Inadvertently, she saw that feathermoon was protected by the Phoenix and was not hurt, while Lin Yu had no face for any protection. She couldn’t help but feel extremely unbalanced. "Why am I the only one who is so painful? No, I don’t feel good, and you don’t want to feel good! "

So Yan Ruoning did something that shocked both feathermoon and Lin Yu.
Whoo! Inflammation if setting a malicious robot will Lin Yu threw herself tightly around the Lin Yu!
"Ah, you are so cool!" If inflammation coagulates, I can’t wait to stick my skin to Lin Yushen’s body to cool down. That face is constantly rubbing against Lin Yu’s face to cool down.
Inflammation if coagulation is cool, but Lin Yu’s fire is hooked up by inflammation if coagulation.
Lin Yu is a normal man with such a plump body and dew point. How can he stand such "oppression"?
Where there is oppression, there will be resistance. A certain part of Lin Yu’s body immediately resisted, causing inflammation and a strange face. "What is this thing that can move by itself?"
Inflammation if coagulation in practice at ordinary times occasionally heard of men and women, but she didn’t mean to be different from an idiot in some ways.
"This idiot woman!" Lin Yu felt that if he didn’t get rid of inflammation and coagulation, he would be burned to death by his fire first.
So while inflammation if coagulation there stunned instantaneous Lin Yu hurriedly push inflammation if coagulation.
Unfortunately, Lin Yu pushed the opponent’s hand just in the softest part of the opponent’s body. He was so angry that he immediately wanted to kill him. "You king egg, I’ll chop your hand!"
Lin Yu avoided inflammation and quickly adjusted Shura’s vitality to adjust her body blood to the best adaptive state. "You took advantage of me first and stayed away from me, you female rascal!"
Inflammation if coagulation also want to go after Lin Yu, but as soon as she left Lin Yu’s side, her blood was boiling and burning, which made her unable to move any more.
"Ha-ha, one is dying." Fire spirit laughs and laughs. Maybe no one has been playing with him for too long. He obviously likes to play this kind of chat game.
Feathermoon knew that Lin Yu was not afraid of blood burning and said to Lin Yu, "Everyone is fighting together now. You save Yan girl."
Lin Yu looked at Yan Ruo Ning’s sweating and panting appearance and snorted twice. He stepped forward and hugged Yan Ruo Ning. "Crazy woman, this is to save you. Don’t shout to kill me."
Holding the inflammation if coagulation Lin Yu once again make shura vitality adjust the blood temperature to make yourself as cold as a snake.
If you don’t start work, Lin Yu will naturally backhand Lin Yu and enjoy Lin Yushen’s cold.
"Hey, hey, hey, I said that you are a girl’s house and you are just holding a man casually. Are you ashamed?" If Lin Yu is inflamed, he will feel guilty if he hugs himself like this.
If there’s nothing at ordinary times, but there’s a feathermoon watching, if the little bitch wakes up and is known by the little bitch …
Inflammation if coagulation stuffy hum a "didn’t undress hug again and won’t be pregnant, what are you afraid of? If you are pregnant, I am responsible for it."
Lin Yu and feathermoon were both thundered out of focus and tender in feathermoon’s heart. It’s no wonder that Lin Yu wants to call Yan Ruo crazy woman. This madness is not generally heavy.
Just now, when I was attacked by Lin Yu in the chest, I still had to die, and now I have to cuddle actively. This inconsistency is not crazy.
It’s not crazy if she is really inflamed. She is deliberately talking nonsense to ease her embarrassment.
No matter how strong the appearance is, the woman’s heart is always weak
Now she’s going to be challenged by herself and sheltered by her opponent’s kindness, so she’ll talk nonsense.
Seeing that this flame didn’t make Fang’s blood boil, the necromancer was obviously disappointed. "Hey, it’s not good to play with you!"
Fire spirit eyes suddenly yoshimitsu, a wave of his hand that piece of "flame day" immediately shout rapidly pressure!
If crushed by this day, Lin Yu three people will really be burned to ashes.
The principle of fire armor is to isolate the fire energy. This unique fire armor with fire energy can’t be lifted up.
Even if the armor is not burned, the armor dodger will be cooked alive.
Unless Lin Yu their flesh can be tough enough not to be afraid of fire, they will die if they touch the fire spirit.
"What should I do?" Seeing that the flame will burn the three of them alive, Lin Yu suddenly flashed in his mind and shouted at Yan Ruoning in his arms, "Hey, Yan crazy woman, hurry up and Tianyuan will burn me!"
Yan Ruoning’s eyes flashed a heart andao "This is that you told me to burn my opponent and die together. It is also considered that I am not lost to you Lin Yu!"
Call-the whole flame day will cover Lin Yu’s three figures.
The fire spirit looked at the disappearance of the three people and couldn’t help but be disappointed. "Master, these three people are so boring that they burned to death without two halves."
Yan Xingyin came from high school. "Really? Heaven dragon that old man also told me that it was fun, especially when there were women around. "
"Fun with your sister!" Lin Yu’s roar floated from the fire on the ground, and the fire spirit turned around and looked straight.
See Lin Yushen emitting a dark golden flame enveloped the three of them, while his own flame was burned by the other party’s dark golden flame into the original vitality!
The fire spirit was stunned for a long time before he scolded, "Damn it!"
"Want to burn me? I will burn you first! " Lin Yu rose to the sky and swooped down toward the fire spirit with a dark golden cloud flame.
Touching all the spirits turned by vitality, the fire spirit immediately fled everywhere. "Master, it’s not fun at all. I won’t play!" "
Fire spirit is faster than Lin Yu, and many of them can’t catch fire spirit with Lin Yuru’s acceleration.