"Twenty thousand years!" Zhuge is not bright and surprised. This is really a horrible time unit.

Twenty thousand years is enough to change many things.
Suddenly at this moment, the whole cave buzzed, and on one side of the mountain wall in the cave, the gravel fell off, revealing a quaint bronze mirror. This bronze mirror is embedded in the wall and has a metallic luster.
"What the hell? It can’t be another treasure." The monkey sniffled and said.
The bronze mirror is only palm-sized, small and exquisite, but it exudes a shocking breath. A few people stood in front of the bronze mirror. You looked at me, and I looked at you, and they didn’t dare to approach easily.
The monkey scratched his head and slowly approached the bronze mirror. Zhuge Bu Liang and Xiao demon fairy were worried, but they didn’t stop them. The monkey leaned in front of the bronze mirror and touched it gently with his finger. Suddenly, a circle of ripples like water rippled on the mirror.
The monkey hurried back, but the bronze mirror did not release any destructive fluctuations. Several people looked at the bronze mirror intently.
The luster of the metal in the bronze mirror gradually weakened, and two figures emerged in the mirror, but the picture was very vague and difficult to see. In a trance, you can see that the figure in the mirror is a man and a woman. Men have a stalwart figure and women have a graceful figure, but they do turn their backs on the mirror.
"Who are these two people?" Small demon fairy road.
"It’s not a magic kill, is it?" Zhuge is not bright and curious.
Gradually, the picture becomes clearer and clearer, and you can see the surrounding scenes clearly. Surrounded by fairy fog, flowers bloom and pavilions are dotted. There are four palaces respectively, and there is a waterfall in front of it. The place where this man and a woman are located is this pure land like fairy land, the total altar of monster beast clan!
But the people in the picture still turn their backs on them.
Hand in hand, the two walked into this picturesque fairyland, and their figures became more and more blurred, and finally disappeared into a wisp of smoke.
Suddenly, the picture in the bronze mirror changed into another scene. The mountains are endless, and mountains lie dormant there like big dragons, which is an ancient scene. But there are palaces and castles standing in the clouds, just like a heavenly palace.
Shout ShaSheng deafening, accompanied by the sound of Jin Ge iron horse. Thousands of figures appeared in the bronze mirror. Some of these people ride with swords, some ride in the sky, and some ride wild beasts under their hips, including dragons, unicorns, phoenixes and four unlike them.
The earth-shattering shout ShaSheng shocked the fields, as if everything was just around the corner.
In the mirror, the most noticeable thing is a figure. Although this figure is not a stalwart figure, it is a little fat, covered with a layer of misty green gas, and can’t see the face clearly. In the face of thousands of practitioners, this fat figure rushed into the crowd, killing all sides, and countless figures fell from the air with a wave of their hands.
"Infinite knife!" Demon fairy exclaimed.
She saw the fat figure in the mirror with a bronze broadsword in her forehand, chopping vertically and horizontally, and all the people were chopped into blood fog.
Demon fairy Jr. trembled with excitement, and his eyes were obsessed with him. He said, "It must be an infinite knife, just like the portrait in ancient books. Is this man a demon ancestor? "
The fat figure in the mirror is holding an infinite knife to split the sky, and the thousands of practitioners can’t stop his way at all.
Suddenly, heaven and earth were excited, and high in the air, a huge palm was photographed and fell towards the fat figure.
Fat figure foaming at the mouth, holding a boundless cleaver to the huge palm.
The infinite knife broke, and the huge palm will copy the fat man. At this time, all the pictures disappeared. The bronze mirror returned to silence, without any brilliance, quietly embedded in the stone wall.
"Is that man really a demon ancestor?" Demon fairy Jr. murmured.
"If not your demon ancestors, I’m afraid there is a great connection with your monster beast clan. Otherwise, how could the holy soldiers of the monster beast family fall into his hands? " Zhuge Liang thought, dragging his cheeks.
"Is that heaven and earth a fairy land?" The monkey also began to meditate, and what he said was exactly what Zhuge Buliang wanted to say. As you can see from the picture of the bronze mirror, it is definitely not Kyushu.
At this moment, all three people stopped talking, and even the monkeys squatted quietly on the ground, wondering what they were thinking. Zhuge is worried when he is not bright. Why is the general altar of the monster beast family linked to the mysterious fairy land again?
Jiuding, Fairyland, Demon Ancestor, Magic Killer, Seven-Star Body
Oh, I have a headache. Zhuge hugged his head before it lit up. Each of these words seems to hide a shocking secret and is unpredictable.
After much reasoning, several people decided to leave this pure land first. Of course, they also tried to take out the bronze mirror. It’s a pity that the bronze mirror seems to be connected with evasion. No matter how hard they try, the bronze mirror is still moving.
It’s much easier to go out when Zhuge is not bright. Little demon fairy and Monkey finally took one look at this pure land and flicker into the fog outside this pure land.
Soon, they appeared in front of the four kings and the ancestors of the monster beast family. As soon as the three men appeared, the four kings gathered around and said, "How’s it going? Did you go in? "
The ancestor of the monster beast also leaned up and said, "What’s it like inside?"
Demon fairy nodded, not hiding, and then confessed the things inside, including the three magic seals and the traces of the demon ancestors seen in the bronze mirror. It’s just that she seems to have deliberately ignored Zhuge’s failure to get the star mark fragments and the strange stone.
Obviously, demon fairy knows a lot about it. These two things are not ordinary things. Even if the monster beast bodhi old zu has a heart and doesn’t care about Zhuge Liang, others may not be tempted. For example, King Bifeng, Demon Phoenix, and Tongtian Ape.
Zhuge not bright heart smiled, heart way this little demon fairy didn’t think of himself as an outsider, perhaps because she is a descendant of the seven stars.
After listening to demon fairy’s narrative, the four kings all looked excited, and even the gods and bodies of the monster beast ancestors fluctuated slightly.
"Hey, boy, you take us in again." King Bijiao suddenly looked at Zhuge.
Zhuge frowned and shook his head. "I’m afraid I can’t," he said. "I felt it when I came out. This place has been completely blocked, and the only passage has been blocked. From then on, I am afraid that even the seven-star body can’t go in. "
Zhuge Liang didn’t tell a lie, which is true. However, after saying these things, Zhuge didn’t light up and whispered a bad thing. If you are so outspoken, will the ancestors of the monster beast think that they have no use value and make moves to themselves?
He subconsciously caught a glimpse of the monster beast ancestor’s god-body, and when he saw that there was nothing unusual and no pitfalls, he was relieved.
However, the four kings are not so good at fighting, asking questions around Zhuge Liang, especially Wang Bifeng and Wang Bijiao, and they wish to take Zhuge Liang back and torture him.