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"no, no, no, solo"

"solo is solo!"
All the groups are in a mess and say everything, but in any case, their eyes have been attracted by this fight. The master effect brought by burning the night is that one of the mysterious masters has also attracted their attention.
After Lu Zhan listened to his words, he also ordered himself to add a large group of gods.
I found that many people here are also discussing the update of the heroine list of policewomen.
"This list of heroes is terrible. Changing frequency is faster than changing clothes."
"I don’t know which way Saya provoked the great god, so the challenge hasn’t appeared yet."
"I don’t know if the policewoman plays well. Everyone knows that this person’s style is very strange. It’s not like a person who is flexible." It turns out that someone has secretly watched the land show game.
There are many specialties discussed here, and some people have made an analysis from two people’s skills and want to send them to some game forums
Lu Zhan got the news here. It turned out that Burning Night asked who this trumpet was last night, and no one answered it before Burning Night chose to win the top spot.
Lu Zhan watched qq group and noted his own game. This number has risen to the second place in the diamond ranking. It is difficult to find a team. Before he found the game, he received an invitation from someone to send a game.
Lu Zhandian came to burn the night.
"This is?" Lu Zhan joined the game and immediately sent a question to Burning Night.
"I didn’t ask who you are, trumpet, but I don’t think it’s the right way to fight for the leaderboard like us. Why don’t we just have a game?"
"You mean we are on the line?" Lu Zhan immediately understood what he meant, so that two rooms could choose policewomen at the same time, and naturally one of them would lose the winning rate.
Because Xu Jie doesn’t need the leaderboard anymore, now Lu Zhan continues to gamble, so he also wants to end it like this.
Is it so easy to fight when burning the night is called the most potential ad policewoman and his best hero?
He did win the so-called No.1 ad Nightwalker in China, but at that time, he was single and the team was more dominant.
Lu Zhan hesitated to talk for a moment, but he didn’t have the confidence to win. If he didn’t fight, his heart itched again.
"Why not?" Burning night spoke again.
"Dare not? Policewoman is your hero. I’m not dominant when I call you. "Lu Zhan thought it was this. He didn’t say to Burning Night that no matter what hero loses, he should say less about his strength than the other party.
"fight!" Lu Zhan finally decided.
"There is a good show in the trough!" Behind Lu Zhan, Wang Zhuo is shouting and burning the night. They all know that this newly rising ad is very popular in the competition circle.
"Dangdang!" Someone knocked at the door.
Wang Zhuo ran past.
"Dude, you’ve been howling since midnight last night. Can you let people take a nap now?" It turned out that Li Hsing Le ran next door to complain.
"Classmate, if you look at this, you will also howl." Wang Zhuogen didn’t care what he said and dragged him directly to Lu Zhan’s brain.
By this time, it’s already ready to burn the night, and the real estate exhibition is opposite him
"See this Id?" Wang Zhuo pointed to the Lu Zhan screen.
"There is a good show in the trough!" Li Xingle repeated Wang Zhuo’s words and made a "ghost cry". "It’s a pity that I can’t witness something on the spot. You must record this for me and I will put it online!"
Joke and play League of Legends. Who doesn’t want to watch the master fight? What’s worse, it’s the master around you. This is definitely something to learn.
"The rule is very simple. We each call someone to compete. We are all policewomen. Whoever wins the other side will not compete for the list." Typing fast at night.
"Inviter …" Few friends in Lu Zhandian’s friend column, passerby bureau and friends can really afford this level of game, and they can also be hanged for fear.
"Why can’t you find someone to play with?" See Lu Zhan hesitate to burn the night and say
At this time, Lu Zhan discovered that burning the night in the game was not as honest as in reality, and he was sharp-edged here.
It is not surprising that there are two different personalities in reality and on the internet. There is still a way to grow up when you are 16 years old.
"The game is also based on popularity. I can call people first!" After burning the midnight oil and typing, I saw four signs in the chat bar.
"Huaqi joined the game!"
"Mo Li joined the game!"
"Yuan Fan joined the game!"
"Yahuang joined the game!"
This is? Lu Zhan was surprised. He knew that Huaqi was the Id of Guo Xinghua, the former captain of Huaxing Team and a member of Dragon Dance Team, while Mo Li was the Id of the former deputy team of the enemy team.
So the Dragon Dance Team is all here?
Lu Zhan never thought that he would play a game with the Dragon Dance Team here!
Chapter 327 RG Dragon Dance Team in the First Battle
"How to stop now!" Seeing teammates coming, burning the night and continuing to ridicule.
This burning night …
Lu Zhan frowned. He never thought he would play against the Dragon Dance Team in such a place.
Opposite is a professional team. How can we win? Lu Zhanbai must be able to let his teammates come at this time.
"It’s time to reveal your identity," thought Lu Zhan.
"Xu Jieke revealed that I was calling this number?" However, he asked Xu Jie first. After so many things, he became more and more concerned about other people’s feelings instead of just being passionate about himself.
"No problem! She won’t hear that my sister doesn’t pay attention to the competition. "Xu Jie readily replied," Brother Zhan told your teammates to teach them a good lesson. "
"Good" Lu Zhan nodded and typed "Wait a minute" in the chat.