However, Zhou Yiyi was bold. He and Chen Hu didn’t stay in the same room. He still shared it. He believed that if the killer didn’t move his gun, it was almost impossible for anyone to kill him. After all, the security inspection of the cruise ship was very strict and the luggage was normal. Once the gun was brought, the horse would find out that the cruise ship was a paradise for the rich. Of course, it was very important to be safe.

In the early spring, the weather was fine. In the afternoon, Zhouyi and Chen Hu went on a cruise to have dinner in a luxury restaurant.
The restaurant is very big, just like a five-star restaurant, with soft lights and soft music, and the staff around it are polite and beautiful, which makes people feel comfortable.
And there are more than one cruise restaurant. There are not many people in the restaurant, and some guests who have already eaten are talking quietly while drinking wine gracefully.
And cruise tourists can be a lot of beautiful women, although most of them are accompanied by men, but one is still pleasing to the eye.
This is called delicious food. With so many beautiful women in such a beautiful environment, the mood will definitely be happy and the appetite will increase greatly.
Zhouyi and Chen Hu picked a place that was not very impressive but convenient for observing the whole restaurant. When they sat on a horse, a woman came over with a menu and wine list and politely asked Zhouyi and Chen Hu what dishes and drinks they needed.
After reading the menu, Zhouyi found that there were all kinds of dishes here, and there were actually authentic Chinese dishes, so he and Chen Hu ordered three or four dishes and a bottle of good red wine.
The drinks soon came first, and the taste was very pure. When Zhouyi and Chen Hu were drinking slowly, two girls kept glancing at them. Both of them were in their early twenties, and they all looked very good, and their long hair fluttered in line with the aesthetic standards of Chinese people.
What makes people feel surprised is that these two beautiful women have no escort around.
You know, all the women on this cruise ship are accompanied by men. Either rich men take their wives out for their honeymoon, or some playboy men take mistresses out for an affair. It’s still rare that there are no men to accompany them like these two. Zhou Yi couldn’t help secretly giving these two women a look.
Of course, Zhouyi concealed it very well.
Although these two girls wear casual clothes, it can be seen that they are very cultured, because they give people a very dignified feeling when they sit at the table and eat gracefully, which is not something that can be faked, but a long-term habit.
However, these two girls are not as coquettish as foreign ocean horse women, but they are free from vulgarity, which makes people feel comfortable. What is even more rare is that these two girls are both black-eyed and yellow-skinned. Zhou Yi is not sure that they are Chinese, but he is sure that they are Asian and feel kind.
Then the food came, and the taste was quite good, which made Zhouyi and Chen Hu have a big appetite
Halfway through the meal, there have been several groups of single men who want to talk to those two girls, but the two girls simply ignore the men who talk to them, and the men have to leave in a passive manner.
"Little Lord, these two girls don’t pay attention to him. Men all seem to be a little abnormal to us."
While eating, Chen Hu said to Zhouyi that when he observes others like Zhouyi, the root will not be biased but will not be felt by others in the corner of his eyes.
"Yes, these two people should be Asians from the skin, but it’s not surprising that the 3k gang is so big and mixed with Asians, but I always feel that I have seen these two girls somewhere."
Zhouyi wanted to think is also a novel way
"We have to guard against these two people. Maybe they are the killers of the 3k gang. These killers are really pervasive."
Chen Hu’s novels are full of worries. It’s not short from San Francisco to Hong Kong, and the cruise ship will stop in Hawaii for two or three days. If there are many killers lurking on this cruise ship, many experienced Chen Hu will feel a lot of pressure on their mobile phones.
"If the enemy doesn’t move, I won’t move. We’ll keep an eye on it, but I’m curious. Are all the killers from the 3k gang women?"
Zhouyi smiled and continued to eat. Of course, he didn’t dare to take it lightly. Those two girls behaved gracefully. If they were killers, they would be very powerful killers.
It seems that when Zhouyi and Chen Hu said something, the two very beautiful girls with good temperament stopped looking at Zhouyi and Chen Hu and drank gracefully.
The two girls sat there, Sandy jade hand picked up the high-heeled glass and gently shook a glass of red wine. It was a very simple move, but it happened that such a simple move made Zhouyi feel that the light in their place seemed to be stronger. Their demeanor and temperament dwarfed many sexy foreign girls who passed by them. After a few eyes, they left with some inferiority. The two oriental women completed the focus of the whole restaurant because they both added a lot of color to the restaurant.
"These two women don’t have a little murderous look, and they don’t have a little dusty air. If these two people are really killers from the 3k gang, they are definitely the best. Because of this killer who can completely restrain his momentum, he can give his opponent a fatal blow when he is surprised."
Zhouyi thought, but instead, he thought, "But when Chen Hu and I don’t hide anything, it’s hard to take them seriously and pretend to be ordinary people?" Are these two women ordinary tourists or killers? "
Zhouyi is a little tangled because he is not sure about the identity of these two women.
"Sue Sue finished eating? Let’s go. It’s a nice day today. Let’s go to the deck to blow the wind, then take a nap and go to the gym. I haven’t exercised for a long time. "