it clearly to you. "Yang Yebai came over to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan for fear of being a little crazy.
"Brother, are you really not human?" Xi Shi saw that it was Yang Ye and took a few steps forward.
"Good good ….." Yang night completely crazy "let’s go first. I’m sure I’ll explain it to you two after everything settles down!
When Xi Shi and Zheng Dan were staring at Yang Ye with a trace of doubt, Yang Ye’s anxious expression suddenly became tense and dignified, and his head tilted slightly to listen to something.
Sure enough, there was a chaotic horseshoe in the distance, and the sound was short from far and near.
Yang night looked up at the distance, and it was dusty. At least a hundred people rode their horses to come here.
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan are nervous and involuntarily close to the Yang night, and they are panicked and seized the sleeves of Yang night.
Yang night didn’t move and continued to look up. Finally, I saw several horses running towards him. Although it was a little vague, the distance was not far. Yang night could clearly observe that the armor of the horseback rider was the dress of the Yue people!
"Ha ha, I say! "Yang Ye sneered coldly and looked back at Xi Shi and Zheng Dan and said," I told you that Gou Jian, the King of Yue, would not be so generous and kind and would certainly not let us three go easily! "
"Brother! A lot of pursuers! What shall we do? " Zheng Dan panic eyes tearing Yang night hand grasp more tightly.
Although Xi Shi was not as nervous as Zheng Dan, she was still a little scared. Although she had seen Yang Ye fighting alone against dozens of guarding officers and soldiers of Wu State, she fainted when Yang Ye killed hundreds of people behind her. Xi Shi was also worried when she saw so many people coming.
"Brother …"
"renege! This king of Yue is so fucking cheap! " Yang Ye turned to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan with a comforting smile, with a hint of cuteness and calmness, and flashed a naughty "Don’t worry, two beautiful women swear in my name that they will protect you!"
I sneezed in the code word-why did you drag me in?
Yang Ye said, putting his arm around Xi Shi and Zheng Dan’s shoulder, giving up the two beautiful women far behind, and then smiling, turning around and coming over, looking at the approaching brigade, the Vietnamese troops shook their heads and clenched their fists tightly, thinking about what would force me to kill people!
Think so has raised his hand "come on! I want this … Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Where is my sword? " Yang night nervously put his arms four looking for fierce saw his sword and put it on the lawn not far away-just put it there when he helped Zheng Dan pinch his feet.
Yang night went over and picked up the sword and stood up to meet the dust rolling in. The pursuer of the State of Yue drew the sword out of the scabbard, held the tip of the sword high and pointed it at the sky. "Come on! I want this day to cover my eyes again! I can’t bury my heart if I want to land! I want all the beautiful women to come home with me! Want this pursuer to vanish! ……”
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Chapter sixty-five "King Yue is cheap enough (the most)"
◎ Before the domain owner, he was also an official.
◎ Yang Ye wants to find a bone clan to cultivate officials.
◎ The state of Yue came after troops.